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0Jimtfiticjj$$blt& EDINBURGH, &c.
Furniture Brokers— Continued
Brown A :-c!iibaid,57BNh. Hanover
Campbell Hobert, 3 St. Andrew's
wvnd. '.eith
Campbell William, 63 Westport
Clark William,28SouthRichmond8t
Col man Peter, 1 Main point
Craig Archibald, 56 St. Andrew st.Lf,
Craig James, 47 Pleasance
Curran Hugh, 26 Blair st
CurrieJohn. 66Cowgate
Dalgleish & Forrest, 4St.Andrew sq
Dodds John, 28 Pleasance
Dods Jnhn & Robert, 64 Cowgate
Douglas William, 83 Westport
Forsyth Win. 35 L'andiemaker row
Fraser Charles, 44 Blair st
Gibson Thomas, 146 Pleasance
Glen David, 186 Cowgate
Gorman Nathaniel, 239 Cow?atc
Goskirk Alexander & Son, 4 North
Bank st, and 70 Cowgate
Goulding James, 128 Cowgate
Grant William, 34 Pleasance
Greenshields Thomas, 79 Clerk st
Guthrie Janet, 62 Charlotte st, L
Harvey Alexander, 342 Cowgate
Harvev Thomas , 22 West bow
Hillhouse Henry. 22 Blair st
Hogg William, 48 Nth. Frederick st
Howden Patrick, 16 Victoria st
Hunter William, 164 Cowgate
Irvine & Co. 3 Melbourne place and
10 Victoria st
Jacob Moses, 32 George IV bridge
Johnstone Thomas, 40 Cowgate
M'Geoige Geo. 22WcstRichmondst
M'George Mary, 55 Pleasance
iM'Lauchlan Francis, 44 St, An-
drew st, Leiih
M'Laughlin John, 120 Cowgate
Martin Walter, 29a Dnndas st
Mnir Peter & Son, 38 Blair st
Munro Neil, 43Niddry st
Murray Helen, 50 and 68 Cowgate
Murray Matilda, 253 Cowgate
O' DonrellCharles&Co 156Cowgate
Paulin George, 4 Howe st
Plullis John, 255 Cowgate
Quigley Patrick, 18 Blair st
Ralfeitv John. 242b Cowgate
Reid Elizabeth, 216 Cowgate
Rentou James, 1 Renton's place, L.
Robertson David, 17 Lothian road
ThomMin James, 67 Cowgate
J'houison William, 13 Queen st
Wilkinson Joseph, 39 Pleasance
Wilson William, 228 Cowgate
Furniture Printers, House
Furnishing Warehouses,
Grieve Robert & Co. (and carpet),
83 George st
Lander Alexander, 59 Princes St. —
See advertiser mt
Whytock Richa.'d & Co. 9 & 11
George street ; manufactory, St.
Leonards, Pre; on sireet& Thistle
street. — See advertisement
Chisholm Jane 37 North Bridge st
Dick Helen & Jessie, 55 George st
Flint Marion, 25 North bridge
Levy Philip (to the Queen), 33
George st [ver st
Macmahon & Son, 37 South Hano-
Smith John, 78 Princes st
Wicks Elizabeth, 47 Thistle st
Yarroll Samuel (& ostrich feathers),
13 North St. Andrew st
Cas Fitters.
See Brass Founders &r Gas Filters,
and also Plumbers.
Game Dealers.
See Poulterers.
Gas Metei Manufacturers
(See also B)a°s Founders, &fc.)
Jowan William, 58 Buccleuch st
Fullerton, Alder & Co. Abbey
Mount Works [causeway
Grant David & Co. 45 East Cross-
Laidlaw R. & Sou, Simon square
Lindsay Charles & Co.8Greensidest
MilneJani<;s& Son, Milton House,
90 Canongate & 1 Crescent, New
Bridge st, Ludgate hill, London
Nimmo P. & J. 8 North Bank st
Gelatine Manufacturers.
Cox J. & G. Patent Gelatine Works,
GorgieMills, ueai'Ediuburgh. —
See advertisement
German Clock Makers.
See under the head Waich % Clock
Glass Cutters.
(See also Glass Manufacturers.)
Hauptman & Co. 22 Greensj.de pi
M'lntosh Adam, Greenside row
Scott James, 118 Kirkgate, Leith
SmithJohn,NorthBack ofCanongate
Glass Manufacturers.
(See also China, Glass, fyc. dealen,
and also Glass Merchants.)
Edinburgh & Leith Glass Com- I
pany (bottle). Salamander street,
Leith— Alex. Tumbull, manager |
Ford John, South Back of Carton- 1
gate, & 58 North bridge
Ran ken Francis, 16 Picardy place
Sim Francis R. (cut glass £f chande-
liers), 96 Princes St.— See advrt.
Thomas& Fraser (flint), Leith walk
Wood James & Co. 6 Broughton st
Young Thomas (watch), Miln sq
Glass Merchants—
plate glass.
Ciceri, Maniica & Torre, 81 Leith st
Cork William & Thomas, 51 Noith
Hanover st
Dickson & Walker, 33 South Frede-
rick st
Graham Thomas, 152 Rose street
and Coalhill, Leith. — See advert
Field & Allan, 27 South Frederick
st. — See advertisement
Martin William (&. agent), 15
South Frederick st
Reid William, 3 Bristo place
Russell Jphh.(& crown), 18 Leith st
Glass Stainers&Enamellers
Ballantine & Allan, 42 George s'l
Barnett Francis,99Constitutiou st,L
Bertling L. & Co. 1 Elder st
Field & Allan, 27 South Frederick
street; sub-offices, Henderson,
row; 19 William st, Junction
road, Leith, and 1 Bothwell circus,
Glasgow.— See advertisement
(See also Painters; and likewise
Cork William & Thomas, 51 North
Hanover st
Dickson & Walker, 33 South Fred-
erick st
Field & Allan (and glass stainers &
enamellers), 27 South Fredeticl;
st. — See advertisement
Fortune John, 44 India st
Fraser Alexander, 34 Blair st
Graham Thomas, 152 Rose st, anr?
Coalhill, Leith — See advertisemnt
Hall Thomas, 2 Elder st
Hartley John James, 50 Rose st
Henderson John, 4 Spence's place I
Ireland William, 18 Elder st
Kerr John F. 23a Thistle st
Knox James, 21 Catherine st
Lawson William, 39 Bridge st,Leit:>
Macgill & Begbie, 62 Lothian st
Martin William, 48a George st
Martin William, 15 Frederick st
Moffat William, 18 Elm row
Musgrove Williarn,5A South Fred -
rick st
Newbigging James, 7 Bristo place
Ross Ri.bert J 8 West Nicolsmi -i
Russell John. 18 leith st
Sheppard James, 107 Georg:> st
Sheppard Joha & James, 21 Soirb
Frederick st
Shiels Thomas, 1 South Howard pi
Tod Rob.rt, 35 Dnndas st
Upton Thomas, 27 Elder st
White Campbell, 20 Dundas st
Whiteford John B. Salisbury plac-
Globe Maker.
Fletcher Peter (anl map mounter),
21 Clvde st
Glovers and Breeches
Christie John & Son, 16 George st
Vallant-e George (glover by appoint-
ment to Her Majesty), 9 & 11
West Register st
Glue Manufacturers.
Cox J. & G. Gokgie Mills, neat-
Edinburgh. — See advertisement
Gold and Silver X.ace Manu-
Fegan John & Co. 21 George st
Morton & Co. 12 Union st
Gold Beaters.
Cobley W.T. Sim's court, Caltonhill
Ross & Wright (and gold & silver
buyers and dealers), 21 New st
See Jewellers and Gold and Silver-
Granite Merchants.
(See also Quarry Owners.)
M'lntosh Hobert, 24 Shiria brae, L
Webster James, Junction bridge
wharfs, Leigh
Wilkie James, 43 Couper st, Leith
fc reengrocers.
(See also Fruiterers.)
Arthur David, 79 Broughton st
Bishop James, 74 South Clerk st
Blair Alexandet, Ai thur st
Brown Isabella, 29 William st
Buncle Alexander, 52 Clerk st
Cassidky Margaret, Highmarket
Cfeisholiae Jane, 10 Home st
Cochrane Margaret, 116 Kirkgate,L
Dalziel Ann, 57 Bemaid st, Leith
Dickson Margaret, 12 Lothian st
Edgar Robert, 23 Howe st
Edmondson John, 136 Rose st
Foote & Simpson, Green market
Gumi Helen, 38 Clerk st
Hay Isabella, Green market
Henderson Jane, 39 Howe st
Home Thomas, St. Leonard's lane
Jack John. 2 VVarriston crescent
Johnston Andrew, 57 Clerk st
Lackie George, 17a Dundas st
l.ei'W'oid Caheiine, 24 Dean st
Liiui e VYUii,s!u,3ASouth Melville pi

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