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ISmnfrurg&sIjirc. EDINBURGH, &c.
Seton George, spirit dealer, 73 York place
Seton Henry, veterinary surgeon & commission horse
agent, 129 Rose st ; house, 1 Queensferry st
Seton Patrick, boot maker, 45 Candlemaker row
Shand A.B. advocate, 57 Queen st
Shand Alexander James, advocate, 3 Rutland st
Shand Charles Farquhar, advocate, 6 St. Colme st
Shand John, W.S. 24 Royal Circus
Shand Robert, clothier (Macrae, Cameron 8f Shand},
Viewniount rilia, Morningside
Shand Thomas, spirit dealer, 49 Dean st
Shand William, broker, 3 Victoria st
Shana William R. traveller, 35 North Bridge st
Shanks Christopher, bout maker, 2 Catherine st
Shanks David, cabinet maker, Leslie place
Shanks Jane, lodginghonse, 15 Stafford st [bridge
ShahksThonias,frshiug tackle manufacturer, 25 North'
Sharland & Boon, tailors & clothiers, 15 Picardy pi
Sharp Agnes, lodging house, 40 Great King St
Sharp Kraneis, watchmaker, 25 Clerk st
Sharp Isabella, poulterer, 13 Duuoas st
Sharp Marion, milliner & ladieV outtitter, 60 Leith st
Sharp Mary, lodging house, 13 Union place
SharpeAndrew, commercial rooms, 47 Bernard st,Leith
Shaw Alexander, tailor, 32 Clarence st
Shaw Andrew, roach hirer, 16 Cassel's place
Shaw Duncan, slater & chimney sweep, 3 Pitt st
Shaw George, saddler, 67 Clerk st
Shaw James, flesher, 38 West Richmond st
Shaw James, conf<cti"ner, 2 Coates place
Shaw James, boat builder, Lochrin
Shaw Mary, confectioner, 1 South St. Andrew st
Shaw Patrick, adwicate, 36 Charlotte square
Shaw Rubert, dairyman, Main point
Shaw Thomas B hatrdres-er, 7 Chapel st
Shaw William, cashier, 19 Ann st
Shaw William,- coal merchant, 2 Port Hamilton
Shaw William, tailor, 59 Bristo -t
Shear D.vid, provision dealer, 113 Kirk gate, Leith
Shearer Archibald, clerk, 19 L dia st
Shearer James, flesher, 159 Fountain bridge
Shearer John, post-office clerk, Veibsna Cottage,
Sciennes hill
Sheaier John, National Bank, 1 Madeira st, Leith
Slieai.d Thomas, coal merchant, 62 Port Hopetoun
Slud'len James, spirit dealer, 23 Gin euside row
Sliennan John, builder, L<>w Brnughton
Shepherd Alex. (M'Nab & Shepherd}, 15Fett.es row
Shepherd Alexander, spirit dealer, 3 Oi chard field st
Shepherd James, bookseller & stationer, 8 Leith st,
and 2 Catherine st
Shepherdjohn C. Bank of Scotland, 1 iiellevue crescnt
Shepherd William, drysalter & druggist, 179 Pleasauce
Shepherd William, draper, 46 Howe st
Sbeppard James, painter & painter hanger, 107 George
street; house, 37 Noith Castle street
Sheppard Jobn&James,paiuters, 21 South Frederick st
Sherer John, accountant, 9 Dean st
Sheriff Alexander, shopkeeper, 1 Clyde st
Sheriff Court, Town Hall, Leith
Sheriff Court of Edinburgh, Parliament square-
John Thomson Gordon, sheriff of Mid-Lothian
Sheriff James, cabinet maker, 5 Hope st
Sheriff's Clerk's Office, County buildings
Sherriff William, clerk, 2 Jordan lane
Sherry John, broker, 63 Cowgate
Sherry John, jun. broker, 40 Cowgate
Shields Thomas, painter and paper hanger, 1 South
Howard place
Shiell Anthony, (Register House), 6 Middleby st
Shiell David, teller, 13 Annandale st
Shiell John, cabinet maker, 2 East Preston st
ShiellWilliam,assistant clerk of session, Register House,
6 Middleby stieet
Shiels Agnes, lodging house, 26 Cumbeiland st
Shiels Helen, boot and shoe maker, 144 Cowgate
Shiels James, saddler, Low Calton
'Shiels John L. draper, 16 St. Vincent st
Shiels John S. wine merchant, Constitution st, Leith
Shiels Mary, lodging house, 38 Hanover st
Shiels Matthew, confectioner, 50 Nicolson st, and 45
North Bridge st
Shiel* Robert & Son, confectioners, 5 8j 6 Bristo place
Shiels Win. &Co, wine merchants, 52 Constitution st,L
Shillinglaw Janet, lodging house, 27 Dundas st
Shillinglaw Thomas, W.S. 17 Preston st
Shipping Office, Captj, Thomas Thompson, shipping
master and secretary to Local Marine Board, 60
Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Sbireff Charles, advocate, 10 Hope st
Shirreff Charles H. corn merchant, 3 High Caltoo
Shore Dues Office, Custom House, Leith
Shot rock Robert, vintner, 10 Bernard st, Leith
Short Barbara, dress maker, 63 Clerk st
Shoit John, church officer, 17a Rose st
Short William, spirit dealer, 10 Cowfeeder row
Short's Ob>ervatory, Castle hill — Robert Hender-
son, proprietor
Shotts Iron Co. iron-masters, engineers and iron-
founders, Springfield, Leith walk — Alexander Sin-
clair, manager; stores, 24 and 25 Citadel, Leith;
Iron Works, at Shotts and Castle hill, Lanarkshire
Sibbald Geoige, surgeon, 2Aigyle square
Sihbald Jane, lodging house, 3 Madeira place, Leith
Sibbald John Robertson, physician, 141 Princes st
SibbaldJohn&SoEJS, furnishing ironmongi s,64George st
Sihbald Thomas, ironmonger (J. Sihbald & Sons), 64
George st [George st
Sibbald Walter, ironmonger (J. Sibbald & Sons), 45
Sibbald William, cow feeder, Bell's mills
Sidey Charles, surgeon, 64 North Hanover^st
Sidey James A. physician, 42 Queen st
Sidey John, draper and hosier, 12 Charlotte place
Sievewright William, city missionary, 7 London s*
Signet Office, Register house, Princes st
Silver Agnes, French corset maker, 1 Rutland st
Silvester Edward, greengrocer, Greenrr.arktt
Sim Alexander, North British Colour Company,
3 Thomson's place
Son Francis R. cut glass and glass chandelier mana-
factuier, and hrassfounder and gas fitter, 96 Princes
st — See advertisement
Sim George, W.S. 40 Charlotte square
Sim William, secretaiyto the Edinburgh Bible So-
ciety, 11 Upper Gray st
Siine Adam M. spirit dealer, 68 Thistle st
Sime Geoige, smith, 15 Roxburgh terrace
Sime John, stock 8f share broker, 2 Thistle ct,ThistlesS
Sime Margaret, lodging house, 7 India place
Sime William, S.S.C. 8 Hill st
Simes Mary Ann, milliner, 16 Bristo st
Simpson Alexander, tailor, 47 Cumberland st
Simpson Alexander & Co. grocers, 5 Baker's place
Simpson & Co. French polishers, 10 Cowfeeder row
Simpson 8f Co. shirt, makers and agents for J. M.
Singer and Co.'s sewing machine, 86 South Bridge st
Simpson & Graham, silver platers, merchants, and
saddlers' ironmongers, 2 Mound place
Simpson & Taylor, hair dressers and perfumers, 15
South St. David st [George st
Simpson Andrew, sub-inspector of letter carriers, 26
Simpson Ann, sick nurse, 1 Broughton place
Simpson Catherine, trimming warehouse and dress*
maker, 21 Haddington place
Simpson Francis, broker, 65 Leith wynd
Simpson G. B. lodging-, 23 Union place
Simpson George, publisher, 5 Lothian road!
Simpson Grace, torn & flour dealer, 20 St. Leonard st
Simpson Hugh, provision dealer, 17 Tobago st
Simpsonlsahella, lodging house, 30 St. Andrew square
Simpson James, shoe maker, 6 Melbourne place
Simpson James Young, professor of midwifery in the
University, 52 Queen st
Simpson James, printer's joiner, Dublin street lane
Simpson Jane, grocer, 22 Lauriston st
Simpson Jane, hoarding school, 6 Royal circus
Simpson John, bankei's clerk, Bonnington Lodge
Simpson John, greengrocer, 4 Warriston place
Simpsou John, confectioner, 158 Hinh st
Simpson John, merchant (A. Meliose&Co.)12Hopest
Simpson John, grocer & spirit dealer, Newhaven
Simpson John, spirit dealer, 56 Fountain bridge
Simpson John, baker, 42 Lothian st
Simpson John F. corn merchant. 51 Bernard st, Leith
SiinpsonLouisa.toy merchant, 26 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Simpson Margaret, stay maker, 10 Jamaica st
Simpson Mary, lodging house, 2 Albany st
Simpson Mary.toy dealer.I3Brunswicksr, Slockbiidga

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