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Short n.0.& Co. Tweed Oil Mffls, Tweed-
Young Blatthew, Palace st
(See aho Corn Mercltants and also Qardeners.)
Burns Peter, High st
Carr William G. & Son, High st
Carter Thomas & Sons, Cora Exchange
buildings, Sandgato
Clay John & Son, Eastern lane— See advert
Crosstnan &. Paulin (and agricultural
seeds). Bridge enA- See atiuerl
Dodds John, High st
Henderson George & Son, Sandgate
Logan David, Hide hill
Payu Henry (& florist). High st
Short H. O. & Co. Tweed Oil Mills
Steven Somerville, High gt
Strother Joseph F. Norhara
Watt John, High st
KedpatSi Samuel Xngles, Hlgrb st
Leo G. & Son, Tweedmouth
■Redpath John, Quay side
Scott WiUiam, Tweedmouth
Sinclair B. G. Ness st
Youug & Paxton, Sandgate
(See also Boat Builders.)
Oowan &.. B. &. Son, Quay
Crossman & Paulin, Bridge end— Sec advert
Gowan Arthur Byram & Son, Quay
Patterson John JI. D. Palace st
Sinclair Benjamin G. Ness st
Thompson Andrew, Bay view
Adamson Christiana. Castlegate
Aitchison Jane W. Tweedmouth
Atkinson Thomas, Castlegate
Barlow Elizabeth, Church at
Bell Mrs. — , Tweedmouth
Bingham John, High Greens
Boswell Ruth, Castlegate
Bowie Thomas, Walltergate lane
Briggs John, Korham
Broady Annie, Chapel st
Brown Jane, Church st
Bruce Ellen, Tweedmouth
Burn Ralph, Spittal
Carr William, Tweedmouth
Chishohu George, Scremerston
Clark WUliara, High st
Clegg Mary, Walker jate lane
Cleghorn Isabella, Castlegate
Couley WilUam, Chapel st
Craig James, Walkergate lane
Craik Margaret, Tweedmouth
Crewther Thomas, Spittal
Dalgliesh Ann, Castlegate
Davidson Eleanor & Mary, Spittal
Davidson Elizabeth, Church st
Davidson Margaret, Low Greens
Davison Mary Ann, Tweedmouth
Dawson Edward, Hatters lane
Dawson Isabella, Wool market
Dewar Robert, Wool market
Dods Barbara, High st
Doughty Robert, Tweedmouth
Douglas George, Spittal
Dryden Elizabeth, Tweedmouth
Dunn Eleanor, Chapel st
Englisli Eustace, Walkergate lane
Fellow Thomas, Chiurch st
Finlav Catherine, Chapel st
Fish Elizabeth, Church st
Fish Jane, Foulford st
Gibson Alexander, Chapel st
Gibson Margaret, Castlegate
Gladston Slargery, Church st
Gordon Ann, Walkergate lane
Harvey Robert Carr, Castlegato
Home Alexander, Spittal
Howe James, Chapel st
Jackson Ann, Tweedmouth
Jackson Catherine, Spittal
Jenkinson Tliomas, Walkergate lane
Johnston Isabella, High green
JohnBtOQ Margaret, Tweedmouth
Jones Agnes, Chapel et
Knox Eaohael, Castlegate
Laidler Isabella, Tweedmouth
Lambert Isabella, Tweedmouth [lane
MarshaU Margaret {& eating house). Western
Mitchell James, Tweedmouth
Ogle Jane, Tweedmouth
Ord George, Spittal
Ormiston Peter, Tweedmouth
Pratt John P. Tweedmouth
Prinvle Catherine Church st
Pringle Thomas, Tweedmouth
Purves John, Chapel st
Pnrves Thomas, Western lane
Purvis Margaret, Castlegate
Redfearn Mary, Eastern lane
Robson John, Western lane
Rollo Margaret, Castlegate
Rutherford Henry James, High st
Scott Margaret, Tweedmouth
Simpson Eleanor, Western lano
Sinclair Sarah, Spittal
Sinton Thomas, Tweedmouth
Skelly William, Church st
Skene Catherine, Tweedmouth
Slack Richard, Castlegate
Smeaton George, Tweedmouth
Smith Robert, Tweedmouth
Smith WiUiam, Castlegate
Speuce John, Tweedmotrth
Swan Robert, Norham
Tennant Mary, Tweedmouth
Thompson Ann, Tweedmouth
Thomson Christiana, Spittal
Towerson Robert, Tweedmouth
Trotter John, Spittal
Wait Ann, Tweedmouth
Watson William, Castlegate
Whillis William, Church st
White William, Tweedmouth
Wilson Mary, Walkergate lane
Young Elizabeth, Norham
(See also Walch d- Clock Makers.)
Cavorhill "W. C. &. Co. High st
Thompson Xhomas (and electro
plater), High st
See Plasterers (k Slaters.
Alder William, Hide hill
Border Brewery Co. Silver- st. & at Tweed-
mouth— Andi-ew Foulds, manager
Dewar Robert, Wool market
Elliot John, Hide hill
Graham Mark, Tweedmouth
Hall John, East Ord
Brown Colville, Quay walls
Cahill David Francis Sitwell, m.d. Parade
Davidson Thomas, Tweedmouth
Fluker George Carr, m.d. Sandgato
Eraser Thomas, Ravensdowne
Maclagan Philip W. Ravensdowne
Paxton John, Norham
Pearson George, Norham
Husband John, Parade
Stevenson James (and architect). Parade
Marked thus + are also Woollen Drapers.
Brigham •William (and clothier),
Brotherton John, Wallace green
Burn William, Norham
Campbell James, Church st
Carr John, Tweedmouth
Carr Thomas, Spittal
Chrisp Hugh, Tweedmouth
tCraik Robert, Hide hill
Dunlop John R. Eastern lane
Forsythe William, Ancroft
Gunn Alexander, Castlegate
Malcolm James, Norham
IPringle James, Silver st
Rao Andrew, Tweedmouth
Richardson George, Norham
Richardson;George i Sons, Head of Hide hill
Scott David, Church 3t
Scott James, Tweedmouth
Strother George, Castlegate
TurnbuU James, Wool market
Tn eedside Industrial Co-operative Society-
Christopher Tait, manager
Waldie David, Western lane
Weatherley James, Western lane
tYouug George & Co. Bridge st
Elliot John, Hide hill
Stoddart John, High st
Young & Son, High st
Douglas Robert (town clerli of Berwick and
clerk to Tweedmouth Burial Board),
Bridge st
Dunlop John (& nofaiT public and clerk to
Twizel & Cornbill School Boards, and
commissioner to take oaths in the Supreme
Court of Judicature), Quay walls
Gray James, Eastern lane
Sanderson Stephen (& clerk of the peace &
to the Harbour & Tweed Commissioners),
Quay walls
Weatherhead Robert B. (and notary and
coroner), Palace green
Weatherhead William (and clerk to Tweed
Commissioners), Palace green
Weddell J. C. & R.(Jamcs C. Weddell, notary,
perpetual commissioner, vestry clerk and
clerk to visiting justices, t* to the Burial
Board and Urban Sauitai:y Authority),
Palace st
Willoby Edward & William (Edward Willoby,
clerk to magistrates, board of guardians A
commissioners of taxes, & superintendent
registrar of births, deaths & marriages for
Berwick district), Ravensdowne
Black Thomas & Sons, Sea View Works,
Spittal, and at Ford Forge
Marked thus * are Monumental Sculptors.
Ainslie John. Norham
Briggs John. Norham
♦Gray & Son, Ravensdowne
Russell John, Palace st
Storer David, Spittal
•Weatherhead & Craik, Tweedmouth
■Wilson WiUiam, Tweedmouth
Voung John, Norham
Angel, James Thompson, Tweedmouth
Anglers' Cottage, Wm. Anderson, Castlegate
Bell, Hector Jackson, Spittal
Berwick Arms, Vi'iUiam Johnson, High st
Black Bull, Thomas Ingles, Norham
Black BuU, Mary Atkinson, Silver st
Black Swan, Robert Herriett, Castlegate
Blenheim, Agnes Wightman, Spittal
Blue Bell, George Smith, Spittal
Bo.ard, Thomas Alder, Tweedmouth
Boat, James Leighton, Tweedmouth
Brewers' Anns, John Donaldson, High st
Brown Bear, George Moor, Hide hill [st
Batchers' Arm3,Archibald Glendinning, High
Cannon, Andrew Purvis, Church st
Castle, William Wales, Castlegate
Coach & Horses, Mary M'Parlane, High Bt
Coble, Johnston Borthwick, Low greens
Cock & Lion, John Johnston, Bridge st
Commercial, John Swanney, Spittal
Commercial, Peter Ormiston, Tweedmouth
Coopers' Arms, Luke Stafford, Spittal
Corporation Arms, Robert Dayer, White-
adder bridge
Crown & Anchor, Mark Anderson, Church st
Fishers' Arms, Peter Crombie, Low greens
Fishers' Arms, Mrs. — Mnllin, Chapel st
Foundry Arms, Wm. Allison, Tweedmouth
Freemasons' Arms, Andrew Short, Chapel st
Freemasons' Arms, Henry WiUiam Calow,
High st
Free Trades, John Taylor, Castlegate
George, John Young, Church st
Golden Fleece, John Henderson, Church Bt
Golden Fleece, Isabella Smith, Spittal
Harp, John M'Keon, Chapel st
Harrow, James Wm. PaUister, Tweedmouth
Hen & Chickens, Eleanor Tinn, Sandgate
King's Arms, Wm. Dumblo, Tweedmouth
King's Head, Charles W. Child, Church st
Lamb, Catherihi! Pringle, Ancroft
London & BerwiSfe,Mrs. — Scott, Sandgato
Mariners' Home, Charles FeU, Spittal
Masons' Arms, Maria Rattray, Norham
Meadow House, Geoige Reuton, North road
Miners' Arms, William Bell, Sunnys-.de,
Neiv Inn, Jane Kuthertord, Scremerston

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