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Smith James, shopkeeper, CoUiston
Smith James, potato merchant, 13 Shore
Smith James, Inland Revenue officer, 1 Victoria st
Smith James, farmer, St, Vigeaus
Smith Jane, spirit dealer, 17 Cairnie st
Smith Jessie, houseliolder, 4 Addison place
Smith John & Sou, sail cloth, &c. manufacturers and calenderers,
EitiN Works, West Mill wvnd [Woodley Cottage
Smith John S iroumouger aiid seed merchant, 140 High &t; house,
Smith Peter, clerk. II Lady loan
Smith Robert, cabinet maker, &c. 15 Lordburn
Smith, Suttie & Co. wholesaje confectioners, grocers and spirit
dealers, James st, and 28a High st
Smith William, farmer, Arbroath
Smith William, mannla::turer (John Smith & Son), 6 PiTHces st
Smith William, sliipowner, 24 Victoria st
Smith William, shopkeeper, 10 High st
Smith William, solicitor (D. & W. Smith & Bennet), and law agent
for Arbroath Commercial Insurance Association, and Arbroatn
and Montrose Freight Association, 81 High st
Smith William A. watchmaker ot jeweller, 16'2 High st
Soutar Catherine, confectioner, 14 Guthrie port
Soutar David, shopkeeper, 57 Barn green
Soutar Isabella, shopkeeper, 13 Dishlandtown st
Soutar James, lin.m, &c. draper & silk mercer, 108 High st
Soutar James, householder, 37 West Keptie st
Soutar Peter, farmer, St. Vigeans
Soutar Robert, joiuer, 30 Lordburn
Soutar Thomas, bout & shoe maker, 21 Gravesend
Soutar William, farmer, St. Vigeaus
Soutter Jaue, confectioner, 23U High st
Spaldiug John, shipmaster, 19 Catiicx'ine st
Spark Ann, newsagent, CS Lochlands st
Spark Walter ship owner, 12 Kossie st
Spence Jjbn, baby-linen repository & agent for J. Henderson, dyer,
{Broughly Ferry), 229 High st
Bpink Elizabeth G. Newgate /ajt, 2 West Newgate st
Spink Margaret, shopkeeper, 4 Kirk wynd
Spink Wiliiam. teacher of navigation, 2 West Newgate st
Staffordshire Fire Insurance Co. 4 Kirk wynd — A. ivl. Thomson, agt
Stamp Offica, Town Hall, High st— William K, Macdonald, sub-
distributor [George I\Iiln, 25 Hill st—Sce advertisement
Standard Life Insurance Co.— Alexander Hutton, 71 High st, and
Staton Margaret, teacher, 11 Maule st
Steel W^illiam, linen draper, 113 High st
Stephen Elisabeth, greengrocer, 2 Guthrie port
Stephen Henry, boot t& shoe maker, 10 Baker's wynd
Stephen Johanna, milliner, 10 Baker's wynd
Stephen John, spirit dealer, 247 High st; house, 11 West Keptie st
Steven Richard, clerk, 45 Dishlandtown st [cher, agent
Stevenson Brothers , dyers (Dundee), 50 Keptie st — Jessie Ar-
Stewart Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 20 West port
Stewart James, flesher, 11 Commerce st
Stewart John, manager, St. Vigeans
Stewart John, giocer 01; spirit dealer, 2 Park st
Stewart John, manager, St. Vigeaus
Stewart John, dentist, 13J High st, and at Dundee
Stewart William, clerk, 15 Howard st
Stiven Alevaude ■, sliip master, 6 Elliot st
Stiven William, householder, 35 Keptie st
Stormont William, rope maker, 87 Lady loan
Strachan Alexander & Son, tailors & clothiers, 144 High st
Strachan Elizabeth, hoaseholder, 3 Hill terrace
Strachan Isabella, shopkeeper, 13 Academy st
Strachan James, grocer & spirit dealer, 13 Spink st
Strachan Lawrence, china, &c. dealer, 5 Keptie st
Strachan Robert, tailor & clothier, 4 Kirk wynd
Stratou David, stonemason & builder, Maule st; house, MillQeld
Straton Mary &, Margaret, day li boarding school, Maule st [st
Stuart Archibald & Son, grocers, 171 High st; house, 29 Ponderlaw
Stubb's Trade Protection Society, 25 Hill st~George Miln, sec
Sturrook Geo. tailor & clothier, 1(57 High st ; house, 6 Alexandra pi
Sturrock James, ship master, 23 Howard st
Sturrock James, stonemason (Butchart & Sturrock), 22 Green st
Sturrock Mary, householder, 9 Princess st [house, 23 Lady loan
Sturrock Peter, secretary, Arbroath Friendly Coal Society, 3 Shore;
Subscription Reading Room, G4 High st— James Weii-, secretary
Sullivan Mary, confectioner, 27 Millgate
Sun (Fire) Insurance Office, 25 Hill st— George Miln, agent
Sutherland .a.ocIrcw, white canvas aod sail cloth
zuanufactureirv Bank st; hou>>e, 19 Howard st
Stttberland James T. grocer & spirit dealer, 274 High st
Suthei-land John, joiuer, West Mill wynd [house, Guthrie port
Sutherland Margaret, bookseller & newsagent, 219!'2 High street;
Sutherland William, joiuer, Arrott st ; house, Fergus st
Suttie James, merchant (Smith, Suttie & Co.), Towerbank House
Swan James, farmer, St. Vigeans [vice-consul
Sweden Ot Norway Vice-Consul's Office. 9 Shore — David M'Kenzie,
Swirles Alexander, leather merchant (Alexander Swiries & Son), 1
East Abbey st [Son), 162 High st
Swiries Alexander, jun. leather merchant (Alexander Swiries &
Swiries Alexander & Son, tanners, cuiTiers and leather merchautSj
10 Ponderlaw st
TARRY Mill Spinning Co. twine spinners, Tarry Mill, St. Vigeans
^-George Allan, manager
Taylor ' nn, Plough d- Arrow Inn, 3 Montrose road
Taylor Charles B. flesher, 33 West port; house, Keptie st
Taylor David, confectioner, 209 High st
Taylor Isabella & Margaret, milliners & dressmakers, 8 Hume st
Taylor Helen, confectioner, Hamilton green
Taylor Jane, tobacconist, 99 High st
Taylor William, hatter, 7 Brothock bridge ; house, Addison place
Temperance Hall, 22 John st [law st
Terrace David, manager of the Corporation Gas Works, 31 Ponder-
Teviotdalc David, tailor, 12 Keptie st
Thomson Alexander M. accountant and stock and share broker, 4
Kirk wynd; house, Abbey Lodge
Thomson Andrew, Commercial Xnn, 13 Old Shore head
I Thomson David, tailor, 100 High st
Thomson G. Rutherford, auctioneer & land surveyor, 4S Market gate
Thomson James A. lime merchant, 4 East Mary st
Thomson James S. corn merchant, West quay;' house, 10 Colville pi
Thomson John, ironmonger & seedsman, 90 High st [Gowan st
Thomson John, tailor & clothier, Bl Ladybridge st; ho. Hermitage,
Thomson John, householder, 28 Victoria st
Thomson Peter, householder, 2l;8 High st
Thorn John, inspector of cleansing, 5 Alexandra place
Thornton David, farmer, St. Vigeans [Keptie st
Thornton George, linen &g. draper, 112 High st; house, 30 West
Topping Samuel, fishing tackle maker, 5 West Grimsby ; house, 19
Dickdeld st
Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall— William K. Macdonald, town clerk
Town Mission, 2 Hill st— David Miller, secretary
Town's Weighing Machine, East Grimsby — James, Leith, keeper
Towns Helen, householder, 33 Marketgate
Trade (Stubbs') Protection Society, 25 Hill st — George Miln, sec
Trades' Hall, Commerce st — John Fairweather, keeper
Traill John, surgeon, 12 Hill terrace
Tyrie James, tinsmith & gasfitter, 31 West port
URQUHART Thomas, taUor & clothier, 212 High st
VALENTINE Alexander, manager. 8 Panmnre st
Valentine Margaret, shopkeeper, 61 West Grimsby
WALKER Anderson, grocer & spirit dealer, 37 Lady loan
Walker Andrew, shopkeeper, 23 High st
Walker Bowman, hairdresser, 173 High st
Walker David, householder, 5 Queen st
Walker John, manufacturer (John Walker & Co.), Hawthorn Bank
Walker John & Co. flax spinners it manufacturers, Stanley Worka
Walker John, bookseller, stationer and music seller, 27 iiiarket
place ; house, 83 High st
Walker Robert, teacher, 7 East Abbey st
Walker William, collector of customs, 30 Victoria Bt
Wallace Alexander, householder, 19 Cairnie st
Wallace David, timber merchant (J. & D Wallace), 133 High ii
Wallace Isabella, householder, 3 Colville place
Wallace J. & D. timber merchants, North Grimsby
Wallace Mary, householder, 25 Howard st
Wallace Robert, tailor, Arbirlot
Wallace Thomas, ship master, IS Colville place
Wannan George W. surgeon, 51 Marketgate
Wannan William A. m.d. surgeon, 51 Market gate
Waterson Robert, tailor, Arbirlot
Watson Alexander, boat builder (J. & A. Watson), 20 Glover at
Watson & Mathers, saddlers, 103 High st
Watson David, plane maker, 40 Lord burn; house. Hill plaoj
Watson James, saddler (Watson & Mathers), 40 Keptie st
Watson James, Ship Inn, 19 Market gate
Watson Janet, shopkeeper, 2 GraveseTid
Watson John, clothes broker, 45 Applegate
Watson John, boot & shoe maker, 170 High st; honse, 8 School wynd
Watson John, boat builder (J. & A. Watson), 11 West Mary st
AVatson John & Alexander, boat builders, 30 Lady loan
Watt Ann, householder, 14 Academy st
Watt James, boot & shoe maker, Hamilton green
Watt William, piiinter A paperhanger, 15 West port
Webster Alexander, registrar of births, deaths and mtrriagea for
the burgh of Arbroath, Public Hall; house, 16 East Grimsby
Webster Alex, engineer & ironfounder, Lindsay st ; ho. Maule st
Webster Andrew, farmer, St. Vigeans [Works, MiDgate
Webster Francis & Son, flax spinners and manufacturers. Alma
Webster William,bleacher(\VilUam Webster & Co.),BelleVueHou30
Webster William & Co. bleachers, Ward Mill
Weir John, farmer, St. Vigeans [Newton Hall, Vigeana
Weir James, flax merchant and Gei-man vice-consul. Guild Hall;
Weighing Machine, East Grimsby — James Leith, keeper
Weights & Measures Office, Gravesend — William Dove, inspector
Welsh James, joiner, Brothock bridge; house, 5 Dnke st
Westminster Fire Insurance Co.— James Cargill, agent, 110 High st
Westwater Andrew, confectioner, 143 High st
White William, spirit dealer, 35 Panmnre st
Whitton George, hardware, &c. dealer, 174 High st [6 Hill tor
Whitton Jane, Berlin wool & fancy repository, 154 High st; house,
Whyte Barbara, confectioner, 15 James st
Whyte James, timber merchant and saw mill owner, 23 Blillgata
Whyte Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 Kexitie st
Whyte William, clerk, Brechin road
Wigbton David, farmer, St. Vigeans [Cairnie sfc
Wilkie William, coal and iron merchant, 25 Applegate ; house, 31
Willocks James, watch maker, &c. 5 Brothook bridge; lionse, 21
Victoria st
Wills Robert, Corn Exchange Ihh, Market place
Wilson & Cunningham, sail cloth manufacturers, Dens road, and at
Sydney, New South Wales
Wilson Charles, man'ufactarer of sail cloth,
cotton, canvas, hessian, &.C. and yarn and twine
merchant, Milig:at8 ; house, X Victoria st; and at
63 Xaeadenhall st. London, £.C. and ^Oa 'UTard'a
1>uilaingrs.I>ean5^ate, Manehestei*— ^'et* advt
Wilson Gordon, tailor, 1 Garden st
Wilson Helen, milliner and dressmaker, 222 High st
Wiston George, grocer and spirit dealer, 85 Lochlands st
Wood Jessie, householder, 7 Addison place
Wordie & Co. goods and forwarding agents to the Caledonian' BffU»
way Co. Railway Station— James Morgan, agent
Wright Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 16 West Grimsby
Wyllie David, waste merchant, Lindsay st; house, 21 Cairnio st
YOUNG James, Anchor I?m, Shore
Young Mrs. T. farmer, St. Vigeans
Yule David, wasto merchant, Gravesend ; house, 29 Cairnie st
Yule George, flax and tow merchant, Pleasance Works, G.uden s' ;
house, 20 Victoria st
Yule James, joiner, 3 East Mary st, and waste merchant, B^bert st ;
house, 22 Janueson st

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