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historian, though born in Edinburgh, was from his infancy brought
up in this parish, wliich may therefore proudl3' claim him as its own;
the mansion is at present occupied by Lady Torphichen. Some
vestiges of ancient encilmpments are discernable in this district.
Population of Chirnside parish in 1871, 1,413, and of the village, 852.
Loss than a mile west of the village is the pretty rural hamlet of
Chiensidf, Bhidge, where a good bridge crosses the Whiteadder,
and over which also the railway is curried by means of another
bridge, a handsome structure of stune. Upon the banks of tho.
river a species of gypsum is found, and in other parts of ihe district
abundance of marl is obtained.
At Allanton, a delightful little rural village, in the parish of
Coldingham, one mile from Chirnside, and seven from Dunse, two
riv6rs~theBlackadder and the Whiteadder— unite, and a neat stone
bridge crosses ihe mingled streams. Blackadder House, the seatof
v^HIRNSIDE is a parish of 5,553 acres, lying in the eastern part
of tho :\Ierso, on the northern side of the Whiteadder, and extending
four miles in length by about three iu breadth. The village is 50
miles E. by s. from Edinburgh, 13^^ n.n.e. from Greenlaw, 9 n.w.
from Berwick, and 6 n. from Dunse. It consists of two streets, the
buildings of which are for the most part detached and straggling,
and extend nearly a mile iu length. The upper part of the village
is now greatly improved by the erection of several good stone
houses, the introduction of gas, and a supply of water brought from
about a mile distant. e
The places of worship are a church of the Establishment, a United
Presbyterian church, and a Reformed Presbyterian church. From
the hill on which the village is situated a line view of many miles of
fertile and well cultivated country, interspersed with many gentle-
men's seats, is obtained, the view to the south being bounded by
the Cheviot hills. The estate of Ninewells, the family seat of the
Humes, is in this neighbourhood, and David Hume, the celebrated ' Sir George Houston Boswall, is in the centre of the village.
POST OFFICE, CiiiENSiDE, Thomas Darling, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive at ten minutes before nine and ten
morning, and half-past four afternoon and four minutes before ten night; and are despatclicd at ten minutes past eight and five minutes
before nine morning, thirty-tive minutes past four afternoon, and four minutes before ten night. Letters arrive on Sundays from all parta
at t?hirty-five minutes past four afternoon, and four minutes before ten night; and are despatched at same times.
Money Order and Telegraph OJiee and Savings Bank.
.. Cowe Robert, Old Castle, Chirnside SPIRIT DEALERS & PUBLIC HOUSES.
Black- i Darling Alexander, Oxward, Chirnside
Dodds Robert, Blackadder bank, AUanton
Doughty James F. Eroadheugh, Chirnside
Elliott Robert, Mains, Chirnside
Flint Alexander,^Nethermains, Chii-nside
Forester jttobert, Stuartslaw, AUanton and
White mire
Gleudinning Sarah, Brown dyke, AUanton
Mack Peter, Chirnside Mill
Scott Peter, Westfield, Chirnside
Sheppard John, Ediugton, Chirnside
White Alexander, Causeway bank, Chirnside
Wilson George, Harelaw, Chirnside
Boswall Sir George Houston, Bart,
adder House, AllaDton
M'Lean Rev. Duncan, AUanton
Nasmyth Rev. Robert, Chirnside
Rutherford Rev. WUham Chirnside
Scott Mr. Peter, Chirnside cross
Shght Robert N. Esq. j.p. Chirnside bridge
Suttie James Grant, Esq. j.p. Maines House
Torphichen Lady — , Ninewells, Chirnside
Names without addresses are in Chirnside
Board School: —
AUanton— William Campbell, master
Chirnside— Alexander Lightbody, master
Female School, AUanton— Annie Muir,
mistress [mistress
Ninewells School, Chirnside— Miss— DaleJ
Anderton George
Gray William
Cochrane John &. Co.
Fortune George
Stevenson Mary
Taylor James
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Sub-
Branch), Chirnside— Jas. Greenfield, suh-
Q.QQni—See advertisement
Dippie Anthony
Henry John
Lugton George
M'Bain John
Young Peter, AUanton
Buglass William
Craig Samuel
Gntherie Archibald, AUanton
Heugh John
Mason Peter
Edgeley Benjamin
Jeffrey John & Sons
Cockburn James
Glen WiUiam, AUanton
Blackadder John, East Blanerne, Chirnside
Cousin James, Blackburn
Marked thus * are also Drapers.-
Amos John
*Brown AUce
Cockburn S. & Co. (& spirit merchants i
Crai^ Samuel
*DarUng Thomas
Dickson WUliam, AUanton
Edgeley John (and ironmonger and agent to
the Scottish Provincial Insurance Co.)
Faichney Joseph (di uewaagoat)
Ferguson John [AUanton
Grieve WiUiam (and wine, &c. merchant),
Hall George
Henry John
Knox" William
'^Patterson John, AUanton
Purves Alexander, AUanton
Scott EUzabeth
Steele M. & E.
GiUies John, Edington Mill
GilUes William, Ninewells Mill
Fish David (Red Lion), AUanton
Ford WiUiam (Red Lion Inn)
Peacock George (Waterloo Arms)
Doughty Helen
Johnston Alexander, AUanton
M'Vie Samuel, Chirnside
Stuart Charles, Chirnside
Brunton Alexander, AUanton
Ferguson John (& clothier)
Purves WiUiam
TurnbuU Adam
Eell James, cabinet maker
Blyth David, brazier & tinner
CampbeU WiUiam, inland revenue officer
Gibson James, saddler
Hunderson Robert, chemist
Lightbody Alexander, registrar of birlhs,
deaths and marriages
Mack Thomas, inspector of poor
Martin WiUiam, vpooUen manufacturer,
NineweUs MiU
Renton Thomas, brewer & maltster
Robinson Agnes, miUiner, AUanton
Watt Robert, contractor
Wilkinson John, corn merchant
Wilson WiUiam, general agent
Young John, nurseryman
Young John, glass & china dealer
Denham David
Steel George
Steel Peter
Trotter Young & Sou, Chirnside Bridge
Fortune Thomas, Chirnside
Hay Thomas
Johnston George
Established Church, Chii-nside — Rev,
Alexander F. Smart [M'Lean
Free Church, AUanton — Rev. Duncan
Free Church, Chirnside — Rev. Robert
Presbyterian (United) Church, Chirnside
— Rev. WiUiam Rutherford
; Gas Works— James Gibson, secretary
Waterworks Co. — John Wilkinson, sec
' Station, about one mile from the town—
' Thomas Robertson, station master
±S a parish of about 12,652 acres, on the sea coast, the viUage
being 35^j mUes e. from Edinburgh, 21 n. from Greenlaw, 14n. from
Dunse, 8 s.E. from Dunbar, and 21 n.w. from Berwick, situate on
the road between the two last named towns, and on the line of the
North British Railway. The shore is precipitous, presenting a line
of cliffs about one hundred feet above the level of the sea; behind
the cliffs the ground rises gently towards the hills', having many
deep glens, or ravines, whose sides are sometimes sloping and
covered w'th verdure, but the general appearance is rocicy, with
overliangiug woods. Over one of these ravines, cut by the torreii-
tuous course of the Pease-burn, is thrown " the Peaths."' or Pease-
bridpe, planned and erected by islr. Henderson, in 1786; it is one
hanui'tid and twenty-three feet from the bottom of the Pease-burn,
which flows beueath. three hundred feet in length, and fifteen in
width ; it is looked upon as a masterpiece of architecture. In
former dssys it was understood to be one of the highest bridges in
the world, and is, consequently, an object of pecuhar .attraction to
the curious visiting these parts. Nearly a quarter of a mile west
of the bridge are the remains of an ancient castle, distiuguisiied
by ;jo other appcUation than that of the " old tower." As this
parish is near the boundary of the two kingdoms, many traces of
camps are visible on the rising grounds, and indelible proofs of
military operations of former days arrest the eye in the passes.
The ruins of the cliureh of Auld llambus, formerly united with
this ijaridh, are stiU standing. A church of the Establishment, a
I'ree church, and a Secession chapel are the present places of
worship. There is also a very handsome school house. Population
of the parish iu 1871, 1,1S3.

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