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Object in all directions, aud its lofty and elegant spire is a land- , Fife on the north, and on the south the fine vale of the Esk to the
mark in the navigation of the Firth of Forth. In the church-yard , Pentland Hills. This village, which chiefly consists of elegant and
are the remains of many uaval and military heroes, and here also ; substantial mansions and villas with charming gardens, was repre-
is the grave of David Macbeth Moir, the celebrated poet "Delta," to
whose memory a handsome monument is erected at the top of
High-street. Blusaelbui-gh has long been distinguished for its
schools — among which the most conspicuous is the Burgh Grammar
School; there is an English burgh school in Musselburgh, and
another in Fisherrow ; these schools are now under the control of
the School Board. There are two or three private academies of high
reputation. The spacious common known as the "Links," exten-
ding east from the town along the shore from the Esk on the west,
has long been in deserved repute as golfing ground, and a silver
cup is contested for annually by the members of a club established
in 1570. These downs are also the resort, for one day in the year of
the "Royal Company of Archers ;" since 1817 the Edinburgh horse-
races have been run here in the autumn, and the races of the Cal-
edonian Hunt occur every third year. Cromwell quartered his
infantry on Musselburgh Links in 1650, before the battle of Dunbar,
and his tent was fixed opposite the villa of Linkfield. No weekly,
monthly or annual markets are held in Musselburgh, and a corn
market was once attempted, which was unsuccessful. No fairs are
held, with the exception of an annual gathering on the second
Tuesday and Wednesday of August, which is solely the resort of
idlers and juveniles. According to the census returns for 1871 the
parliamentary burgh of Musselburgh contained a population of 7,513.
FibHF.RROw, which consists of four parallel streets, is connected
with Musselburgh by the stone and wooden bridges previously
noticed, and both are municipally, politically, and locally one town
or biu'gh, under the sole jurisdiction of the provost, magistrates,
and town council of Musselburgh. The small harbour is at the west
end of Fisherrc)w, and is under the control of commissioners. A
large snii has been expended in erecting and improving the piers,
but the harbour is tid:il, the access shallow, and never cau admit
vessels of any considerable tonnage. The custom-house, connected
with that of Leith, is near the harbour. A proportion of the in-
habitants of Fisherrow are fisliermen, and the produce of theii-
industry is conveyed to the Edinburgh market by their wives aud
daugJtters. These women are a peculiar class, distinguished from
the rest of the community by their tb-ess, habits, and manners, and
partake little in the general improvement. Population in 1871.
The parish of InveheskIs situated at the north-eastern extremity
of the county, and possesses a soil peculiarly adapted for agricul-
tural productions. The situation of Inveresk village is so pleasant
that it has been often designated " the Moutpeher of Scotland."
Delightful views are obtained of the Firth of Forth and the coast of
sented by two shepherds' huts when the battle of Pinkio was fought
in 1547. The principal Koman station iu this quarter was the hill
of Inveresk on the site of the parish church, and the Pratorium waa
in the adjoining grounds of Inveresk House. The old bridge,
already mentioned as built by Lady Seton, is in all probabihty on
the site of a Roman structure, as it is in a direct Une with the site
of the Praiovium. Pinkie House, with the exception of the tower,
which is of the reign of James III. or James IV. is at the east end
of the High street of Musselburgh, amid fine pleasure grounds and
stately old trees. This edifice, which is on the property of the abbnts
of Dunfermline, was erected by Alexander Seton, first Earl of Dun-
fermline, a brother of the first Earl of Winton, and consists of two
sides of an unfinished quadrangle. The mansion is admired as a
fine specimen of the Scottish manor of the reign of James VI. The
battlefield of Pinkio, in 1547, most disastrous to the Scottish army,
is chiefly within the enclosures of Pinkie House. Overlooking
Pinkie, upwards of a mile inland, is Carberryhill, celebrated for the
surrender of Queen Blary to the confederated nobility in 1567, and
where she finally parted with Bothwell. Near, is the fine mansion
of Carberry House. Numerous villas adorn the vicinity of Mussel-
burgh. New Hallos, a fine mansion, half a mile south-west from
Fisiierrow, was the seat of Sir David Dalrymplo, Bart., Lord Hailes,
distinguished as the great restorer of Scottish history and antiqui-
ties. He died in this mansion, in which his valuable library is care-
fully preserved. In this parish are found limestone, freestone, and
coal, the latter particularly in abundance. The entire parish of
Inveresk embraces an area of 5,155 acres, and in 1871 had a popula-
tion of 10,071.
Monkton-Hall, a small village in the parish of Inveresk, is of
some little note in the annals of Scottish warfare, as on the eve of
the battle of Pinlue the army lay around this village ; and here a
sort of Parliament was held by Governor Arran,at which an act
was passed providing that the nearest heir of any churchman who
should fall in the ensuing battle should have the gift of his benefice.
Brunstane, or £r»(»t3(o«e JLTiZ/s, is a hamlet situated on the road
from Musselburgh to Edinburgh, distant from the latter about four
miles. Brunstane CasUo,()r House, which stands on high ground
to the west, was formerly the patrimonialresidence of the family of
Creichton, who took an active share in the Reformation. In Brun-
stane and Ormiston Castles John Knoxand other Reformers always
found a welcome and a shelter. At a later period of Scottish
history, Brunstane was occupied by a very different person —
namely, John, Duke of Lauderdale; it is now tenanted by a private
POST OF£*ZCJEi, Musselburgh, John Leitch, Post Master.— Letters from Edinburgh arrive at seven and ft quarter to nine
morning, two afternoon, and seven evening, and are despatched at ten morning, twenty minutes past twelve noon, four afternoon, and
five minutes past seven evening, and half-past nine night.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
M'KinlayMr. Alex 31 Bridge St _ [hall
*** The initial letter F. signifies Fisherow.
Adamson Captain Alexander, Aiacan Cot-
tage, Esk green
Audie Mrs. Margaret, 75 Market St, F
Aird Mrs. — , 1 Smeaton grove, Inveresk
Aitchiaon Rev. David, 8 Grove st
Aitchison Colonel William, Drummore
Aitkenhead Mrs. Jane, Lily Bank Cottage,
Alexander Rev. Wm. d.d. Pinkieburn House
Anderson Mr. James, Olive Cottage
Anderson Mr. Matthew S. Sunnyside House,
Barlas Rev. George, 11 Bridge st
Eeveridge Rev. John Graham, The Manse,
Black Mr. Alexander D. M. Campie House
Boak Mrs. Margaret, Jessie's Villa, F
Borders Mr. Walter, Tusculum House, F
Borthwick Mrs. — , Lochend House
Bourhill Mr. Wm, Twin Villas, 69 High st, F
Eridgeford Mrs. — , 121 Newbigging
Bridges Mrs. Jane, Bellfield House
Brookie Mr. James, Lochend House
Brodie Miss — , 15 Eskside
Brown Mrs. Joanna, Hope place
Brown Mr. Marcus J. West Lewisvale
Brown Mr, William, East Lewisvale
Caird Mr. Andrew, New st, F
Carse Mrs. — , 15 Bridge st
Carse Mr. Thomas, 15 Bridge st
Charles Mr. William, 4 Grove st
Clark Mrs. Marion, 134 High st, Fisherrow
Colt Mrs. Jane, Inveresk House
Cowan Mrs. Ann, 165 High st
Cowan Mr.R.D. Campie Lane House, Mill hill
Crichton Mrs. — Kilmsdan Cottage, F
Crichton Mr. William Marshall, AUieford
Cottage, LevenhaU
Currie Mr. James, BuccleuchPark,Levenhall
Darling Mr. James, Monkton Cottage
Davidson Mrs. — , 2 Esk green
Da\'idson Mrs. — , Eden Cottage, Market st, F
Dickson the Misses, 5 Linkfield
Doleman Mr. William, 9 High st
Donaldson Mr.Jas.Kildonan Cottage,MilI hill
Donaldson Mrs. Margaret, Mill hill
Dudgeon Mr. John, Rosehall
Dudgeon Mrs. — , West Bush House, F
Dudgeon Mr. Robt, Trinity House, High st, F
Dudgeon Mr. Wilham A. VVest Bush House, F
Dun Miss Agnes, Buccleuch park
Duncan Rev. William, Eskside
Fjdwards Jas. Forrest, Esq. 22 Bridge st '
Elphinstono Lord William Fullerton, Car-
berry House [verosk
Ferguson Mrs. J. A. D. Catherine Lodge, In-
Ferguson Mr. James, 86 Wonder st
Ferrie Mr. George, Dalrymple loan
Fimister Mrs. Catherine, 4 Linkfield
Foote Mr. Edward J. Eskmill ViUa .
Forrester Mrs. — , 50 Iii%h st
Gay Mr. John, 49 High st, Fisherrow
Gillon Mrs. 14 High st
Gourlay Mrs. Eliza, Golf House
Gray Mr. William, Newbigging LodgeB
Gray Mr. William A. Newhigging Lodge
Handasvde Mrs. The Glen
Handasyde Mr.Thos.LothianVilla, LevenhaU
Harper Mr. Francis, Springfield
Hay Miss — . 23 Bridge st
Hay Mrs. — , Inveresk Lodge
Henderson Mrs. C. B. WaUvford Cottage
Henderson Mr. Wm.PeularCottagc.West pans
Henry Miss M. 2 Smeaton Grove, Inveresk
Hewitt Mr. Charles, West Rosehall, F
Home Mr. Alexander, Esk bank
Hope Sir Archibald, Bart. Pinkie House
Huie Mr. Hector M. Lochend Cottage, F
HumoMiss — , 115 High st, F
Hurst Mrs. Agnes, Market st
Jamieson Mr. James A. Linkfield House
Keith Rev. A. Primrose House,Dalrymp]c loan
Kemp Miss — , Buccleuch park, LevenhaU
Kemp Mr. John F. Parsonage, High st
King Mr. George, 26 High st, Fisherrow
Kirkwood Mrs. — , DahTmple loan
Laing Miss Beatrice, Cairnio House
Laing Mr. Walter, 6 Bridge st
Lang Miss Jane, 109 Newbigging
Laurie Mr. George, 38 Bridge st
Lawsou Mr. WiUiam, 10 High st
Lees Thomas, Esq. 41 Bridge st
Legat Mrs. — , 117 Newbigging
Legat Mr. John, Linkfield Cottage
RIacKinlay Mr. John,Preston Cottage, Leven-
M'Leish Miss Margaret, Bridgend
M'Murrich Mr. James, Spring gardens
ilacnaughton Mrs. Moray Cottage
Maddison Mr. Thomas, 1 Bridge st
Meikle Mr. Archibald, The Hollies
Menzies Jlr. Alexander, 73 Market st
Millar Mrs. Marion, Victoria Cottage, New-
JMillar Mrs. Mary, Spring bank
Millar Mr. Robert, 12 Bridge st
MiUer Mr. James, 16 Eskside
MiUer Mr. William, Fourth House, Links
Milne Admiral Sir Alexander, Milne Lodge,
MitcheU Mrs. G. C. 155 High st
:Mofl"at Mrs. Euphemia, Newbigging House
Moore Thomas H. Esq. Smeaton park
Morham Mr. Robert, son. West pans
Murray Mrs. — , Eskside Cottage
Murray Miss — , New st, Fisherrow
Newton Mr. James, LevenhaU
Nisbct Mrs. — , 16 High st
Officer Mr. WiUiam, St. Margaret's Cottage,
Oswald Lady Mary, Manor House, Inveresk
Park Mrs- Jane, Arbury House
Paterson Mr. Hugh, Oak Lodge, Inveresk
Paterson Mrs. LiUa3,78 High st
Paterson Mr. WiUiam, 23 High st
Pearson Mr. Meldrum A. 3 Hope place
Proctor Mr. James H. Greenhall
Purves Miss — , Lewisvale
Ramsay Mr. John, 39 Market st, Fisherrow
Reid Miss Clementine, Hallcross House, F
Reid Mr. Robert, Esk green
Riddock Mr. James Taylor, Eskside House
Ritchie Mr. James, Herkes loan, Fisherrow
Ritchie Mr. OHver, 103 High st, Fisherrow
, ^„ Roberts Mr. Charles, MiU hill Cottage
Legat Mr. John, Trafalgar Lodge, Linkfield Russell Mrs. Agnes, 67 Market st, Fisherrow
Legat the Misses — , HoUy Bush House, RusseU Mr. Jas. Grahame, Montague House,
Mill hill
Legat Robert, Esq. Esk Park House
Lindsay Mrs. — , Rosemount
Little Mr. John, Blucher Hall, LevenhaU
Littlejohn Mrs. — , South Bush House. F
Livingstone Mr. Edward, South Bush House,
Fisherrow [F
Li-vingstone Mr.Stuart M. South BushHonse,
Lothian the Misses — , 3 High st
Macdonald Mrs. — , Esk green
M'GUl Rev. Hen.M. Established Church Muse
M'Isaac Mrs. Margaret, Herkes loan
Mackenzie Mr. Murdoch, Musselburgh
Mill hiU
Sanderson Mr. Alexander M. 21 Bridge st
Sawers the Misses Margaret & Euphemia,
View hank, Buccleugh park
Scott Mrs. — , Hope park, LevenhaU
Seberich Mr. Bartholomew, Eosebani,
Shand The Hon. Lord, New Hailes
Shedden Mrs. Christina, 168 High st, F
Shield Mr. James A. Eliza Cottage. Eskside
Simpson Rev. Matthew, 20 Bridge st
Sinclair Mrs. Jessie, 4 Mill hill
Smith Mrs. — , Eliza Cottage

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