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EDINBURGH, &c. E&ta&Uig&g&irr.
Ni»eD Robert, jun. gardener, Jamaica st, Leith
Niven Thomas, spirit dealer, 5 Milne square
Niven Thomas, chemist & druggUt, 42 Kirkgate, Leith
Nivens J. marine store dealer, 20 St. Andrew st, Leith
Nivens John, dairyman, 9a Huntly st
Nixon Joseph, clog maker, 127a High st
Nixon Thus. P. commercial traveller, 13 Montgomery st
Noble Alexander, chemist Sf druggist, 24 North-west
Circus place
Noble Ann, lodging house, 146 Prinresst
Noble Elizibeih, coal merchant, 13 Port Hopetoun
Noble James, grocer, 1 Clareiuont place
Noble Robert, grocer & spiiit dealer, 94 '.Vestport
Noble Will am, grocer, 7 William st a
Nolli J, B. spirit dealer, Rjnaldsou's buildings
Norfolk Farmer's Cattle Insurance Office,
23 St. Andrew square — Henry & J. G. Harrison,
managers for Scotland
Norman Hannah, tobacconist, 1 Rernard st, Leith
Norrie Isabella, siraw bonnet maker. 24 Brunswick st
Nonis Jane, broker, 61 St. Mary's wynd
North British Advertiser Office, 8 Melbourne
place, High st — J. & J. Gray, proprietors
North British Agriculturalist Newspaper
Office, 37} High st— David Guthrie, proprietor df
North British Colour Company, colour, paint and
chemical and varnish manufacturers, Little Ca'rron,
and 4 Com menial pact. Leith — See advertisement
North British Fire & Life Insurance Company
(head office), 64 Princes st — David Smith, manager;
John Ogilvie, secietaiy — See advertisement
North British Hotel, Joseph Hiudhaugh, 21
Princes st
North British Railway (goods department),
Phvsic gardens — William Hardie, manager, Leith;
" Robert Utter-on. agent
North British Railway Company, coal masters,
St. Leonard's — James Robertson, ag' nt
North British Railway Company's Offices,
2 Canal st, 4 Princes st, and 1 Shore, Leith— James
Nait re, secretary
North British Rubber Company (Limited), Castle
Mills, Fountain bridge — HemyLeeNorris, manager
North Briton Newspaper Office, 369 High st—
James G. Bertram, publisher
North Leith Parochial Office, 17 Dock st, Leith
North of Scotland Steam Shipping Company,
11 South St. Andrew st, Mi'ldle Dock gate, Leith;
and Granton pier — Joseph Falconer & Co. manag-
ing proprietors — See advertisement
Northern Assurance Company, 30 St. Andrew
square, 9 South St. Andrew st — See advertisement
Northern Club, 91 George st— Frederick Hayne
Carter, secretary
Northern Coal Mining Company, 3 Coal hill, Leith
Northern District School, Claremont place
Northern Lighthouses (commissioners of), Office,
48 George st — Alexander Cuniugham, secretaiy
Northep.n Reversion Company, 7NorthSt. Andrew st
Norwich Union Fire & Life Insurance Office,
31 Princes st - Jardine, Stodart& Fraser, secretaries
Notman Archibald, baker, 36 St. Andrew st, Leith
Notman David, wright, Sfc. Quality st, Leith
Notman William, upholsterer, 14 Charlotte st South
Novice George William, picture restorer, 10 North St.
Andrew st
O'BRIEN James, spirit dealer, 309 Canongate
O'Connel Bernard, whipgut manufacturer, Beaver hall
O'Connor Bernard, cloihes dealer, 2f>8 Cowgate
O'Donnell Charles & Co. cabinet makers, upholsterers
and furniture dealers, 156 Cowgate
O'Donnell Edward, cabinet maker and upholsterer,
102 Piinces st
Officer William, S.S.C. 30 Alva st
Uffices of the Free Church of Scotland, 58
North Frederick st
Ogg David, W.S. (Melville 8f Lindsay), 22 Ainslie place
Ogg James, boot maker, 14 Canongnte
Ogilvie Charles, grocer Sf spirit dealer, 50 Dundas st
Ogilvie Charles, clerk, 106 Lanriston place
Ogilvie Clementina, victualler, 45 Leith wynd
Ogilvie Emily, grocer & spirit dealer, Star bank, Trinity
Ogilvie James & Archibald, tweed and tartan ware-
housemen, 31 Noith Biidge st
Ogilvie John, secretary to North British Insurance Co.
65Piincesst [nard st, Leith
Ogilvie John & Co. commission merchants, 43 Ber-
OgilVie Thomas, baker & confectioner, post receiving
office, 2 Elm row
Og'lvy Ann, lodging house, 5 Kerr st, Stnckhridge
Ogdvy James, accountant, 41 Noith Cattle st
Ogle & Murray, booksellers and publishers, 49 South
Bridge street
O'Haia James, clothes broker, 257a Cowgate
O'Hara James, victual dealer, 2 Potter row
O'Keefe Maty Ann, lodging hous», 1 Tarvit st
Oldnam Joseph, commercial traveller, 2 East Preston st
Oldham Joseph, warehouseman, 51 New buildings,
North bridge
< )liphant Fraocis, baker, 6 Middle Arthur at
Olipliaut Francis, jun. baker, 110 High st
Olipham Robert, solicitor, 17 Young st
Oliphant Thomas, school, 33 Charlotte square
Oliphant William & Sons, booksellers & publishers,
7 South Bridge st
Oliver & Boyd, publishers, printers, bookbinders, and
booksellers, Tweeddale court, 16 High st
Oliver Roht. Stephen, (Grieve & Oliver), 13 Gayfield sq
Oliver Somerville, surgeon, 25 Lothian St
Oliver Walter, tailor, 22 William st
Oliver Wilham, grocer & spirit dealer, 152 Cowgate
Oliver William, clerk, 114 Causewayside
Oman James, clo k & philosophical instrument ma-
terial dealer, 162 High'st
Oman Nathaniel, tailor, 56 Thistle st
Omond Robert,, F.R.C.S. physician, ,43 Charlotte sq
O'Neill James, broker* 100a Cowgate
ON ill John, tailor* clothier, 74 & 102 High st
O Nedl John, staff adjutant, 1 St. Stephen st
O'Neill Michael, broker, 106 Cowgate
O'Neill Patrick, clothes dealer, 29 St. Mary's wynd
Operative Hat Factory, 73 & 75 St. Mary's wynd
Orange Andrew, photographic artist, 11 Nicolson sq.
Orchard-sou , artist, 10 North St. Andrew st
Orel Allan Angus M. servant's registry, 4 South
St. Andrew square
Ord William, inland revenue officer. 1 Tarvit st
Ordnance Survey Office, 11 Melbourne place,
Capt. Richard H. Stotherd, R. E.
Oriental Hank Corporation, 23a St. Andrew square
— Robert Dundas Cay, W.S. , agent [1 Hill place
Orman William, carver, gilder and cabinet maker,
Ormiston Elizabeth, spi > it dealer, 51 St. Andrew st, L
Ormiston Isabella, 8 West Cros-causewav
Ormiston John, bo* §*& shoe maker, 91 Pleasance
Ormiston John, bafi '■' )3! > Orthaidtidd place
Orphan Hospital. Dean
Orphoot Peter, surgeon (lenti-t, 113 George sS
Orr John, city missionary, 33 Paiksjdf sS
Orr Robert, advoca'e, 15 Great King si
Orr William, cabinet maker, 8 Kerr si
Orrock Alexander, bookbinder &sKtt i.e* , 55 SouiYi
Biidge st
Orrock Hector H. architect, 19 Bvotifthton pi ce
Orrock James & Hepburn, dentists, 7 Abercromby i J
Orrocks Margt., lodging bouse, 67b North Hanoter >c
Oswald George, teacher of classics in High School,
Leith, 10 Abercromby place
Oswald Isabels;*, victual dealer, 1 Dundas st
Otago Emigration Officr, 20 St. Andrew square,
.lames Crawford, jun. & John Auld, joint agents
Thomas D. Curiae, secretary
Ott William, clock maker, 43 Leith st
Outerson Mary, dress maker, Causewayside [st Lei'h
Oveuston Rlspit, ('•Jack's Hea' Tavern,) 1 Johnston
Overstou D.tvid, joiner, 19 India place
Owen Charles, painter, and glazier, 4 Victoria street;
house, West Preston st
Owen O. Davies, chemist # druggist, 152 Plea-ance
PACKWOOD Thomas, tailor, Pier place, Newiiaveo
Padon A. & D. booksellers* stationers, 133t. Andrew sq
Padon Alexr. bookseller (A. & 1). Padon), 15 Hart sr
Padon Drfvid, bookseller (A. & D. Padon), 15 Hart sc
Padon Thomas, solicitor, 15 Hart st
Pae James, cow feeder, 36 Broughton st

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