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The nearest Stallon is at Greenock, for
conveyance thiiieto, see below
To GLASGOW, &c. John M*Donald & John
Watson, from Argyll street, daily
To GLENDARUEL, &c. John Black, from
Manse Road
To ARDRISHAIG and intermediate places,
the lona, every morning at half past nine,
and the Inverary Castle at ten, three times
a week
To GLASGOW, calling at Kirn, Gourock,
Gi'eenock, & intermediate places, a Steamci-
almost eveiy houi* daily, fro m^ half -past sis
in the morning dui'ing the summer, & other
Steamers in the winter, three or four times
a day
To INVERARY, SLeamerfi daily during the
summer, iiud twice a week in winter, calling
at all intermediate places
To ROTHESAY, calling at Innellan and
intermediate places, a Steamer almost every
hour from nine in the morning during tha
summer, and in mnter, four times daily
from half-past nine morning until five in
the evening
jASDALE ia a village, partly situated on the island of that name,
and partly on the island of Sell, from which it is separated by a
narrow sound; and in the united parish of KiLEfiANDON and Kil-
chattan; it is 1(3 miles s.w. by s. of Oban, 30 n.n.w. of Lochgilp- i
head, 40 w. of Inverary, and 142 w. of Edinburgh. It is chiefly
remarkable for its slate quarries, whica are said to have been open
for tlu'ee centuries; they are the property of Earl Breadalbane, and
are wrought by the Easdale Slate Company, who altogetfler employ ;
about two hundred and fifty men, and produce about 15,000 tons of
slate annually, of a superior quality, wliich is exported to all parts of
Scotland and the north of England. Several of the quarries, which
are now above two hundred and fifty feet below the sea, are kept !
dry by pumping with steam engines. The geological formation of
the slate-rock here is similar, as to stratification and cleavage, to
the Welch rock ; and the island of Easdale, which is nearly a mile
in circumference, is entirely formed of this rock, except a few trap
dykes which here and there intersect it. There is a good quay for
shipping the slate, and safe anchorage in the sound, through which
the Glasgow steamboats pass almost daily to and from the north.
A new pier was erected in 1873, at which the steamers caU regularly. ^
Ai'dmaddy Castle, an ancient seat of the Breadalbane family, about
two miles east of Easdale, is situated iu a fine pleasant bay; the ,
grounds are well wooded and contain several pretty cascades ; to
the house a large portion has been recently added. A marble
quai"ry was wrought near the castle about a century ago. Lead ^
mines have been worked in the island of Luing ; and there are
several caves in Kilbride well worth visiting. In 1871 tho village
had a population of 504.
Belnahua, a small island to the north of Scarba, contains
several quarries of excellent blue slate, at present- wrought by
Messrs. J. & H. Shaw & Co. The number of men generally em-
ployed is about sixty. Population in 1871, 146.
Shuna is a small island lying ofi" the coast of Nethar Lorn, in Kil-
brandon parish, situated 14 miles s.s.w. of Oban. Fladda, Lding,
and Torsay are also small islands in the above pariah.
Melfort is a village, pleasantly situated at the head of Loch
Melfort, a mile ofl' the high road, and in the united parish of
Kilninver and Kilmelfort. It is about S miles s.e. of Easdale, and
15% of Oban. The manufacture of guupowder was carried on in
the village, eight mills Ijeing employed for that purpose, but on tha
property changing hands recently the powder works were closed.
There is a convenient xiuay for "the use of shix^ping. There is a
pubHc school in the village, under the charge of Kilniuvtr and
Kilmelfort School Board.
KiLNiNVEE, and Kilmelfort form a united parish in Lorn
district, lying on the west coast to the south of Kilraore. The
Kilmelfort part of the parish hes south of Kilninver. There are
pubhc schools at both the above places, and a church of the Estab-
lishment at Kilninver. Population in 1871, 759.
Post Office, Easdale, Ai-chibald Cowan, Post Mas ier.— Letters from all parts arrive (via Oban) at a quarter-past five evening,
and are despatched thereto at five minutes past seven night.
Money Ord&r and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Receiving: House, Kilninver, Alexander M'Dougall, Post Mas ier.— Letters from all parts arrive (via Oban) at a quarter-
past four afternoon, and are despatched thereto at ten minutes before nine night.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Oban.
PostReceivinff House, Kilmelfort, Donald Sinclaii-, Post Master.— JjettexB from all parts arrive (via Lochgilphead) at six
evening, and are despatched thereto at eight morning.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Oban.
Breadalbane the Hon. the Earl of, Armaddy
Campbell Rev, Colin, Kilninver Manae
Campbell Mrs. F. Melfort Cottage
Curtis J. Falconer, Esq. Kilninver
Gillies Hugh, Esq. (surgeon), Dunmore
House, Easdale
Glendinning Mr. John, Luing
Glendinning Mr. William, Luing
Graham Rev. Duncan, Fre6 Church Manse,
Hall Allan, Esq. Degniah
Kelly Thomas, Esq. Mansion 'House, Ardin-
M'DougaU Allan. Esq. of Ardincaple
M'Farland Mr. John, Barnacarry
M'Gillivray Rev. Donald, Free Church Manae,
M'Lauchlan Rev. Donald, Luing
M'LeUan Mr. Keith, Melfort
M'Neil Mrs. Agnes, Glenmore House, Kilmel-
Shaw Mr. John, Ciillipool
Willison John, Esq. Kilchattan, Luing
Whyte Mr. Angus, Easdale
Poelic Schools—
Easdale — Robert A. Stewart, master ; G.
K. M'Callum and Elizabeth Taylor, mis-
Kilmelfort — Donald Sinclair, master
Kilninver — Norman M'Leod master
Luing — Duncan M'Coll, master
Clark John, Kilbride
Livingston John, Luing
M*Corquodale John, Clachan j
Morrison John, Melfort
Cowan Archibald, Easdale
Cowan Duncan, Easdale
Graham Duncan, Melfort
M'lnnes John, Easdale
M'Dougall Donald, Obanseil
Sinclair John, Kilmelfort
M'Queen Donald, Easdale
Sinclair Duncan, Clachan Seil
Bell Donald, Torsay Island
Campbell Dugald, Finiglen
Campbell John, Bahicar
Campbell Peter, Rue
Carmichael John, Balvicar
Cowan Duncan, Innie
Cowan Hugh, Con-ylorn, Kilninver
Curtis J. Falconer, Kilninver
Gibson — , Island of Shuna
Gilchrist William, Kilbrandon
Gillies Alexander, Balvicar
Gillies Hugh, Duuinore
Glendinning J. & W. Baradrisheach
Hall — , Glenmore
HaU Allan, Degnish
Johnston Donald & Alexander, Kilbride
Lightbmu George, Barnafavchag
Livingston Duncan, Obauseil
Livingston James, Park, Luing
M' Arthur Robert, Yeate
M'Callum Dugald, Ardnahua
M'Calman Angus, Ardincaple
M'Farlane John, Barnacarry
M'Innes Duncan, Clachan
M'Innes Hector, Luing
M'Innes Joseph, Ballachuain
M'Intyre John, Lagganmore
M'Intyre Peter, La^ganbeg
M'Kenzie Dugald, Acha
M*Kenzie John, Knipoch
M'Lachlan Aixhibald, Camuslaich
M'Lachlan Donald. BaUachastle
M'Lachlan Hugli, Ardfad
M'Lean AUan & Neil, Luing
M*Leau Mm-doch, Belnahua
M'Niven Dugald, Kilninver
M'Phail Donald, Luing
Sinclair Duncan, Obanseil
Willison John & George, Kilchattan, Luing
Cowan Archibald, Easdale
Dempster Mary, Clachan
Graham — , Toberonchy
M'Culloch Charles, Easdale
M'Dougall Donald, Obanseil
M'Innes Hector, Cnllipool
Miller William (grocer), Melfort
Shaw John, jun. Belnahua
Cullipool Slate Co. near Easdale — John
Shaw, manager
Easdale Slate Company, Easdale— Aukus
Whyte, manager
Shaw John & Hugh & Co. Belnahua
Livingston Archibald, Easdale
May David, Easdale
, M'CoU Colin, Melfort
Munro Archibald, Melfort
Paterson Malcolm, Easdale
Gillies Alexander, Easdale
M'Fadyeu John, Cuillail Inn, Kilmelfort
M'Gfegor Mrs. — , Tighantrush
Johnson Peter.-meal miUer, Clachan Seil
M'Arthur Robert, inspector of poor for Kil-
brandon and Kilchatton, Yeate
M'Intyre Donald, flesher & baker, Eastlale
M'Millan Alexander, registrar
deaths, &c. Kilbrandon
of births,

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