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inhabitants have the advantage of foui* libraries, namely two of
evangeJical subjects, a subscription library, and a juvenile collection.
A sheriff circuit court, for small debt cases, is held four timec a
year, in March, June, September, and December, on days fixed by
the sheriff. The market is held on Friday. There are four extra
markets during the year — the first Thursday of March, the third
Thui'sday of May, the second Thursday of July, and the second
Thursday of October. The parish, which embraces an area of 18,195
statute acres, contained in 1871 a population of 5,891, of this num-
ber 3,602 were returned for the town.
BoTRiPHNiE, a parish in Ban£fshire, and the seat of a presbytery,
is situated about four miles south of Keith town; it extends across
the whole county, from Aberdeenshire on the east, to Elginshire on
the west, having an average breadth of about three miles, and en-
closing an area of 9,459 statute acres; the soil for the most part is
arable, and generally speaking fertile. Population in 1871, 785.
Newmill is a village, in the parish of Keith, and one mile north
from that town. It has a United Presbyterian Mission House.
Population in 1871, 614.
BARBARA KEITH, Post Mistress.
Arrival of the 3Mails.
From the South and Noi-th at half-past ten morning, and a quarter- past two afternoon.
From Inverness and Banff at fifteen minutes past four afternoon.
Sespatcli of tlie Malls.
To Aberdeen, Dufftoifn, and the South at twenty-five minutes past eight morning.
To Fochabers, Elgin, Inverness, &c. at forty-five minutes past eleven morning.
To Aberdeen and the South at twenty minutes past twelve noon.
To Aberdeen and South, Elgin, Rothes, Craigellachie, and Speyside at twenty minutes past three afternoon.
To Fochabers, Elgin, Inverness, Aberdeen, and the South at ten night. %
On Sundays— To Inverness, and North and South, at twenty-five minutes past eight morning ; to Banff and Huntly at three
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Ofi&ce, Fife Keith, James Merson, Post Master.— Jjetteis arrive (from Keith) at eleven morning, and thirty-five minutes
past two afternoon ; and are despatched thereto at forty minutes past seven morning, and fifty minutes past two afternoon.
Post Office, EoTRiPHNiE, George Jaraieson, Post Master. — Letters arrive (from Keith) at thirty minutes past one afternoon, and
are despatched thereto at thirty minutes past sis evening.
Post Office, Newmill, Malcolm Grant, Post Master.—JjeiteTB an'ive (from Keith) at ten minutes past twelve noon, and are
despatched thereto at half-past two afternoon.
Allan Rev. James, m.a. The Manse, Keith
Annand Blr. Peter, Land st
Archibald Rev. John, m.a. Land st
Brown Mr. J. Geddes, Moss st
Burness George, Esq. of Tarnash
Clayton Mr. Joseph, Slid st [nie
Duff Major Gordon, Drumuir Castle, Botriph-
Duncan Mr. George L. Rosehall
Fraser Mr. John, Land st
George Mr. Alexander, Fife Keith
George Mr. James Taylor, m.d. Land st
George Mr. John, Fife Keith
Gillespie Rev. William, Free Church Manse
Grant Rev. Robert, Botriphnie
Green Charles, Esq. j.p. Land st
Grigor Rev. Walter, Forgie Side
Kelman Mr. Charles, The Square
Kelman George, Esq. j.p. Moss st
Kynoch George, Esq. Mid st
Kynoch George, jun. Esq. Isla bank, Keith
Longmore William, Esq. j.p. Moss st
Macfarlane Rev. William, Keith
Masson Rev.Wm. The Manse, Botriphnie
Moffat Rev. Hugh Eethum, Mid st [Mid st
Nibbs Major Samuel Honry, Trigger Cottage,
Shand R. S. K. Esq. Mona Cottage, Keith
Sim Miss — , Mid st
Stewart Andrew. Esq. of Auchlunkart
Stewart Malcolm, Esq. j.p. Fife Keith
Thom Mrs. — , Chapel st
Thurburn Alexander, Esq. j.p. Moss st
Tochettie Rev. Charles, Cuthel st
Turner Mr. Robert, m.d. Land st
Turner Mr. Robert, jun. m.d. Land st
Watson Mrs. — , Land et
Panton the Misses — (day and boarding).
The Square
Public Schools: —
Auchanachie — Jane Grant, mistress
Botriphnie — James R. Hunter, master
Botriphnie (female) — Margt. Grant, mistress
Cross st.( infants') — RobinaWhitelaw,mistrs
Fife Keith (infants') — Isabella Sutor,mistrs
Glen of Newmill — John Urquhart, master
Keith— Charles Macgregor, master; Jane
Taylor, mistress
Keith — James Grant, master ; Geo. Allan,
assistant master
Newmill — John Banks, master
Tarry croy— James D. Morgan, master
Roman Catholic School, Keith— Sisters of
Mercy, teachers
Auchinachie & Simpson(for Walter A.Wood's
agricultural reapers, London), Mid st
Bryson W. G. (for Seafield estates), Mid st
Ledingham Andrew fgoods agent for the
Great North of Scotland Railway Co.),Keith
Maver William (general), Keith station
Robb J. & W. & Co. (for Singer's Manufac-
turing Co.), Blid st
Stewart Malcolm ^for the Upper District of
Fife estates), Fife Keith
Wordie dc Co. (goods agents for the Highland
Railway Co.), Keith
Kelty William, Mid st
M'Conachie Helen, The Square
M'Pherson William, Mid st
Muuro Ann, Mid st
Stuart William, Fife Keith
Taylor William, Mid st
See Wrights.
Addison Alexander, Moss st
Carmichael James, Moss st
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Conn Alexander, Fife Keith
^- ' " - — '-^^ I Cruickshank George (& horse), Moss st
BANKS. ' Cruickshank J. Mid st
Aberdeen Town & County Bank (Branch), j Davidson Alexander, Land st
Moss st— draws on parent establishment, i Fraser William, Moss st
Aberdeen, and the Joint Stock Bank, Lon- Gray James, Mid st
don— Wra. & Alexander Thurburn, agents Laing James, Mid st
North of Scotland Banking Co. (Branch), I Laing Patrick, Mid st
Moss st — draws on the parent establish- Laing William, Mid st
ment, Aberdeen, and on Barclay, Bevan & Laing William, jun. Mid st
Co. and Union Bank, London — Wm. Long- 1 M'Connacliie John & Patrick, Mid st
more, agent; Fife Keith (Branch)— Harvey M'Connachie William, Laud st
H. Smith, agent
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), Land
st — draws on the parent establishment,
Aberdeen, and Glj-n, Mills & Co. London-
Charles Green, agent
Auchinachie & Simpson (and agricultural
implement makers), Mid st
Burgess Alexander, Blackhill, Botriphnie
Catauach James, Botriphnie
M'Connachie Alexander, Union st
MPhcrson & Bagrie, Moss st
Milne John, Fife Keith
Newlands George, Moss st
Sellar John, Tenantown, Botriphnie
Sbaud John, Newmill
Brown Alexander, Keith Railway station
Fraser John, Fife Keith
Middleton Charles, Mid st
Mitchell John (and letterpress printer), Mid st
Allan John, Newmill
Cormach James, Newmill
Carrie William, Mid st
Duncan G. & Co. BJid st
Duncan Hugh. Mid st
Duncan John, Botriphnie
Grant Allan, Mid st
Innes Charles G. Mid st
Innes David, Botriphnie
Lawrence James, Mid st
M'Conachie Robert, Fife Keith
M'Kenzie Alexander, Newmill
M'Pherson John, Fife Keith
Mann Alexander, Mid st
Robb J. & J. Fife Keith
Ruxton J. Gross st
Sellar Alexander, Mid st
Sellar John, Land st
Sellar WMlliam, The Square
Stephen James, Mid st
Edwards James, Fife Keith
Hendry Robert, Moss st
Pirie William. Fife Keith
Thomson Charles, Fife Keith
M'Hattio William, Moss st
Mackay James, Cross st
Mavor WilHam, Moss st
Mortimer James, Cross st
Rhind Gordon, Mid st
Stewart James (& horse), Moss st
Sutherland Charles, Moss st
Taylor Thomas, Mid st
Hendry & Mundell, Land st
Middleton A. Old Keith, & Aberdeen
Beverley George, Mid st
Fraser John, Fife Keith
Garrow William, Mid st
Munro William, Mid st
Shearer Adam, Mid st
Fraser John, Moss st
Maver William, Keith station
Muir Thomas, Keith station
Ogilvie James (agent), Keith station
Cristie George, Mid st
M'Robie Alexander, Land st
Longmore William & Co. fliilton Distillery;
office. Moss st
Adam William, Howdi'oup
Barclay James, Easter Coii'ie
Burgess Alexander, The Haugh
Burgess John, Cachenhead
Cameron William (reps, of), Turfhillock
Christie Alexander, Tochars
Cheyne Charles, Drummuir
Cruickshank James, Strj-peside
Cruickshank James, Tenrood
Dawn James, Glackmuck *
Dey James, Forkins
Duncan Robert, Drumgrain
Duncan Wm. (reps, of). Mains of Bellyhach

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