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Brydo Archibald, 2 Colquhoun square
Waldie Jobu, 45 & 47 Sinclair ot
Black David, 12 Glasgow st
Cljalmers John, Kilcreggan
M'Auslaoe Peter, Row
Vair Thomas, 27 Colquhoun square
Waklio John, 45 & 47 Sinclair st
Campbell Robert, 43 James st
Chalmers John, Kilcreggan
Cornall Francis, 17 East Princes et
Eman Mrs. — , 19 Oolqiiboun st
Ewing Poter & Co. 87 E.ist Princes st
Glen Peter, West Clyde st
Gordon Alexander, Row
Hamilton William, 52 Sinclair st
Jardine Bryce, 20 James st
M'Cabe John, 78 East King st
Russell WiUiam, 85 East Princes st
Spy A. & R. 19 Sinclair st
Wallier A. 25 James st
Barron Ann, 28 East Princes st
Campbell Miss — , 81 East Clyde st
Dickie Robert W. 8 Sinclair st
Finlayson Janet, 57 East Clyde st
Gailey John, Garelochhcad
M'Ohristie Alexander, 1 West Clyde st
M'Crae Kenneth, 82 East Princes st
M'Donald David R. 58 East I'rinces at
M'Kechnie William, 24 Sinclair st
M'Lachlan David, 78 East Clyde st
Peddie WiUiam, East Princes at
Russell M. C. 49 West Clyde st
Smith WUliam, 80 West Princes st
Young — , 23 West Clyde st
Glen John, 41 Bast Princes st
Hamilton WiUiam, 62 Sinclair st
Kerr WiUiam, 21 Colquhoun st
Lindsay John, 53 East King st
Hagan Samuel, 17 East Clyde st
M'Gavin WiUiam, 105 East. Clyde st
M'CoU Alexander, BliUig HUl, Lusa road
M'NeUage Peter, Roseneath
Buchanan Mrs. — , 11 Colquhoun st
Cameron Archibald, 3 Sutherland st
Davie Robert, 46 John st
Dow Mrs. — , 4 Colquhoun st
GdUes Mrs. A. 65 East Clyde st
Henderson John, 82 James st
Lament Hugh, 14 James st
M'Arthur Mrs. — , 15 East Princes at
M Kechnie WiUiam, 24 Sinclair st
M ^aughton John, 35 James st
Robertson Mrs. — , 8 Sutherland st
Rodger John, 7 Lomond st
RusseU Mrs. — , 38 AVest Princes st
Stewart T. 60 East Princes st
Young Gavin, 67 West Clyde at
Battison Walter, Glentruin
CaldweU James, Helensburgh
CampbeU John, Glenfruin
Campbell Malcolm, Roseneath
CampbeU Peter, Glenfruin
Chalmers Robert, Rahane
Clement A. J. Rahane
CuthUl Lawrence, Shandon
Fraser Newby, Roseneath
Glen James, Row
Glen John, Glenfruin
Glen Robert, Shandon
Granger James, Glenfruin
Howie Matthew, Roseneath
Jardine Andrew, Glenfruin
Lindsay John, Helensburgh
M'Auslan James, Helensburgh
M'Donald John, Rahane
M'Farlane Duncan, Glenfruin
MU'aiiano Duncan, Row
M'Farlane John, Glenfruin
M'Farlane John, Durling, Glenfruin
M'KeUar Archibald, Glenfi-uin
M'Lachlan William, Helensburgh
M'Lellan George, Shandon
M'Nair — , Cove
M'Naught Archibald, Glenfruin
M'Pherson Daniel, Glenfruin
Montgomery William, Helensburgh
Niven James, Glenfruin
Sinclair Duncan Leigh, Shandon
Snodgrass Matthew, Helensburgh
Caledonian (fii-e & life)— James Spalding,
44 East Princes st
Ceown— AlexanderBreingan, lOWestClyde at
Enolish & Scottish Law (hfe)— George
M'Lachlan, 6 East Pruices st
GCABDIAN (Are) — WiUiam Bonthrone,
Colquhoun square; H. B. Stevenson, 25
East Clyde st; and J. Fraser, Imperial
IMPEMAL (Are)— Roht. Watt, 1 West Clyde st
Life Association of Scotland — W.
Drysdale, IS Colquhoun square
London & General Plate Glass— James
Spalding, 44 East Princes st
London & Lancashire (fire) — Andrew
Provan, 48 Princes st
Manchesteu Insurance Co.- A. J. Bain,
Flower bank
North British & Mercantile — J. O.
Stewart, 1 West King st
Northern (fire & Ufe)— WilUam Bryson, 10
East Princes st
PHOiNlx (fire)— Robert D. Orr, James st
Royal -Alex. Breingan, 10 West Clyde st
Scottish Ajhicable (Ufe)— John Hunter, 12
Adelaide st
Scottish Imperial (Are & life)— Macnenr &
Brydon, 50 East Princes et
Scottish National (fire & life)— Robert D.
Orr, James st—See advertisement
Scottish Provident- James Spalding, 44
East Princes st
Scottish Provincial (ftre & life)— William
A. Pettit, 6 Sinclair st
Scottish Trade Protection- James Spal-
ding, 14 East Princes st
Scottish UNioN(flre & Ufe)— Geo.M'Lachlan
6 East Princes st—See advertisement
Scottish Widows' Fund (Ufe)— Macneur &
Bryden, 50 East Princes st. and Lennox &
Chapman, 8 West Clyde st—See advert
Standard (Ufe) — WUUam Bonthrone,
Colquhoun square— See advertisement
PiUeul Charles, 68 East Princes st
M'Kechnie James, 63 Sinclair at
M'KiUer Mrs. — , KUcreggan
Moir IsabeUa, 88 West Clyde st
Begg Robert, Clynder
Blackwood Alexander, Cove
Cuthill James, 16 East Princes st
Henderson J. S2 East Princes st
Kerr Andrew, Kilcreggan
M'Phun David, Garelochhcad
Sharp Thomas, 66 East Princes st
SummervUle — , Kilcreggan
Warnock John, 29 East Clyde st
Wilson John, 42 West Clyde st
Arrol WaUer, 33 West Clyde st
Begbie Robert, 47 East Clyde st
Bryson WiUiam, 9 East Princes at
Frame Miss — , 46 East Princes st
Lyall WilUam. Roseneath
M'Dougal John, 33 East Clyde st
M'KcUar Mrs. — , Kilcreggan
Paton WiUiam, 8 East Princes st
Peddie WilUam, 70 East Princes st
Ramsay James, 12 Princes st. West
Teller James, 30 East Princes st
Yoimg Miss — , 23 West Clyde st
Alexander WiUiam, East Princes st
Arroll James, 7 John st
ArroU John, 28 Colquhoun st
ArroU Robert, North King st
Begbie Robert, 47 East Clyde st
Bryson WiUiam, 139 East Princes st
Cameron Archibald, 3 Sutherland et
Combs George, Helensburgh Cemetery
Dewar Donald, 1 James st
Fleming & Son, MiUerslea Nursery, South
King st
M'Fadyen Alexander, Garelochhead
Munro Duncan, Garelochhcad
Niven James, 46 East King st
Paton William, 8 East Princes st
Peddie & Son, Cemetery road
Ramsay James, 12 West Princes st
Robertson & Galloway, Hermitage Nursery,
East Argyle st
Tait James, 89 West Princes st
Telfer James. 30 East Princes at
WyUie & Son, 39 Grant st
Chalmers John, Kilcreggan
CutbUl WilUam, 66 West Clyde st
Gardner & Lindsiiy, 43 East Clyde st
M'Farlane R. S. 2 ISast Clyde st
M'Menemy Poter, 26 East Princes st
(See also Shopkeepers.)
AUjin George, 84 East King st
Buchanan James, 49 West Clyde st
Burgess James, 40 East Princes st
Cairns Alexander, 2 West Princes st
Cameron Neil, 50 East Clyde st
Campbell Fiulay (& Italian warehouaeman).
24 West Clyde st
Currie Daniel, Cove
Dickson James, 18 West Clyde at
Donald Archibald, 55 East Clyde st
GUlies Margaret, 79 East Clyde st
Gray & Body, Clynder
Harvie Robert, Cove
Kennedy W. Garelochhead
Kier Mrs. — , Clynder
Lennox & Chapman, 8 West Clyde at
M'Callum Donald, 65 West Clyde st
M'Dougall Isabella. Roseneath
M'Kechan Finlay, Garelochhead
M'Lcau Donald, 74 East Princea at
M'Lcaven J. Kilcreggan
M'Nair WiUiam, 9 West Clyde st
M'Phun David, Garelochhead
Mitchell A. R. & Co. 62 East Princes et
MitcheU John (wholesale and retail), a
Sinclair st
Morrison Robert, Roseneath
Rintoul & Reid, Garelochhead
Roy William, Garelochhead
Shaw WiUiam, 14 Sinehiir at
SmaU Miss — , Shandon
Smith Mrs. — , 133 East Clyde st
Somerville James, 82 East King at
Stark WiUiam, Garelochhead
Turner Robert, Clynder
Rankin John, 49 East Clyde st
Spiers WiUiam, 26 Maitlaud st
(See also Vititners.)
Clynder Hotel, Miss M'Farlane, Clynder
Garelochhead Hotel, Angus Cameron, Gare-
Helensburgh Inn, John Veitoh, 31 Sinclair st
Imperial Hotel, James Fraser,
opposite the pier, Helensbur^b
—See ar/vfriismieiit
Q'Jf ™'s Hotel, Alexander WiUiamson,
Roseneath Inn, .Archd. White, Roseneath
Row Inn, Mary M'Auslan, Row
Campbell Peter (& auctioneer), 44 Sinclair et
Hunter John, 12 Adelaide st """''^"^ ««
Kerr Andrew, Kilcreggan
Pettit WUliam A. 6 Sinclair st
Harvey Robert, Cove
Kerr Andrew, KUcreggan
M;ConneU Thomas, 10 Sinclaii' st
M'LeUan Adam, 9 East Clyde st
Buchanan George, 63 East Prin"es at
Buchanan Thomas, 71 East Clyde at
Buchanan William, 74 West Princes st
Cameron Donald, Rahane """''^ ^'

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