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Abel Mrs. — , Donbank Cottage, Woodaide
Abercomby Miss Eachftel, 2 Queen's rd
Abernethy Misa Susan, Old Ferryliill House,
Adair-MoflFat Mra. F. 87 Crown st
Adam Miss — , 14 St. Mary's place
Adam Mrs. Alexandrina C. M. 12 Argyle pi
Adam Miss Ann, 59 Victoria st. West
Adam Mrs. Ann, 4 Prospect terrace
Adam iMrs. R. 100 Chapul st
Adams Mr. William, 128 Rosemount place
Adamson Mrs. ~, 4 Garden terrace
Adamson Mr, Alexander, 24 Ashley road,
Aitken Miss — , 13 View terrace
Aitken Mr. David, 11 Albert st
Alexander Miss — , Goo'seberry Bank, Bon-
Accord ten ace
Alexander Mrs. A. 36 Union row
Alexander Mrs. Helen, 8 Springbank ter
Alexander Mr. James, 4 AfBeck st
Alexander Mrs. Jessie, 37 Bon- Accord st
Alexander Mr. John, 7 King's crescent
Alexai^er Mr. Robert, 5 Milburn st
Alexander Major W. Gordon, 56 Castle st
Alington Captain Arthm* H. r.n. The Holt,
Deemount terrace
Allan Miss — , 37 Dee st
Allan Mrs. Cecilia B. Guparstone rd
Allan Mrs. Elizabeth, 26 Bark st
AHan Mr. James, 24 Summer lane [st
Allan Rev. John (of Totterton), 23 Frederick
Allan Mrs. May, 20 Kingsland place
Allan Rev. Robert, b.a. 11 Rotunda place
Anderson the Misses — , 3 St. Clement st
Anderson the Misses — (of Strichen), 4
Dee st
Anderson Mrs. — , 1 King st
Anderson Mrs. A, Rose Cottage, Gupar-
stone place
Anderson Mr. Alexander, 45 SchoolhiU
Anderson Rev. Alexander, a.m. Hillon House,
Anderson Sir Alexander, 16 Union terrace
Anderson Mrs. Barbara, 3 Rosemount ter
Anderson Mrs. Catherine, 3 Park place
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Springbank ter
Anderson Mrs. G. SG Bon-Accord st
Andejson Rev. George S. 10 Devanha ter
Anderson Mrs. Helen, 17 Osborne place '
Anderson Mrs. Jane, 18 Skene terrace
Anderson Mr. Joha, Balmoral Lodge, Bal-
moral terrace
Anderson Miss Sarah, 93 Bon-Accord st
. Anderson Mrs. W. 18 Henry st
Anderson Mr. William, 16 Jute st
Anderson Mr. William, SpringweU Cottage,
5 Holburn st
Andrews Mrs. Margaret, 59 Victoria st. West
Angus Mrs. Ann, 23 Bon-Accord st
Angus Mr. John, 7 Golden square
Annand Mrs. Christiana, 2 Thistle place,
Thistle st
Annesley Colonel S. F. C. 29 Albyn place
Arbuthnot Mr. Robert, 5 Garden place
Argo Mr. Alexander, 12 Watson st
Argo Mrs. Elizabeth, 2>ij Mary place
Ai'thur Rev. David, 7 Springbank terrace
AsherMrs. Helen, 6 Dee place
Bain Rev. Alexander, m.a. ll.d. Ferryhill
Bain Mrs. Isabella, 1 Summer st. Woodside
Bannatyne Rev. Alexander, 5 Rubislaw pi
Bannerman Mrs. Elizabeth, Garden House,
Skene st
Bannerman Mr. Patrick, AbbothaU Villa,
Barber Mrs Mary Ann, 25 Thistle st
Barclay Mrs. J. 7 South Charlotte st
Barker Mr. Alexander, 79 Chapel st
Barker Rev. Henry M, ll.d. Gymnasium,
Old Aberdeen
Barrett Mr, John Rowland, 56 Osbonie place
Baxter Rev. Daniel, 7 Victoria st. West
geareley Mr, Charles F. 74 Bon- Accord st
Beaton Mrs. James H. Lanka Cottage, Eel-
videre place
Beatt Rev. David, 47 Springbank terrace
Beattie Mrs. Ann, 12 Prospect terrace,
Bell Mrs. Florence, 24 Ferryhill place
BhU Rev. Henry W. 6 Albyn terrace
P>t'Il Mrs. J:me, IS Osborne place
Beuzia Mr. David, 10 Regent quay
Berry Mr. William W. 10 Trinity st
Best Henry Comptou, Esq. Gairnaquheen,
Middle Stocket rd
Best Mrs. Jane D. 13 Rubislaw terrace
Beverley Rev. Alex. d.d. 42 Bon-Accord st
Beverloy Mrs. Elizabeth, 83 Wales st
Binnie Rev. William, i^.D. 1 Fonthill rd
Bire Mr. Peter, 17 Richmond terrace
Birnie Mrs. Margaret, 30 Ferryhill place
Birnie Mrs. Sarah, 61 Don st. Old Aberdeen
Birss Mr. Alexander, Burnside Cottage,
Birss Mr. James, 23 Ferryhill place
Bisset Mrs. James, 91 Richmond terrace
Bisset Mr. William, 4 Ashley place
Black Miss — , 77 College st
Black Mr. George, Ruthrieston House,
Bridge of Dee
Black Mr. James, 29 Mount st
Black Mrs. — , 77 College st
Black Miss — , S3 Constitution st
Black Mr. James, 3 Wellington place
Black Mrs. — , 43 Whitehouse st
Black Professor John, 11 College bounds.
Old Aberdeen
Black Mr. John, 18 Bon-Accord terrace
Black Mil. William, 10 Victoria st. West
Blackett Mrs. — , 29 Bon-Accord terrace
Blackball Mrs. — , 97 Chapel st
Blackie Mrs. W. 59 Charles st
Blailde Mrs. Isabella, 243a Union st
Bolton Colonel W. T. o.m.g. 31 King st
Bounyman the Misses — , 24 Graigie st
Booth Mrs. — , 5 Black's buildings
Booth Mr. Alexander, 37 Victoria st. West
Booth Mrs. Jane, 2 Castle hill
Booth Mr. William, 148 Union st
Both well Miss Margaret, Greenbank, 70 North
Broad ford
Braud Mrs. — , 10 Marywell st
Brand Mrs. Harriet, 7 Dee place
Brauder Mr. Robert, Ashley place
Bray Rev. Thomas W. b.a. 43 Belvidere pi
Brazier Professor James S. 17 Bon-Accord sq
Brebner Mrs. — , 54 East North st
Brebner Mrs. J. 6 Albyn place
Brebner Mr. James, 67 Bon-Accord st
Brebner Rev. William, m.a. 14 St. Mary's pi
Brechin Mr. William, S8 Springbank terrace
Bremner Mrs. — , 227 King st
Bremner Mr. William, 2 Balmoral terrace,
Holbuin st
Brett Mr. Henry, 32 Bon-Accord terrace
Brodie Miss J. 137 Union st
Brotchie Mr. John, S.Schoolhill
Brown Miss — , 1 Grown place
Brown Mrs. — , 34 George st
Brown Mr. Alexander, 93 Grown st
Brown Mr. Alexander, 2 Watson st
Brown Mrs. Catherine, 1 Bon-Aocord sq
Brown Mrs. Catherine, 31 Bou-Accord ter
Brown Rev. David, d.d. 104 Crown st
Brown Mr. David Dyce, m.a. m.d. 22 Union pi
Brojvn Mrs. G. G. 31 Bon-Accord terrace
Brown Mr. James, 24 Caledonian place
Brown Mrs. Margaret, 49 Don st. Old Aber-
Brown Rev. Thomas, 6 King's crescent
Brown Rev. William, Albert Cottage, Prince
Arthur st
Browning Mrs. Isabella, 38 Skene terrace
Bruce Miss — ' 26 Grown lane
Bruce Mr. Aexander, 69 Huteheon st
Bruce Mrs. D. 37 High st. Old Aberdeen
Bruce Miss Isabella, 71 Bon-Accord at
Bruce Mr. Mearns, 19 Ferryhill place
Buchan Mr. Charles, 7 Friendship terrace
Bnchan Mrs. Margaret, Hermitage Cottpg*
Old Aberdeen
Buchan Miss Nicolee (of AuchmamacoyJ, 16
Cbanonry, Old Aberdeen
Bulloch Mr. John, 28 Kintore place
Burnett Mr. Charles John, 8 Chanonry, Old
Burnett Mrs. Harriet, Ruby Cottage, North
Silver st
Burwell Mr. Elijah, 88 Victoria st. West, &
Fuchsia Cottage, Ballater
Cadenhead Col. James, Maryville, Stocket
Cadenhead Mr. Peter, 7 Caledonian place
Caie Miss Ann, 20 Kingsland place
Caird Mr. John H. 35 Victoria st. West
Calder Mr. Charles, Ashley place
Calder Mr. George, 172 Crown st
Cameron Mrs. Agnes, 22 Constitution st
Cameron Miss Margaret, 139 Grown st
Cameron Mr. William H. r.n. (of Mooraeld),
Campbell Mrs. — , Albert grove, KenOeld
Campbell Mrs. Barbara, 3 Windsor place,
Thistle lane
Campbell Mrs. Jessie, Chanonry,01d Aberdeen
Campbell Mrs. Neil, 10 Chanonry, Old Aber-
Cant Major David, Albury rd. Ferryhill
Cargill Mrs. Margaret, 12 Clarence st
Carr Mrs. Elizabeth, 43 Victoria st. West
Carr Mrs. Janet, 14 Victoria st. West
Carter the Misses — , 54 Dee st
Carter Miss Helen, 4 Milburn st
Carter Mr. James, 182 Cannon st
CassieMr. William, 100 Crown st
Castella Mrs. WiUiamena, 02 Dee st
Cattanach Mr. Daniel G. 12 Bon-Accord sq
Cattanach Mrs. Jane, 31 North Albert st
Catio Miss Isabella. 8 Springbank terrace
Catto Mr. James, 132 Crown st
Catto Mr. Johu, Cattofield
Catto Mrs. Magdalena, 8 -Uford place
Catto Miss Mary, 29 North Albert st
Chadwick Mr. Edmund, 11 Henry st
Chain Rev Patrick, 69 Dee st
Chalmers Miss — , St. Swithin et
Chalmers Mrs. — , 110 High st. Old Aberdeen
Chalmert Mrs. Ann M. 37 Albyn place [rd
Chalmers Mr. James, Westbuim, Low Stocket
Chalmers Mrs. Jane, 3 Garden terrace
Chalmers Mr. John G. 9 Queen's teiTuce
Chalmers Mrs. Mary, 9 Osborne place
Chalmers Mr. William, 35 Victoria st. West
Chambers Rev. Clarence, 4 Cherrybank Cot-
tage, Hardgate
Chapman Mrs. Isabella, 7 Watson st
Cheyne Mrs. — , 18 Marywell st
Cheyne Rev. Patrick, 69 Dee at
Childs Nev. H. H. m.a. 3 South Crown st
Chisholm Rev. Donald, Chapel House,
Huntly st
Chisholm Miss Eliza, 77 Bon-Accord st
Chisholm Mrs, G. A. Rubislaw Villa, Rubislaw
Chisholm Mrs. Isabella, 1 Springbank place
ChivasMrs. Christina, 89 Crown st
Christie Mrs. — ,74 Garden place
Chrystal Mr. Wilham,S2 Rosemount place
Clark Miss — , 14 Springbank terrace
Clark Mrs. — , 74 Skene square
Clark Mrs. Margaret. 5 Crimen place
Clark Mr. George, 6 Jute st
Clark James, Louisville, Ashley terrace
Clark Mrs. Sarah, 23 Albert terrace
Clark Mrs. Sarah H. 27 Albyn place
Clerihew Mrs. Ann, 5 Union place
Clews Mrs, — , 58 Garden place
Cobban Mrs. Isabella, 72 Dee st
Cochran Mrs. Elizabeth S. 3 Albert at
Coleman Mr. Thomas, 81 Wales st
Collie Jlrs. Ann, 54 Holburn st
Collie Mr. David, 89 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Collie Mr. James, 33 Springbank terraco
Collie Mrs. Jessie, 4 Mitchell place
Collie His. Margaret, 21 Union pla

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