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iE&mimrg&gito, EDINBURGH, &c.
Lizars Matthew, corn merchant, 17 Quality st
Lloyd's Surveyor's Office, 33 Sapdport st, Leith
Lock Hospital, Surgeon square
Lockie Charley agent, 25 West Nicolson st
Lockie William, tailor, 118 Westport
Loden David, lodging house, 44 Howe st
Loewenstein — , teacher of German, 8 Hope st
Loewenthal Moses & Son, merchants, 3 Blair st
Logan Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 273 Cowgate
Logan Alexander, confectioner, 168 Canongate
Logan Alexander S. advocate, 12 York place
Logan George, W.S. & clerk of teiuds, Register house,
Hawthorn brae, Dnddingston
Logan Henry, smith, Cant's close, High ;>*
Logan James, clerk, 13 Union place
Logan James, clerk, 13 Aunandale st
Logan Janet, lodging house, 27 NelsoD st
Logan John, watch maker, 5 Dean st
Logan John, corn merchant, 9 West Claremont place
Logan John, W.S. (Mackenzie, Innes & Logan),
29 India st
Logie Gilbert, bookseller, 11 North Bank st
London and Edinburgh Shipping Company's
OiFiCE, 9 Dock place, Lehh— Tliomas Aitken,
manager — S°e advertisement
London and Liverpool Insurance Office, 27
York place
London Assurance Corporation Offices, 30 St.
Andrew square, and 15 Quality st, Leith
F,ondon Hotel, William Murray. 2 St. Andrew sq
London Printing and Publishing Co. (limited),
6 Hoxbui;gh place [over st
Londdn Union Assurance Office, 13a South Han-
London Union Fire Insurance Office, 13 Hano-
ver st
Long Thomas & Co. engineers, millwrights, printing
machine maker, &c, Paul's work, 21 New st — See
Loi'gmore Adam O, clerk, 2 Mansfield place
Longmore John Alexander, W.S., 56 Melville st
Lonie John, coal dealer, 97 Giles St., Leith
Lord Clerk Register's Office, Register House,
Princes st
Lord Lyons Office, Register House, Princes st
Lorimer Alexander, m.d., Brunswick st., Hillside [st
Lorimer James, civil engineer and surveyor, 41 George
Lorimer James, advocate, 21 Hill st
Lorimer John, builder, 62 Gilmore place
Lothian Andrew, S.S.C , 6 Elm row
Lothian George, cabinet maker, 20 St, James square
Lothian M., dressmaker, 6 West Richmond st
Lothian Margaret, grocer, 11 Greenside row
Lothian the Marquis of, coal owner St. Leonards-
Hugh White, agent,
Lothian Maurice, procurator-fiscal for county, County
buildings ^
Louden David, lodging house, 44 Howe st
Lough John, slater, 15 William st
Loughton Alexander, lodging house, 146 Pt Aces St.,
and tobacconist 37a South Hanover st
Love A. & J., china, &c, dealer, 7 South College st
Love Elizabeth Kirkwood, milliner, 21 Elm row
Low Charles, coal agent, 1 South Charlotte st
Low D. W. (H. M. Customs), Raimesfield, Ferry road
Low Isabella, lodging house, 14 Hope st
Low James, gardener, Maryfield
Low John, plumber, 14 N • rth St. Andrew street, and
lodging house, at 117 George st
Low John, slater, 30 Nicolsou st
Low John, slater, 74 Clerk st
Low John, accountant, 1 Upper Dean terrace
Low Margaret, victual dealer, 58 Potter row
Lowden William, trimming and smallware dealer, 18
Hill st
Lowe John, provision dealer, 45 Rose st
Lowe John, fireman, 41 Rose st ["st
Lowe Joseph, teacher of dancing, 52 North Frederick
Lowfoot & Leishman, tailors and clothiers, 41 South
Biidge st
Lowne Thompson, m.d., surgeon, 46 Minto st
Lowrie John, cart and plough wright, 77 Abbey hill
Luckie 8( Co., saw mills, Macneil's place, Leith walk
Luis & Ewiog, carvers, gilders, &c, &c, 8c St. Patrick
square [close, 28 High st
Luis Ellice, figure and mould manufacturer, Fountain
76 vo
Luke James, baker, 25 Brunswick st
Lumley Philip, spirit dealer, Ciamond
Lumsdaine James, spirit dealer, 3 Physic gardens
Lumsden Catherine, victual dealer, Newhaven
Lunacy (General Board 0F)0fficel3 St. Andrew sq
Lunatic Asylum, Laughton
Lunatic Asylum, Moruingside
Lundie Joseph, spirit dealer, 437 Lawntnarket
Lundy .Ino J. (North British Colour Company), Prim*
lose bank, Leith
Lnnn Helen, shoe maker, Pleasance
Lyall Alexander, baker, 11 Shrub place, Leith walk
Lyall George, poulterer. High market
Lyall James, (milder, 23 East Drummond st
Lyall John, stationey, 16 South St. David st [lege st
Lyall Robert, agent ^ Klackie & Son, 5 South Col-
Lyall William, glass & earthenware deal 37 Potter row
Lye Thomas, straw hat manufacturer, 28 High st
Lyell David, writer>' cleik, Rankeillorst
LyellJohn, clerk, 15 Norton place
Lyle Alexander, merchant, Timber Bush, Leith
Lyle Peter, mercliant, Hell's court, Leith
Lyle Thomas, stock and share broker, 65 Priucesst
Lynch Elizabeth, broker, 161 Cowgate
Lynch Henry, painter, 110 Canongate
Lynch James, market gardener, Tyne Castle, Gorgie
Lynus Peter, shopkeeper, 2S1 Cowgate
Lyon Andrew, shoe maker, 122 Pleasance
Lvon Charles, confectioner and refreshment rooms,
29 Lothian road
Lvon David, bookbinder, 505 Lawnmarket
Lyon Francis, treasurer to the Edinburgh and Leith
Gas Company, 12 Baltic st, Leith
Lyon Hugh, W.S. (Maitland & Lyon), 26 Forth st
Lyon James, clothes dealer & broker, 246 Cowgate
Lyon James, hair dresser, Low Calton
Lyon Office, Register House
Lyon Richard, picture frame maker, Hill st lane
Lyon Wm. auctioneer (Dowells & Lyon), 1a Dundassl
Lyschinski Adam, physician, 10 Warriston crescent
M'ADAM Anstruther, linen and woollen draper, 27
West Nicolson st
Macadam Jas. missionary, Wemyss terrace, Wemyss pi
M'Adam John, Bay Horse Inn&livery stables, 55 Rose st
Macallan Allan Ben ram, W.S. (Macallan & Chan-
cellor), 26 Rutland square
Macallan & Chancellor, W.S. 19 Young st
Macallan James, W.S. (Macallan & Chancellor), 2(1
Rutland square
Macallan — , lodging hou»e, 42 Charlotte square
M'Allister Isabella, crape and feather dresser, 43
Earl Grey st
Macallum iSf Sidey, stock & share broker*, 65 Princes st
Macallum Walter B. sharebroker (Macailum & Sidey),
4 Castle terrace
Macalpine William, saddler, 12 Broad wynd, Leith
Macandie Alexai-der E., W.S. 13 Hill st
Macandrevv & Dudgeon, corn merchants, 17 Con-
stitution st, Leith
Macandiew James M. accountant, 65 Princes st
Macandrew John & John, jun. solicitors, 33 Dublin st
Macara Lawrence M., W.S 58 Northumberland st
M'Ara Peter, mason. Chinch lane
Macartbur Arthur, W.S. 9 Antigua st
M'Artbur James, turner, Dickson's close, High st
M'Arthur Janet, boot maker, 12 W*ter lane, Leith
Macarthur John, grocer & spiiii dealer, 'Z\ Canongate
M'Arthur Peter, bankers' eleik, 70 Buceleuch st
M'Anly Elizabeth, refie.shment rooms, 32 Lothian st
M'Bain James, news agent & bookseller, Crichton st
Macbean /Eneas, W.S. 8 Daruavvay st
M'Beath William, refreshment <k coffee house keeper,
51 Highst
M'Brair & Parker, W.S. 12 Dublin st
M'Cabe Michael, tailor and clothes dealer, 256 Cowgate
M'Call Charles & Co., engineers and millwrights Hill-
side, Montgomery st
M'Call John, lodging hou-e, 40 North Frederick st
M'Call Peter & Co. sugar grinders, Hillside, Mont-
gomery st
M'Callum & Dickson, dress makers, 5 Greenside place
Maccallum & Dundas, civil engineers, 143 Princes st
M'Callum Daniel, grocer & spirit dealer, 317 Cowgate

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