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Anderson Hugh, 105 Blontague st
Brown J;imps, 13 Albert place
Canipi^iill Williiim, 95 -Jontague st
Crawford Neil, 3 Bishop st
Lamont Colin. Kiiraesburgh
M*Douga]l John, 35 Victoria st
Kussell James, 9 West Princes st
Taylor Robert, 1 Gallowgate st
Wilson Alexander, 85 Victoria st
Young John, Dean Hood place
Bradley Catherfhe, 5 West Princes st
Brown Catherine, 61 Montague st
Campbell Margaret, 9 Montague st
Chisbolm R. &. J. [^ fiorists), 71
Victoria st
M'Ewen Isabella, 16 Gallowgate st
M'Farlane Hugh, Dean Hood place
Rankin Alexander, 9 Albert place
Service Margaret, 41 Galloivgate st
Thomson John, 74 Montague st
Henderson Andrew, 29 Gallowgate st
M*Hugh Annie, 23 Mill st
Maxwell James, 9 Gallowgate st
diisbolm R. &. S', (nursery and
seedsmen , 71 Victoria st
Dobbie James, 18 Mount Pleasant road
Leitch Neil, 110 High st
Shields John, Meadowcap
Thomson John, 74 Montague st
Wilson Colin, Eden place
(See also Shopkeepers^ &c. and likewise
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
*Aitchison James, 30 Mill st
Barr John, Kamesburgh
*BIack Dugald M'A. 2 Castle st
*Black John, 51 & 53 Montague st
*Black Joseph, 16 Columshill st
'Campbell Archibald, 81 Montague st
♦Campbell Mrs. Robert, 70 & 72 Ardbeg rd
Carmichael James, 4 Gallowgate st
Chalmers Janet, 115 Blontague st
♦Dickie Agnes, 111 Montague st
Drysdale Thomas, 92^^ Montague st
DuDcan Charles & Daniel, 27 Victoria st
Duncan Robert, 17 King st
Dunlop 3Iargaret, 2 Columshill st
*Ferguson John, 17 High st
*Forguson John, 23 it 25 Old vennel
*Fergruson Jobn, jun. €Z Mon«
tag:ue street
HalUday John, Kamesburgh
*Heron James, 19 East Princes st
Holmes Andrew. 5 Albert place
Hunter Adam, 47 Victoria st
Hunter James (wholesale), 39 Montague st
Lachlan Archibald, 96 Montague st
Logan William & Son, 6 Montague st
M'Fie James, 6 High st
*M'Gee Robert, 35 Gallowgate st
Mackay David, 99 Montague st
Mackirdy William, 6 East Princes st
''^M'Lachlan Andrew, 59 Montague st
*M'Nichol Archibald, Kamesburgh
♦M'Phee Malcolm, 24 Mill st
Marshall Margaret, 14 West Princes et
Mason David, 117 High st
Murray John, 23 Gallowgate st
Perry Alexander & Son, 12 Mill st
*Swanston Arthur, 2S West Princes st
Whyte Archibald, 7 High st
Maclean Peter, 9 Watergate st
Spence George, 92 I!Jontague st
FOR HlfiE.
Black Duncan, 40 Bishop st
Blackie Wi liam, 26 Battery place
Crawford Catherine (omnibus), Kamesburgh
Crawford James 76 High st
M'Crae Thomas, 8 Montague st
M'Kellar Archibald, 6 Bishop st
M-Kirdy Andrew, 5 Bishop st
M'lurdy Isabella, 7 Bishop st
WSSillan Jolin, 62 Hi^h st
Simpson Thomas, 49 Gallowgate st
(See also Vintners.)
Buto Hotel, Charics WUsoc, Guildford sq
Glasgow, William WBridL', K"imesburgh
Kerrycrov, Duncan ^I'Gallum, Kerrycroy
Kingurthlnn, John M'Kirdy, Kingarth
Lome Hotel, Henrv Whers, Guildford square
Queen's Hotel, William White, 16 Argyle st
Eoyal Hotel. Robert Hamilton, Kamesburgh
Temperance Hotel, Daniel M'Alpine, 7
Watergate st [place
Temperance Hotel, Jane Fleming, 14 Albert
Temperance Hotel, John M'Kinlay, 2 High st
Victoria Hotel, John L. Kelly, 57 Victoria st
Glenburn House Hydropathic Establish"
MENT, Mount Stuart road, Rothesay, con-
ducted by John Dalglisb Paterson, L.R.c.p.
L.E.C.8. — See advertisement
M'laaac Angus, 68 Montague st
M'Nab Thomas, 15 Montague st
M'Tavish Edward, 18 Montague st
nsilloy Iiacblan, 37 nsontag^ue
Sharp Matthew, 19 Montague st
Weir Malcolm, 65 Blontague st
Gumming John, 11 Castle st
Duncan Alexander, 97 High st
Ferguson Lachlan, 83 Montague st
Lusk James, Kamesburgh
M'Oallum & Marshall, oU High st
M'Intyre Neil, 3 Store lane
M'Kechnie John A. 10 Watergate st. and 50
High at
M'Millan Bryce, 20 Watergate st
M-MiUan Donald, 11 Bishop st
MoiTison Robert, 83 High st
Morrison WiUjam, 15 Mill st
Corporation Library, 83 Victoria st —
Agnes Chiilmers, librarian
Rothesay Reading Rooai, Victoria st — John
Duncan, secretary
Marked thus * are also Silk Mercers, &c.
Alexander Robert, 38 Montague st
,*Brown Archibald & Son, 31 Montague st
^Campbell Hugh, 13 Montague st
Ferguson Elizabeth, 37 Montague st
*Haig George, 1 & 3 Albert place
*M'Alpine John, 43 Montague st
M'Aithur Donald, 12 Albert place
M'Isaac John, 39 Gallowgate st
M'Taggart John, 21 Victoria st
Millar J. & A. (hatters), 60 Montague st
Miller & Co. 57 Montague st -
♦Orkney John, 89 & 91 West end, Victoria st
Paterson John, 31 Victoria st
*Sliarp Jobn C. (and clothier), £9
ItSontag^ue street
Wright Elizabeth, 88 Montague st
Duncan A. & J. (potato & grain), 38 High st
Duncan Chas. & Daniel (seed), 27 Victoria st
Duncan Ninian (potato), 20 Watergate st
M'Kinlay Thos. (leather). King Street lane
Orkney John (Irish lime), West end, Vic,
toria street
Stewart & Co. (wholesale and retail grain
and potato merchants), 15 Store lane
Arnot Margaret, 10 Gallowgate st
Brown Helen, 15 Castle st
Campbell Annie, 31 Gallowgate st
CampbeU Catherine, 10 Castle st
CampbcU Jane, 16 Castlehill st
Duncan Catherine, 21 Watergate st
Ferguson Ehzabeth, 27 Jlontague st
Gillies Catherine, 40 Bishop st
Gray Isabella, 16 Castle st
M'Artbur Jane, 7 Albert place
M'Fie the Misses — , 7 Castle st
M'Gilp Isabella & Marv, 25 Montague st
M'Millan Agnes, 36 Mill st
M'Taggart John, 21 Victoria st
Mitchell Elizabeth & Agnes (& Berlin wool),
67 Victoria st
Morris Jane, 76 Victoria st
Railton Jane, 36 Montague st
Sommerville Jane, Victoria st
Whyte Bella, 9 Victoria st
EuTEMAN — W^iliiam A.Wilson, 11 Montague st
Rothesay Chronicle— \Villiam C. Harvey,
23 Montague st. and 5 High st
Macbeth Daniel, County buildings
Wilson John T. County buildings
M'Alpint^ James, 103 Montague st
M'Lcan Daniel A. 4 West Princes st
Melrose George, 21 High st
Murray George, 86 Montague st
Stewart William & James, 24 West Princes st
Adamson John & Son, Chapel hill
Bell George, 9 Victoria st
Duncan Alexander, Dean Hood place
Duncan Daniel, 50 Ladeside st
Leckie W^ M. 25 Bridge st
M'Dougall Alexander, 33 Victoria st
Miller James, 2 Hillhouse road
Paterson John, 11 Bridge End st
Cruickshanks John, 23 High st
Cunningham Daniel, 102 Montague st
Meikle Archibald, 17 Store lane
Murray George, 86 Montague st
Sharp Matthew, 19 Montague st
Burness Koftert, 27 Higb st
Livingstone George, 14 CastlehiU st
(See also Grocers and Tea Stealers,)
Bannatyne Mary, Kamesburgh
Brown Marion, 6 Gallowgate st
Buchanan Malcolm, 13 Mill st
Campbell Margaret, 9 Montague st
Colville Thomas, 17 31ill st
Cunningham James, 77 High st
Faulds John, jun. 16 Watergate st
Ferguson Margaret, Kamesbm-gh
Gillies John. 1 Old vennel
Graham Mary, 3 Jlill st
Henderson Agues, 113 Montague st
Henry Mary, 89 High st
Jamieson Jane, 8 West Princes st
Kay Agnes, 49 High st
Loch Elizabeth, Kamesburgh
M'Alister Margaret & Martha, 66 High st
M'Ewen Isabella, 16 Gallowgate st
M'Intyre Alexander, 67 High st
M'Intyre Mary, ICamisburgh
M'lver Patrick, 65 High st
M'Leaii Janet, 3 Castle st
Marshall Margaret, 10 West Princes st
Melrose Eleanor, 15 New vennel
Mitchell Daviil, 11 New vennel
Moodie Catherine, Kamesbui'gh
Nullen John, 40 High st
Patience Christina, 12 Gallowgate st
Peters William, West Princes st
Primrose Alexander, 91 Montague st
Scullion William, 60 High st
Shaw Jane, 26 MUl st
Anderson James, 51 Gallowgate st
CS-ilclirist i^llan and monumental
sculptor ,102 Higli st
Kerr Neil, 11 East Princes st
N<apier John, 8 Mount pleasant
Smith Alexander, 2 Bishop terrace
Walker James, 8 Ai-gyle st
Hunter William, 6 Battery place
Maddever John C. m.d. 19 Battery place
Maddever John C. jun. 19 Battery place
Paterson John Dalglisb, l.b.c.p., l.k.c.s.
Glenburn House — See advertisement
Reid Daniel, 25 East Princes st

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