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SUNDRIES— contmftet?.
NicoU David, 23 Pitalpin st
Paterson James, 103 South road
Petrie James, 72 High st
Purdie Isabella, 6 Camuerdown st
Rowley Robert, 26^;^ Marshall 8t
Scott Robert, 1 Couper st
Shearer Alexander, 29 Burnside st
Steel Alexander, Liff road
Anderson Mary, 13 Logie st
Balfour Elizabeth, 176 High at
Barclay John, 33 Bank st
Baxter William, 93 South road
Berry Mary, 132 Liff road
Bowman George, 89 High st
Cant James (Caraperdown Inn), 105 Logie st
Plight George. 13S High st
Hill ElizaLetb, Liff road
Ingram James D. 6 Liffroad
Law David, 144 High st
Leitoh George. 37 South st
Lyon Henrv, Liffroad
M'Leish jdhn. 135 High st
Nicoll John, Lochee road
O'Dounell Samuel. 130 Logie st [High st
Robevtson William (Lochee Restaurant), 110
Rourke James, 189 Lochee road
Stewart Ann, 24. High st
Turnbull William, Lochee road
Watson David, 96 High st
Wilson Ann, 57 BurusUle st
Yoting Mary, 23 South road
Alexander David, 20 Union st
Gnnn John, m.b.c.m:. Lochee
Lennox James K. Woodbine Cottage
Small Thomas, l.r.c.p.s.e. Spring Cottage
Forrester David, 20 Bank st
Luttle James, 26H Bank st
Marked thus + are also Clothiers.
+Gray David, High st
tHamilton Duncan, 101 High st
Macdonald George, Logie st
+M'Ewan Thomas, 129 High st
+M'Whinnie & Co. 122 High st)
+Richards Joseph, 111 Logie st
tStewart Charles, S Bank st
tStewart, Sons & Keillor, 90 High st
+Stewart Thomas & Son, High st
Public Buildings, Offices, &.C.
Moffat Thomas, 109 Logie st
Sharp Frank, Go^au Bank, Lochee road
Keir Robert B. 132 High st
Scott David, South road
Chapel of Ease, Brown st— Rev. James
Forsyth ; Rev. Wm. Wright, assistant
' Established CHUKCH(St.Luke'8),Highst—
j Rev. Peter M'Leod, minister
I Fbee Churches : —
I High st— Rev. Thomas B. Dodds
j Muirhead — Rev. William Moncur
1 St. Mabgaket's Episcopal Chuboh (Scotch),
I Marshall st— Rev. John Thompson, in-
1 cumbeut
I United Prebbvtebian Church, High st —
' Rev. Archibald B. Connel, M.A.
I Baptist Chapel, Union st — Rev. Thomas D.
■ RoarAN Catholic Chapel, High st— Rev.
Francis Beams. Rev. James Bird, and
Rev. Conrad Helfrich
tBell Robert, 7 Burnside st
fBuchanan Charles, Bank st
Pyffe James, 156 South road
Anderson John F. architect, 3 Logie st
Annan David, manager- Heath Cottage
Bain Henry, farmer, the Mains Farm
Blair David, manager, West Mill
Brown Matthew, broker, 154: High at
Brown Thomas, inspector of poor for Liff &
Buist Andrew, clerk. Oak Cottage
Colville John, accountant, Whorter bank
Duncan Victor, bird dealer, 197 Lochee road
Elder George F. manager, Wellbank Cottage
Ferguson George, umbrella maker, 107
South road
Fyfe James O. agent to P. & P. Campbell,
dyers (Perth), High st
Grant Wm. manager, Brown Street Cottage
Keay R. & H. pawnbrokers, 150 High st
M'Donald James, umbrella maker.Lochee rd
Millar Thomas, pawnbroker, 10 Mid st
Murray William, manager, 162 South road
Palmer .James, furniture broker, 160 High st
Pearson James, umbrella maker, 3 Logie st
Robertson John, post master, Logie crescent
I Scott George, slater, 41 South road
Scott Peter, manager, 15 High st
, Smart Robert, cabinet maker, 6 Bank st
Smith James, clerk, Balgay terrace
Smith James, manager, Union place
j Stewart William, accountant, Balgay tor
! Thomson James, fishmonger & game dealer,
71 High st
' Wright Alex, seed merchant, 109 High st
Deaf & Dumb Institution, Gowan bank,
Lochee road — Alex. Drysdale, manager ;
Susan Drysdale, matron
Dundee Gas Light Co.'s Offices, Peebles
lane— Robert Falconer, inspector
House of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Well-
burn — Mary Poncin, superioress
Lochee Union Weavers' Lodge, High st—
.James Matthew, secretary
Police Station, South road— Archibald
M'Leod, inspector
Registrar's Office for Blrtbs,
3D»eatlis, and XVCarriag^es for
Dundee Fifth 3>lstrict, Hlgn st—
3>avid Sfeisb, regristrar
Station, High st — John M'Fadyen, station
master [master
StatioHy Camperdown— John Young, station
To DUNDEE, Alexander Findlay, 7 Yeamau'a
lane, twice daily
To DUNDEE, two Omnibuses run daily every
half-hour from nine morning till ten
LENMUIR is fl parish, six and a half miles from north to south, > is called the old drawing room, are depicted the royal arms of Scot-
and four and a half miles from east to west, and lies about five miles land, under which is an inscription, one of the family having
north-west from Brechin, its post town. It is bounded on the north
by Stracathro and Lethuot, on the south by Brechin and Careston,
on the west by Fearu, and on the east by Brechin and Stracathro.
The southern part is flat, and forms the vale of the Cuick water;
to the north it is hilly and healthy. In the northern part of the
parish are the Catterthmuirs, '* with the best specimen of a hill
fort in Europe." The parish, which embraces an area of 10,218
acres, in 1871 contained 761 inhabitants,
married King Robert II. 's eldest daughter. The main part of the
building is supposed to have been erected about the early part of
1400 ; although it cannot boast of much ornament in its construc-
tion, yet it carries in its appearance an aspect of grandeur well
suited to a baronial castle. Careston pai'ish comprises 2,085 acres'
and in 1871 had a population of 209.
Feaen (or Feon) is a parish seven miles west from Brechin, its
! post town, and ten miles north-east from Forfar, situated at the
Careston (or Caraldston) is a small parish four miles west from foot of some of the Grampian hills. It is intersected by the Cuick
Brechin, its post town, and the same distance from Tannadice, water, and bounded on the south by that of Noran. Its form is
situated between the two latter, and on the north bank of the South nearly elliptic ; on the south-west is the parish of Tannadice, on the
north the united parish of Lethnot and Navar, and on the cast Men-
muir and Careston. The surface presents rich pastoral hills, and
low grounds finely cultivated and enclosed, with extensive planta-
tions of fir and other timber. Near the Noran stands the formerly
celebrated "Vane Castle," now a ruinous skeleton; it is about
seven miles west of Brechin. Acreage of parish, 8,792; population,
in 1871, 848.
Esk, and to the east of the Noran water, which flows through and
unites in this parish, which is bounded on the north by Menmnir,
on the east by Brechin, on the south by Aberlemno, and on the west
by Tannadice and Fearn. The land is composed cf beautiful and
well cultivated braes, sloping to the south. The only object of
Immediate interest in the parish is the Castle of Careston, of which
John Adamson, Esq. is the proprietor, formerly one of the resi-
dences of the Earls of Crawford. Above the mantel piece, in what
POST OFZ*XCZS. Tigerton, Menmuir, Andrew Garvie, Po^i ilfaaig)-.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Brechin) at half-past
eight morning, and are despatched thereto at half-past two afternoon.
Post Office, Careston, Peter Dow, Post MoHter.—hetters from all parts arrive (from Brechin) at a quarter-past eleven, and are
despatched thereto at half-past eleven morning.
*** Letters for Fearn and the above parishes should be addressed " near Brechin."
The nearest Money Order Office is at Brechin.
Adamson John, Esq. Careston Castle
Adamson Mr. William, Careston Castle
Adamson Mr. William S. Careston Castle
Arbuthnott Miss Caruegy, fianaavooon,
Baxter Rev. Wm. L. The Manse, Careston
Bell George, Esq. (of Balconuel & Burnside),
Burness William, Esq. Auchnacree, Fearn
Erskine Mrs. Mary Ann, Balhall, Menmuir
West Mrs. Elrainn, Menmuir
Ferguson Rev. John, The Manse, Fearn
Guthrie James, Esq. Shandford
Marnie the Misses — , Deuchar, Fearn
Munro Rev. George, Menmuir Free Church
Shepherd George, Esq. (of Luudie), Menmuir! Parochial Schools-—
Thomson Robert, Esq. Noranside House,! Careston-John B.Davidson, master
I Fearn
j Thomson Rev
James Laing, The Manse,
Fearn — Joseph Fenwick, master
Menmuir — Alexander Oodtts, master

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