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M'Ewen Robert, baker, 22 Cowgate
M'Ewen Thomas, monumental stone ma-on and
sculptor, Lothian road
M'Fadyeu F. cooper, 108 Kirkgate, Leith
M'Fadyen Hector, city officer, 28 Alva st
M'Farlan John F. & Co. chemists and druggists to Her
Majesty, 17 North bridge and 139 High st
Macfarlane Alexander Sf Son, com factors,61 Constitu-
tion st. Leith
iM ' Farlane & Co. waste paper dealer,72Candlemaker row
M' Farlane & Gibb, cabinet makers, 44 Pitt st
M'Farlane & Son, wire cloth manufacturers & dealers
in India-rubber belts and mill bands, Stead's place,
Leith walk — See advertisement.
Macfarlane & Wiillare, house painters,17Queensferry st
M'Farlane Ann, lodging house, 11 Leopold place
Macfarlane Christina, lodging house, 9 Young st
M'Farlane David, carpet manufacturer and dyer and
scourer, Canonmills
Macfarlane Isabella & Jemima, straw bonnet makers
55 George st
Mactarlane James, W.S., 9 Atholl place
M'Farlane James, shoe maker, 70 Cumberland st
M'Farlane James, tailor, 233 High st
Macfarlane John, spirit dealer, 159 Rose St
M-Farlane John, coal dealer, ScotJaud st
M'Farlane Peter, victualler, 63 Potter row
Micfar lane Robert, advocate, sheriff of Renfrewshire,
31 Herist row
M'Farlane Robert, wire cloth manufacturer (M'Far-
lane & Son), Smith's place, Leith walk
M'Farlane Thomas, spirit merchant, Canonmills
M 'Fai lane Wardlaw, druggist (Duncan, Flockhart &
Co.), Darnaway sc
Macfarlane William, m.d., 21 St. Bernard's crescent
M'Farlane William H. draper, 19 Union place
M'Farline Thomas, victualler, Macneil's place, Leith
walk [Bridge st
Macfeat Wallace, china & glass merchant, 42 South
MGicbie John, watch maker & jeweller, 43 Barony st
M'Gechan James, Red Lion Tavern, 3 Fyfe place,
Leithwalfc; & lodging house, 8 South Castle st [st
M 'George George, furniture broker, 22WestRichmond
M 'George Mary, broker, 55 Pleasance
M Ghee Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 92 Pleasance
.M'Gibbon Charles, builder (C. & J. M'Gibbon), 7
East Claremout st
M'Gibbon Charles & John, builders, Scotland st
M'Gibbon David, architect, 89a George st
M'Gibbon David, comb manufacturer, 84 Highst
M Gibbon David, spirit dealer, 7 Elm row
M'Gibbon George R. clothier and tailor, 90 South
ftiidge st
M'Gibbon John, builder (C. & J. M'Gibbon), 15 Dun-
das st'eet
M'Gibbon John, clothier & draper,15 South College st
JUncgill & Begbie, painters, paper hangers & glaziers,
69 Biisto st
M'Gikhrist John, medical doctor, 63 North Castle st
Mac-gill Archibald, house painter, decorator, and gla-
?ier, 21b South Castle st
M'Gill J. ladies' nurse & lodging house, 126 Rose st
M'Gill James, baker, 8 Haddington place
MacGill John, tobacconist, 105 Kiikgate, Leith
M'Gill John, boot maker, 46 Nicolson st
Macgill Wm. artists' colourman, 7 South Hanover st,
8r 103 Princes st
M'Gillivray William, W. S., 13 North west-circus pi
M'Gilvery Thomas, shoe maker, Low Calton
M'Gilvray Andrew, joiner and cabinet maker, 29
Horse wynd
M'Glashan Alexander, teacher of dancing, 23 York pi
M'Glashan Alexander, grocer, Granton
M'Glashan Daniel, spirit dealer, 1 Portland place
jU'Glasban Donald, wine merchant & grocer, 1 Mans-
field place
M'uiasiiauElizabeth, lodgiughouse,2Charlotte stSouth
MacGlashan Robert, wright, Hope st lane
M'Glashen Stewart, sculptor, 6 Huntly st— works,
Canon mills
M'Glashon Alexander,copperplate printer, 26 Clyde st
M'Gowan Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 23 Bread st
M 'Grain Peter, shopkeeper, 291 Cowgate
M'Graw milliner, Abbey hill
Macgregor Alexr., architect, 3 North Charlotte st
M'Gregor Barbara, victual dealer, 13 Yard heads, Leith
M'GregoiCharles,spii'it merchant,3GreatJ unction st, L
M'Gregor Donald, proprietor of the Royal Hotel, 53
Princes st
M'Gregor Donald, clerk, 64 Broughton st
M'Gregor Donald R. merchant & shipowner, 128 Con-
stitution st, Leith
M'Gregor Isabella, spirit dealer, 8 Jamaica st
M'Gregor Isabella,lodging house, 13 India st [lane
M'Gregor Isabella, eating house, South-east Thistle st
M'Gregor James, print glazer, 194 Rose st
M'Gregor James, watch maker (J.M'Gregor&Son), 8
Murray st
M'Gregor James, haberdasher, 135 Kirkgate st, Leith
M'Gregor James & Son, watchmakers, 25 West Re-
gister st
M'Gregor John, boot & shoe maker, 22 Thistle st
M'Gregor John, coach hirer, 21 India st
M'Gregor John, tailor, 5 Kerr st
Macgregor John, tobacconist, 77 Princes st,7 Bread st,
20 Roxburgh place, 2 Leith st, & 104 High st
M'Gregor John, watchmaker (J. M'Gregor & Son),
25 Barony st [maker, 2 George st
MacGregorMalcolm,portmanteau,trunk&travellini! bag
MacGregor Malcolm, S.S.C., 18 St. Andrew's square
M'GregorMargaret,lodging house, 34SouthHanover st
M'Ghegor Peter, Sous & Co., silk mercers & linen
drapers, 30 George st
M'Gregor William, spirit, porter, & ale merchant, 16
West Nicolson st; house, 8 Nicolson square
MacGregor William, boot closer, 39 South Bridge st
M'Grouther Catherine, victualler, 52 Rose st
M'Grouther William, boot closer, 33 Thistle st
M'Guire Charles, joiner, 115 Kiikgate, Leith
M'Guire Patrick & Co. hatters, 73 St. Mary's wynd
M'llree Daniel, cabinet maker, 266 Cowgate
M'Innes Donald, victual dealer, 7 Jamaica st
MTnnes Donald, tin-smith, 7 Lothian st
M'Innes Mason, greengrocer & boot & shoe maker,
71a Broughton st
Macintosh Alexander, painter, 4 Meuse lane
M'Intosh Allan, bookseller, 70 Nicolson st
Macintosh Andrew, cooper, 47b Ea*t Crosscauseway
M'Intosh Charles, garden architect, Newcome villa,
Macintosh Elizabeth, lace cleaner, 43 Great King st
M'Intosh George, shoe maker, 39 Candlemaker row
M'Intosh George, clerk, Church lane, Morniugside
M'Intosh Henry, trimming & smallwaie dealer, 23
South Richmond st
M'Intosh James, clerk, Mary's place
M'Intosh James, bookseller, 5 North College st, and
7 North Bank st
M'Intosh James, station master, Trinity station
M'Intosh James, tailor, 26 North Bridge st
M'Intosh James A. engraver on wood, 35 Lothian st
M'Intosh Jane, lodging house, 57 North Hanover st
Macintosh Jane, lodging house, Maderia Cottage,
Jordan bank
M'Intosh John, porter, 22 Thistle st
Macintosh Robert, tobacconist, 34 Kirkgaie, Leith
M'Intosh Robert, pavement m rebut, 24 Sheriff brae, I
M'Intosh Thomas, livery stables, 2(> William st lane
M'Intosh William, shoe maker, 25 Kiikgate, Leith
M'lntyre Andrew, shopkeeper, 9 St. Leonard st
M'Intyre Daniel, linen & woollen draper, 381 Highst
M'lntyie Daniel, commercial traveller, 2 Huntly st
M'Intyre Donald, lodging house, Jordan bank, Mom
M'Intyre Duncan, comb maker, 2 Northumberland st
Macintyre Elizabeth & Mary, French stay and straw
hat makers & milliners, 2!) London st
M'Intyre J. & L. shoe makers, 124 Pleasance
M'Intyre Joseph, tavern, 180 High st
M'Intyre Peter, tailor, West Norton place
M'lver James, clothier, 25 & 81 & 83 St. Mary's wynd
M'lver Patrick, shoe maker, 40 Saint Mary's wynd
M'lvor John, draper & ho>ier, 76 Nicolson st
Mark Andrew, writer, 5 York place
Mack James Smiih, S. S. C. (Spence and Mack),
8 Smith's place, Le.th walk
Mack William B. hatter, 2 Hunter square
Mackaill John, photographer, 1 Leith st terrace

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