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The Names of the NOBILITY, GENTRY and CLERGY ivimediatehj follow this List, forming a separate one in
Alphabetical order. For Ojjicials attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, <&c. see list at end of Classification of Trades.
ACCIDENTAL Insuranr^eCo. John Brown & Son, 87 King st. agents Armour Robert, victualler, 39 Titchfield st
Adam James, baker, 77 Portland st ; house, 1 Princes st Armour Robert, confectioner, 8 Titchfield at
Adiuns & Co. milliners, &c. 3-i King st : Armour Stuart, cooper, 71 Portland st ; house, Wallace grove
Adams James, milliner (Adams ot Co.), 40 Kirktonholm st i Armstrong Cli;irles, hatter (C. Armstrong & Sons), Thrush grove,
Adams Thomas, milliner (Adams & Co.), 6 Hill st j Dundouiild road
AguewPcobert, clothier, 24 Bank st; house, 28 Forest 'Armstronsr Ciiarlss &- Sons, batters, 2^8 Portland
Aird Alexander, confectioner & spirit dealer, 53 King st ; house, 6 '
South Haniiitnu st
Aird Annie, milliner, 80 PoH'and st
Aird Charles, tiiilor, 61 Hii,'h st
Aitken A. & J. drapers. 27 Portland st
Aitken A;^nes, milliner, John Fmnie st
Aitken Alexander, travelling draper, 20 Fo-nids st
Aitken Andrew, draper (A. & J. Aitken), Sunny Bank
Aitken Jane, dressmaker, S6 Portland st
Aitken John, draper (A. & J. Aitken), 23 North Hamilton st
Aitken William, farmer, little Raws
Alton Thomas, farmer. Grange
Alexander Alexander, flesher, Riccarton
A-lexandLT Brothei's, worsted spinners, Irvine Bank
Alexander Hugh, grsiin merchant, Princes st
Alexander Hu.^h & Sons, woul spinners, Waterside Mill, Fenwiclc
Alexauder Jjimiis, wool spinner (Hugh Alexander & Sous), Water-
side, Fcuwick
Alexander John, farmer, Burnhrao
Abxander Johu, fanner, High Arness, Fenwick
Alexander Robert, farmer, Airtnock, Fenwick [donald road
Alexander Stephen, worsted spinner (Alexander Brothers), Dun-
Alexander William, flesher, 45 Hi^,'h Gleucairn st
Alexander William & Sou, dyers, 20 Titchfield st
Allan James, draper, 35 King st ; house, 5 Park lane
Allan James, farmer, Whitsleehill, Fenwick
Allan Marion, victualler, 26 • igh st
Allan Robert, farmer, Hurst, Cl-aigie
Allan Williiim, temperance hotel, lilarket lane
Allan William, farmer, Hill of Burnweill, Craigie
Allison Rol)ert, boot maker, 20 St. Marnock st
Allison Robert, spirit dealer, 29 Bank st
Anderson AntU-ew, spirit dealer, Duke st; house, Garden hill , -■ , ,■ . ,„ , » ^, v , ^ *i tt -.* i.
Anderson Gavin, coal owner (Gilmours, Wood &. Anderson), Trem- Barclay James W. eugmeer (Barclays & Co^, 1 South Hamilton st
olesworth House ' Barclay John, engineer (Barclays &. Co.), River Bank House, Low
ilnd»TS'>n ^atnss, accountant, 1 St. r.SaE^nocU's pi; ' *^^^°*^^U"" .^*^ , ,-„ .,r g xt i ^ oo o^vti,^ ■> .^.^
" ■' - ' I Barclay WiUiam, draper (BaiUie & Barclay), 28 Portland road
St. &, 21 I£in^ st
Arthur BIrs.— , farmer, Glenleith, Fenwick
Arthur Jane, spirit dealer, 10 West George st
Assessed Taxes OQico, district of Cunninghame, Market la— James
Wilson, assessor
Athenasum, Corn Exchange buildings
Auld Adam, currier, Back st
Auld Hugh, victualler, 5 High Glencairn st
Auld John, cabinet luiiker ('Jrjiig & Auld), 80 King st
Auld John, builder, Woodstock st
'* Ayr Advertiser" Office, 20 Portland st— John Smith, agent
Ayrshii-e Friendly Sick Society,87 King st— J. Brown <&. Son,managera
BAILLIE & Barclay, drapers, 22 Duke st
BaiUie William, draper, 42 King st ; house, 46 St. Andrew st
Bain David, agent for the Bank of Scotland, the 0;iledonian (fire &
life), and the Crown (life) Insurance Companies, 39 Portland st
Bain George Y. draper (Cadzow & Co.). Dundonald road
Baird George, spirit dqaler, Riccarton
Baird John, iron merchant (James Donald & Co.), Burnside
Baird Johu, bonkecper, Henrietta st
Balderston William H. assessor of taxes, 49 Portland st; house, IS
South Hamilton st
Bank of Scotland, 33 Portland st— David Bain, agent
Baukhead Hugh, spirit dealer, 2 Union st
Baukhead Janet, dresssmaker, 71 King st
Barbour Hugh, flesher, Hurlford
Barclay Andi-ew, engineer (Andrew Barclay & Son), Grange Holm
House, Portland terrace
Barclay Andrew & Son, engineers, boiler makers & iron founders,
Caledonia Works, North Hamilton st
Bfirclay Isabella, baiter, 6 Waterloo st ; house, 23 Kirktonholm st
house, Carthg;ile
Anderson Joanna, victualler, 38 High st
Andtrsou Joseph, victualler, 39 High st
Andersiin Mrs. — , spirit dealer, Market lane
Anderson Nlnian, grocer. 7 Cheapside; house, Low Church lane
Anderson Thomas, farmer, Snodston, Craigie
Anderson Wiiliam, tailor & clothier, Crossboase
Andrew Alexander, joiner. East George st; house, 8 Hill st
Andrew John, miller, Gles'caikn Mill, Low Glencairn st
Andrew John, joiner, 8 W' st Langlands st
Andrew John H. miller, Riccarton Mill
Andrew Robert, miller, New ill
Andrews Allan, engineer (Allan Andrews & Co.), Woodstock at
Barclay William, spirit dealer, Market lane
! Barclays &. Co. engineers, &e. I^iver Sank Eng^ine
' "Worits — >S'6^'' of/v^'tisenici/t
' Barker Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, Riccarton
, Barr Allan, farmer, Beanscrolt, Fenwick
I Barr Archibald, baker. Ac. Hurlford
1 Barr James farmer, Monkland
Barr Robert, farmer. South Craig
■ Barr Robert, farmer, Craighall
Barr William, confectioner, 5 West Shaw st
i Barr William, farmer, March Bank, Fenwick
1 Bashford Charles, spirit dealer, John Finnic at; house, 11 Fowldsat
' Baxter William, suvgeon, Ci'ookedholm
Andrews Allan <k Co. engineers, Britannia Engine Works
Andrews D. R. & T. B. writers and j.p. procurators fiscal for the Bell Archibald, dyei% 89 King st
District of Kilmarnock & Stewarton, 38 Portland st [House Benson Thomas. Plough Ian, Fenwick
Andrews Thomas B. solicitor (D. R. & T. B. Andrews), Brae Head Bicket & Young, ironmongers,^ King st
Angus Robt, carver o;gildcr,WaLer Ian?; house, 16 North Hamilton st Bicket John, joiner (John Bicket & Sons), Henrietta st
Arbuckie John, baker, 75 King st ; house. Dundonald road Bicket John, ironmonger (Bicket & Young), 3:) liirktonholm :it
Aibncklo Matthew, grocer, Dako st; house, London road
Arbuckie Robert, house fa.^tor, 33 Clark st
Armour James, painter, vie. 107 Kin^ st ; house, 109 King st
Armour .lohn, currier, Myuford lano ; house, 2J Wellingtou st
Armour John, jun. painter, 95 Portland st
Armour Peter, bookbinder, 31 & 33 Bank st
Armour Kobert, printer, 82 King et; house, 21 Nelson et
■ Bicket John & James, I'avmers, Bruntland, Fenwick
Eicket John & Son. plumbers & gas engineers, 82 King st
Bicket Johu i: Snns. joiners. CoJle^o v-\ uA
Bicket Thoiras, gas engineer (John Eiekot & Son), Portland Hooflo
; Bickett David, farmer, West Clanfin, Ft-nwick
Bickett David, farmer, Raithmoor, Fenwick
Blackwood Archibald, glass and china dealer, KiccartoB

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