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3Etl!ttl)Urgf>*!)tr*. EDINBURGH, &c.
Slater's 1$
Donaldson Marv, lodging house, 30 South Hanover st
Donaldson William, trimming and smallware dealer,
46 South Bridge st
Donaldson's Hospital, Glasgow road
DonalsoT) Jessie, lodging house, 3 Upper Dean terrace
Donery John, broker, 49 St Andrew st. Leith
Donery J. & T. shoe makers and brokers, 226 Cowgate
Dores& Laidlaw, Aethers, 24 Middle market
Dott Aitken, carver and gilder,, 16 South St. David st
Dougal Brothers, boot makers, 122 Kirkgate, Leith
Dougal William, hoot and shoe maker, 5 India place
Dougall Isabella, dressmaker, 25 Thistle st
Doughtie Alexander, mason, &c, 1 Northumberland pi
Douglas Agnes, lodging house, 12 Queen st
Douglas Alexander, tea dealer, 46 Earl Grey st f walk
Douglas Alexander, eating house, 2 King's place, Leith
Douglas Alexander Sholto, W.S. 22 Young st; house,
30 India st
Douglas & Son, dyers, 53 Niddry st
Douglas Andrew, Venetian blind manufacturer, 22
Greenside place— {See advertisement]
Douglas Andrew H. physician, 62 Northumberland st
Douglas Ann, lodging house, 59 Queen st
Douglas Christopher,W.S. & notary public,22 Young st
Dougias David, W.S. 21 South Castle st
Douglas David, tailor and clothier, 3 Spence's place
Douglas David, bookseller (Edmonston & Douglas),
10 Forres st
Douglas David, grocer (Murray & Douglas), Laverock
Cottage, Bruntsfield links
Douglas Elizabeth, lodging house, 12 Nelson st
Douglas Francis Biown, advocate, 21 Moray place
Douglas George, lodging house, 5 South College st
Douglas George & G. C. lath splitters, Lothian road
Douglas Isabella, lodging house, 34 Rose st
Douglas James, dentist, 6 North St. Andrew st
Douglas Jamet, victual dealer, 2 Castle barns
Douglas James, painter and paper hanger, 49 Clerk st
Douglas James, lath splitter, 10 Lothian mad
Douglas James, eating house, 374 Lawnrnarket
Douglas James, picture restoier, 6 North Bank st
DouglasJames(Register house), Bellvue, Queensfei ry rd
Douglas James, day school, 9 Great King st— See ad-
Douglas Janet, tobacconist, 13 Sandpon street, Leit h
Douglas John Brown, W.S. 6 Fettes row
Douglas John D. searcher of old records, 33 Dimdasst
Douglas Margaret, pawnbroker, 517 Lawnrnarket
Douglas Mary & Jessie, milliners, 24 South Hanover st
Douglas Peter, spirit dealer, 89 Colgate
Douglas Robert, victualler, grocer & spirit dealer, 172
Fountain bridge
Douglas Robert, spirit dealer, 10 South St. Andrew st
Douglas Sholto, boot 8f shoe maker, 23 Cumberland st
Douglas Thomas, victual dealer, Pier place, Newhaven
Douulas Thomas, flesher, 89 St. Andrew st. Leith
Douglas Thomas H. nursery and seedsman, 24 South
Frederick st. and Arcade, 12 South St. Andrew st;
nursery, Rose bank, Wardie
Douglas William, hat maker, vennel
Douglas William, furniture broker, 83 Westpoi t
Douglas William C. commercial traveller, 9 Charlotte pi
Douglas William S. accountant, 11 Melbourne place
Donl James, joiner and cabinet maker. Society
Doiill David, confectioner (D. Doull & Co.) 4 Park st
Dotill David & Co. restaurateurs, confectioners and
manufacturers of British wines, liqueurs, &c, 60
Princes st. and 71 Potter row
Doull Wm. confectioner (D. Doull & Co.), 4 Park st
Dove James, smith, engineer and coach timber bender,
Greenside lane
Dover James, baker, 35 Sheriff brae, Leith
Dow Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 7 South St.
Audrew street;
Dow Catherine, Globe Inn, 3 Hill place
Dow Eliza & Nicolina, ladies' school, 31 York place
Dow Isabella, tobacconist, 52 Home st
Dow James, varnish maker, 49 Thistle st
Dow John, saddler, 86 Rose st
Dow Lawrence, clerk, Pitt st, North Leith
Dow William, boot &f shoe maker, tool furnisher, and
cork sole maker, 2 St. Mary's wynd
Dow William, wright, 3 Mackenzie place
Dow William, wright, Dean path
54 vo
Dowells & Lyon, auctioneers, appraisers, and com-
mission agents, 18 George st
Dowie Agnes, grocer, 12 Heriot place
Dowie Charles, clerk, 11 Picardv place
Dowie David, victual dealer, Old Church st, Leith
Dowie Peter, commission merchant, Quality lane, Leith
Dowie Sarah, grocer & spirit merchant, 54 Potter row
Dowie William, contractor, Canonmills cottage
Down John, boot maker, 12 Rose st
Downes Christopher, shopman, 17 South Castle at
Downie Alexander, clerk, 10 Sax Cobourg place
Downie & Laird, nursery andseedsmen and florists, 17
South Frederick st; nurseries, West Coates and
Downie David, clothes broker, 107 Pleasance
Downie James, shoe maker, 4 West Richmond st
Downie John, spirit dealer, 28 Clyde st
DownieJohn,nurseryman(Downie&Laird) West Coates
Downie John Macleay, accountant to Cowan and Co.
12 Upper Gray st
Downie Margaret, dairy. 529 Lawnrnarket
Downs & Let hem, merchants, &c. 11 Timber bush, L
DownsCatherine, earthenware dlr. 13vVestRichmoud st
Downs James, corn dealer, 2 Duke st, Leith
Dows Agnes, lodging house, 57 North Bridge st
DrechslerLouis, tchr. of singing, Drum House, Maryfield
Drevar Sarah, dressmaker, 33 South Castle st
Diew & Burnett, coach builders, 16 Bread st
Drew Margaret, toy and fancy dealer, 99 Princes st
Drew Thomas, grocer, 1 Tobago st
Drover David, teller of National Bank, 25 Quality st, L
Drummond Alexander, victual dealer, 163Cause wayside
Drummond & Laing, stationers, 34 Grassmarket
Drummond B. M. artist, 29 Couperst, Leith
Driimiiiond Charles, bookseller, 133 Kirkgate ; house,
22 Albany st. court, Leith
Drumminid Charles, toy dealer, 13 Kirkgate, Leith
Drummond D. tailor, 7 Cromwell st, Leiih
Drummond Elizaheth, tobacconist, 35 Fountain bridge
Drummond Home, of Blair Drummond, 110 Princes st
Drummond James, broker, 200 Colgate
Drummond James, clerk, 118 Princes st
Drummond James, portrait painter, 30 Hamilton place
Drummond Janet, victual dealer, 44 Brunswick st
Drummond John, coal dealer, 6 Church st
Drummond Peter, tailor, II Calton st
Drummond Street Hall, 1 Drummond st
Drummond Thomas, bookseller, 95 Kirkgaie, Leith
Drummond Wm. reporter, 6 North-west Circus place
Drummond William, missionary, Grange loan
Druness William, grocer & spirit dealer, Couperst, L
Drybrongh & Co. brewers, 67 North back of Canongate
Drybrough G. grocer and spirit dealer, New lane,
Drvburgh Neil & Son, coopers and stave merchants
6 Mitchell street, Leith
Dryden Adam, stonemason, 21 Upper Gray st
Dry den James, builder, 5 Saunders st [Pleasance
Dryden John, awl blade maker, Hardwell close, 193
Dryden Robina, grocer & spirit dealer, Anchorfield,
Drydon James, victual dealer, 36 Jamaica st
Drysdale Andrew, messenger at arms, 16 Eider st
Drysdale David, wine merchant Sf grocer, 2 Nicolson
street; house 5 Minto st
Drysdale George H. victual dealer, 2 Clerk st
Drysdale Jane, spirit dealer, 1 West Preston st
Drysdale Jane, dressmaker, 41 George st
Drysdale Janet, spirit dealer, Salamander st, Leith
DrysdaleJoseplijS.-.C &accountant, 16 RoyalExchange
Drysdale Peter, H. baker 8f confectioner, 143 Princes st
Drysdale William, deputy clerk of session, 3 Hart st
Drysdale William, grocer, 223 High st
Dubuc Dr. professor of French language, 121 George st
Duchauffour & M'Intyre, photographic artists, 33
Whitfield place, Leith
Dudgeon Alexander, baker, 51 Thistle st
Dudgeon Ellen, lodging house, 10 Cassell's place, Leilh
Dudgeon John, manager, 5 Rose st
DtifT Alexander, spirit vaults, St. Mary's wynd,5High st
Duff Alexander, spirit merchant, 17 South Frederick
street, and 3 Thistle street lane
Duff Edward, basket maker. 92 Rose st
Duff Flora, grocer Sf spirit dealer, 33 Couber st, Leith

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