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JLS a parish, in the district of Carnck— the village is
93 miles s.w. of Edinburgh (through Maybule and Avr)
47 S. by W. of Glasgow, 46 n. n. e. of Portpatrick (by
tne new road, which is longer Dy three miles that'
along the coast), 15 s. by e. of Ayr, 7 s. from May bole,
and 6 n.n.e. from Girvan. The situation of this village
is not exceeded by any in the county for beauty; it is
seated in a fine fertile valley, near to" the pellucid water
of the Girvan, which is fed by a number of small
streams, some of them descending through deep and
woody glens, admired for their picturesque and roman-
tic loveliness ; while the elegant mansions of the afflu-
ent that ate interspersed throughout the distiict, mid
the hoary ruins of two ancient castles, contribute to the
general interest of the scenery. The parish is six miles
in length by about live in breadth : the uplands are
bleak and pastoral; but the more level parts are well
cultivated, enclosed, and planted. Coal and limestone
abound in several parts of the parish. The Duke and
Duchess de Coigney, Sir James Ferguson, and Sir
John Andrew Gathcart, are the principal heritors of
the land in this neighbourhood.
The old parish church, dedicated to Saint Michael,
has fallen to decay ; the present structure, which is
n at, was erected in 17(i6. A parochial and a Sunday
school, for the children of (he poor, have been estab-
lished in the parish.
POST OFFICE, Hugh Wilson, Post Bluster.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Maybole) every
ling at ten, and ate despatched thereto every evening at. six.
Blair Mr.Alexander (surgeon) Dailly
Cathcart Captain Sir John Andrew,
CollinsMr.Juhn(f ictor to Sir James
Ferguson), Dailly
CooperJames, Esq. (coal proprietor),
Dalzellowlie Pit
De Coigney the Duke of, Bargany
Ferguson Sir James, Bart. Kilkenan
Giffen Rev. Cornelius, Dailly
Kennedy Thomas Franeis,Esq.(coal
proprietor), Dalquharian Pit
■ M'Coimel Mr. Primrose Dailly
WLachlan John, Esq. Blair
Richardson Rev. Peter, Dailly
Whitfield Joseph, E-q. (coal pro-
prietor), Kilgrammie Pit
Free Church — Alexander Pater-
son, master
Industrial Isabella Gillespie,
M'Master Hugh, Wnllastnwn
Parochial, Dailly Ivy Willet,
master [Wood, master
Parochial, Kilgramniie — William
Cooper James, Dalzellowlie Pit
Kennedy Thos. Ft as. Dalquharian Pit
Whitfield Joseph, Kiiurammie Pit
Dick John, Dailly
Fergus Elizabeth. Dailly
M'Harrie Hugh. Dailly
Scobie Roheu, Dailly
Shaw Alexander (King's Aims),
Blair Alexander, surgeon
Biair Mary, clothier
Craig Thomas, flesher
Dempster Robt. joiner & cartwright
Did; John, shopkeeper
Dunlop Robert, miller and saw mill
Fulton William, boot & shoe maker
Lauder John, blacksmith
M'Blane Georue, tailor
M'Blane Robert, tailor
M'Cormick William, -hopkeeper
M'Harrie Hugh, shopkeeper and
spirit dealer
M'llraith Jas. saw mill,Dalquharran
M'Kie Samuel, grocer
Established Church — Rev. Cor-
nelius Giffen, minister
FreeCh-jrch— Rev. Peter Richard-
son, minister
Dai lly has a Station in connection
with the Maybole and Girvan
To AYR, David M'Clure, Tuesday
and Friday
To !JAllU..DavidM'Clure,Thursday
M'&lion William, shopkeeper
M'Murtrie Jno. joiner & cartwright:
Nicholson Jame-, tailor & clothier
Rogers Hugh, shopkeeper
Scott Thomas, grocer
Shanks John, shopkeeper
Small John, plasterer
Turner Alexander, shoe maker
I Watson John, horse & catile dealer ,
I Wood Robert C. baker
ALMELLINGTON is a parish, about ten miles ( hewn out of a solid log of oak ; two were much decayed,
but the third whs so little impaired as to allow of its
being floaied on the surface, with a person in it, for a
considi r-ible time; it is now preserved by the Honble.
F. ftl. Cathcart, of Berbeth, for the inspection of visiij
tons. In Dalmeliiugton are a public and private library,
and a reading room web furnished with standard works',
periodicals and newspapers; a sum has been left in
trust lor the support oithe latter and the private library}
and for the education of a certain number of children.
Situated about three miles south-east from Dalmel-
1'ngton, on the road to Ayr, are the Dalmellimtton exf?
tensive iron works and collieries. From these works
have originated the two villdges of Craig Mark and'
Waterside, containing a population of two thousand
in length, by three in breadth — the town or village
burgh of barony, is 72 miles s.w. from Edinburgh, 4'J
s. of Glasgow, 42 n. w. of Dumfries, 24 s. s. e. oi Kil-
marnock, 15 s.E. of Ayr, 14 e. of May ole, 12 s. of Old
Cumnock, and 7 E. of Stratton. This thriving little
place is pleasantly situate on the north bank of the
water of Doon, and near to the base of an eminence,
from the summit of which a fine view is oiitaim <l of a
varied character, comprising rude and lofty mount. /ins
and the softer features of cultivation. Besides the
trade enjoyed by the town, it derives some advantage
from the resort of parties of pleasure, and for fishing;
those who intend to partake of the latter amusement
will find on the banks of the Loch Doon ne-ttboai
furnished by the piopiietor of .he inn at this place, the' or upwards, chiefly- employed by the company. All the
' Black Bull.' The loch is a beautiful sheet of water, ' houses in these two villages are supplied with gas from
'with a hard rocky shore, extending eight miles in the works. So prolific are the coal works hei e, that
length and ouein breadth, abounding" in trout of fine the article is sold at the low price of tin ee shillings and
flavour. On an island in the lake are the remains of sixpence the ton. The company have a shop for sup-
Balloch castle. Some years since a fishing party dis- plving their workmen with the necessaries they may
covired, at tlie bottom of the loch, what appeared to require, but there is no other trade in the villages,
be boats, and having obtained the necessary assistance, : John Houldsworth, Esq., is the resident mauaging
they succeeded in laising three canoes, "the largest , partner, assisted by Mr. John Hunter.
measuring twenty-four feet in length by fourin breadth, '
POST OFFICE, Dalmellington, James Smyth, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from
Avr) every morning at a quarter past eight, and are despatched thereto at half past one in.the afternoon,
m Money Orders are granted and paid here,
3-5 fi vo

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