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Corrigan John, umbrella maker, 22 Foro st
Oosgrove Bliohael, coopor, Vi Nelson sfc
OoBgrove Patrick, cooper, 9 Strand st [clerks
Council Cbaaiboi-8, Kins at- Alexander & James Hamilton, town
County Fire Insurance Co.— Goorgo Harr, agent, 90 Portland st—
See advertisement
County Police Ollico, St. Andrew at
County Pi-ison, Bank st— .Uexandcr Goddes, governor
Cowan George, spirit dealer, 9 Dunlop st
Cowan George, farmer, Kilmnurs ., „r i
Cowan Jobn, plant sup rinteudeut of Glasgow & South-Western
Railway, Spring Vale House, North Hamilton st
Cowan John, draughtsman, Victoria Cottage. Hill st
Craig & Auld, cabinet makers, 8J King st. ajd aiiUlano
Craig Alexander, victualler, 1 Low Glencairu st
Craig David, designer, Bank place
Craig Hugh, farmer, Kilmaurs
Craig Hugh farmer, Raitbburn, Fenwick
Oraig J.&M. manufacturers uf lire bricks, pavingtiles.vitrifled pipes,
cattle troughs, chimney cans, flower vases, and uther fire clay
HEAD Colliery— .So« O'lvFiitisejnciit
Craig James, farmer, Darahead, Fenwick
Craig James, Are clay manufacturer (J. & M. Craig), Deanmont,
Loudon road
Craig James, hatter. 2 Portland st; house. 12 North Hamilton st
Craig James, farmer, Howcoramon, Eiccarton
Craig John, tailor. 1 Grange st [tlill st
Craig John, cabinet maker (John Craig A Son), Green Bank House,
Craig John, jun. cabinet maker (John Craig & Son), Dean et
Craig John & Son, cabinet makers, Portland st
Craig Thomas, farmer, Outbaiik
Craig William, baker, 25 High Glencairn st
Craig William, farmer, Pokelly Hall, Fenwick
Crawford Charles, victualler. Kelson st
Crawford John, victualler, Crookedholm
Creelman William & Co. Scutch bonnet manufacturers, Back st
Creelman William B. spirit dealer, Queen st
Crichton Elizabeth, spirit dealer, West George st
Crinpan William, umbv 11a maker, 6 Titchtield st
Crouks Adam, spirit dealer, 17 High Glencairn st
Crooks Adam & Son, skinners and wool merchanta, Welbeck st
Crooks & Dunlop. leather dressers. Waterside
Crooks Brothers & Co. tanners and curriers, Green st
Crooks John, tanner (Crooks Brothers & Co.), Flower bank
Crooks John, leather dresser (Crooks & Dunlop), 88 Titchfleld st
Crooks William, wool merchant (Ad.tm Crooks & Son), Welbeck
Crosby Thomas, master mariner, Burnpark Cottage, Henrietta st
Crown Life Insurance Co.— David Bain, Si) Portland st. and John
Wyllie, 1 Cheapside, agents
Curaming Robert, writer, and agent for the Royal Bank of Scotland,
the Scottish Union (fire) and the Scottish Amicable (life) Insur-
ance Companies, 32 & S4 Portland st
Cuningham Hugh, spirit dealer, 116 King st
Cunningham A. & Sons, cabinet makers, Duke st
Cunuingbam Catherine, confectioner, 64 Portland st
Cunningham David, victualler, 4 St. Marnock st
Cunningham Hugh, grocer, Riccarton [fit
Cunningham James, cabinet maker (A. Cunningham & Son), Regent
Cunningham James, bonnet manufacturer. High street; house,
Clark terrace
Cunningham John, confectioner, 17 St. Marnock st
Cunningham Robert, cabinet maker (A. Cunningham and Son),
Titchtield street
Cunninghame William C. S. coal master, Capringtou Collieries;
honse, C;iprington Castle
Curdie George, painter, 17 Kirktonliolm at
Curdio John, painter, Queen st; house, 37 Bentinck st
Curdie Robert, spirit dealer, S6 High st
Curdie Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Robertson place
Currie Charles, victualler, Hurlford
Currie James, farmer, Townhead of Gree, Fenwick
Currie John, grocer and spirit dealer and flesher. 10 Dean st
Currie John, veterinary surgeon, 54 St. Andrew st !
Currie ilatthew, farmer. East Broadmoss, Fenwick
Currie Robert, farmer, Cittle Gree, Fenwick
Currie Robert, baker, 59 King st
Currie Fiobert, farmer, Blair Craig, Fenwick
Currie Robert, farmer, Garroeb, Craigie
Currie William, bonnet manufacturer, 23 Highst; house, SO Boyd st
Cuthbert Alexander & Son, boot and shoe makers, 40 King st
Cnthbertson & Taylor, carpet manufacturers, 46 Bank st
Cuthbertson Isabella, victualler, 9 & 11 Dean st
Cnthbertson Robert, farmer, Topontbank [Head
Cuthbertson Thomas, manufacturer (Cuthbertson & Taylor), Craig
Cuthbertson Thomas, jun. manufacturer (Cuthbertgon & Taylor),
Myrtle Bank
DALE Archibald, farmer, Kilmanra
Dalziel Gavin, farmer, Kingswell, Fenwick
Dalzicl Samuel, manager. Corporation Gas WcrkSiWest Langlands
street; house, Park st
Dalziel Samuel, farmer, Darclibboch, Fenwick
Davidson Alexander, chemist. 58 Portland st; house, Henrietta st
Davidson Ann. < rown Hotel, Cheapside
Davidson James, machinist, Union st
Davie Robert, wool waste merchant, Ladeside; house, 29 Soulia st
Davis Brothers, tobacco pipe manufacturers, 78 Titchfleld st
Dick R. & J. boot and sho.- makers, 14}^ Bank st
Dickie Mrs. — , farmer, Kilmaurs
Dickie Alexander P. seedsman (Dickie, Fowlds & Co.), 20 South
Hamilton street
Sickle, P wlds & Co, seedsmen, 9 St. Marnock st
Dickie Hugh, b.a. rector, Kilmarnock Academy, 5 South Hamil-
ton street
Dickie James, seedsman (Dickie, Fowlds & Co.), Titchfleld Honse
Dickie James, postmaster, Clark tyiTaco
Dickie John, seedsman (Dickie, Fowlds & Co.), 77 Titchtield ai
Dickie Margaret, eating-h )U3ti keep^T, M Bank st
Dickio Robert, farmer. West Tenmicriogh, Fenwick
Dickie Robert & David, farmers, Tannahill
Dickio William, seedsman (Dickie, Fowlds & Co.), 2 St. Andrew st
Dickson Joseph, draper, 20 Robertson place
Dickson William H. professor of music, Bjilmoral ter. Henrietta et
Duig George, block builder, 20 High Glencairn st
Dimald James, iron merchant (Tms. Donald & Co.), London read
Donald James & Co. iron merchants, 14 Portland st. and West
George st
Donald Jessie, dressmaker, 38 Kirktonliolm st
Donald Thomas, farmer, Fardlehill, Kilmaurs
Donaldson John, grocer & spirit dealer. 93 & 94 Portland et
Douglas Alexander, blacksmith, Fenwick
Douglas Alexander, manufacturer (Douglas, Reyburn & Co.)»
Dundonald road
Douglas Boyce, blacksmith, Crosshouse
Douglas Huyh, blacksmith, Cross roads
Douglas Mungo, blacksmitb, Clayslap
I>ou^la^, laeyburn (k Co. wool spinners at><l Scotch
bonnet and tweed manufacturers, 19 SX^g-h st
Douglas Robert, spirit dealer & confectioner, 1 King st ; house,
Henrietta st
Douglas Robert & Son, slaters, 4 Low Glencairn st
DonglHS "m. raantfacturer (Douglas, Reyburn & Co.). London rd
Douglas William, grocer & cheese merchant, ' rosshouse
r>ow William, tinsmith, 88 King st; house. S Kirktouholm st
Drennan Wi liam, bookseller (M'Kie & Drennau), 3 Titchtield st
Drummond John, farmer, Camsiocan, Craigie
Drummond Robert, farmer, Higbtree, Craigie
Drummond Robert, farmer, Pocknave, Craigie
Drummond William, farmer, Fairwells, Craigie
Dutf William, clothier, 1 Bank st [factor
Duke of Portland's Estate Office, Brae head— Frederick J. Tui'ner,
Duncan Allan, spirit dealer, 98 Portland et
Duncan Mungo, victualler, 1 Dean st
Duncan William, spirit dealer, 34 Langlands st
Dunlop Alexander, clothier. Duke st
Dunlop & Eaglesham, Asliyard Colliery Offices, London road
Dunlop Andrew, farmer. High Gardrum, Feuwick
Dunlop David, reporter, 10 Witch roaU
Dunlop David, dentist, 1 Poi'tland road
Dunlop George, farmer, Warnockland, Fenwick
Dunlop George farmer. Midland, Fenwick
Dunlop Hugh, tailor, 38 King st
Dunlip Hugh, farmer, Grassmillside, Kilmaurs
Dunlop James, farmer, Highfield. Fenwick
Dunlop James, farmer, Raithhill, Fenwick
Dunlop James, farmer, Towuend of Gree, Fenwick
Ounlop John, bill poster, 14 Back st
Dunlop John, joiner, 42 St. Andrew st
Dunlop John, farmer & miller, Bringan
Dunlop John, jun. joiner, 28 Kirktonholm st
Dunlop Margaret, refr^sliment rooms, Railway station; houee,
Portland road
Dunlop Matthew, farmer, Cr.iigendunfon, Fenwick
Dunlop Patrick, auctioneer, Alton hill, Kilmaurs
Dunlop Robert, Star Inn, 8 Regent st
Dunlop Thomas, leather dresser (Crooks & Dunlop), St. Andrew Bt
Dunlop William, farmer, Haining House
Dunn Andrew, coal agent. 124 King st
Dunn Hugh Shaw, manager, Caprington Collieries, Earlston
Dunsmore Alexander, manufacturer (Ldughland, Roxburgh & Co.),
Dunsmore Thomas, slierifTs officer, 69 Portland at
Dykes David, civil & mining engineer, 81 Portland st
Dykea John, nursery & seedsman, 6 Dundonald road; houae, Wards
House, Dundonald raad
EAGLESHAM James, coal master (Dunlop & Eagleeham), Roao
bank, London road
Eaglesham Robert, farmer. Ramagoston, Craigie
Easton John, bank clerk, Green I ank. Hill st
Eaton Oliver, bird preserver, 14 Croft st
Eccles Catherine, victualler, 1 Soulis st
Edgar Sarah, victualler, 50 Fore at
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co. —Hugh Shaw, 60 King st; Joha
Stevenson, 1 Cheapside; and Andrew Cunningham, Market
lane, agents
Eglinton Iron Co. iron manufacturers & coal owners, Portland Iron
\^'ork3, Hurlford— William Weir, managing partner
Elder Falconar, plasterer, St. Marnock's place ; house, Waterside
Eu'.dish & Scottish Law (life) Insurance Co.— George Muir, 94 King
St. agent [st. agents
Equitable Life Insurance Co. (Neio rort;—Smith& Wallace, 11 King
Exchange Co. 5 Portland st — Thomas Waugb, secretary
FARQUHAR James, farmer, Maxholm, Riccarton
Faiquhar James, (Icsher, 103 Titchfleld st
Farquliiir William, vintnt r & veterinary surgeon, Riccarton
Fftulds John, tailor, Hurlford
Ferguson A. & J. Berlin wool & fancy repository, 111 King st
Ferguson Adam, grocer, 24 Duke st; house, Gowanlee Villa, Dun-
donald road
Ferguson Alexander, farmer, Borland
Ferguson Alexander, agent, Riccarton
Ferguson Alexander, boot &, shoe maker, 17 Portland at ; house, 21
Main st. Stewarton
Ferguson & Urqnhart, tweed manufacturers. Nursery Mills
Ferguson Daniel, schoolmaster, New Academj', Wellington st
Ferguson Fdv ard, tailor, Kilmaurs
Ferguson Hugh, victualler, 1 Soulis st [aid road
Ferguson James, cotton manufacturer (T. & J. Ferguson), Duudon-
Ferguson Jane, Berlin wool dealer (A. iSr J.Ferguson), 10 Dundonald rd
Ferguson John & Son, drapers & clothiers. 68 & 7u King st
' Ferguson T. & J. cotton manufacturers, Nursery MHU
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