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Mackay George, brewer (Geo. Mackay & Co.), 4 Salisbury bank
Mackay George & Co. brewers, 9 St. Leonard's st
Mackay George & Co. oil mercliants, 31 Quality Bt, Leith; works,
Eskside, Mugselburgh
Mackay Hugh) soda water manufacturer, 507 Lawn market
Mackay Isabella, apartments, 26 Dundas st
Mackay J. coal merchant, 25b Bread st
Mackay J. M. photographer, 29 North Bruntsfield place
M'Kay James, t.aveUer, 40 Great King st
M'Kay James, spirit dealer, 73 Cockburn st
Mackay James O. watcb maker, Jeweller and
manufacturer of bair jewellery; repairs and
ordered work done on tbe premises by efficient
workmen, 3 Arcade, Princes street; house, 43 Mor-
rison st
Mackay James R. accountant (British Linen Company's Bank), 87
St. Andrew square
M'Kay James Thomas, stationer, 20 Elm place
M'Kay Jane, greengrocer, 28 Alva st
M'Kay Jean, spirit dealer, 21 & 23 Portland place, Leith
Mackay John, pharmaceutical chemist, &c. 119 George st
M'Kay John, traveller, 12 Gladstone terrace
Mackay John, clerk, 4 East Eyre place, Canonmilla
Mackay John, hairdresser, 3 St. Leonard st
Mackay John, linen draper, 34 Morrison at
Mackay John, butcher, 24 Morrison st
Mackay John, clerk, 6 Union st
Mackay John, clerk, 28 Hamilton place
Mackay John, wholesale druggist and commission agent, Canning
st, AthoU crescent
Mackay John S. teacher of mathematics, 86 Great King st
Mackay Margaret, dressmaker, 14 North Pitt st
Mackay IVIary, shopkeeper, 42 Shore, Leith
M*Kay Mrs. — , servants' register office, 3 York place
Mackay Misses — , dressmakers, 1 Lord Russell place
Mackay Neil, builder, 26 Morton st, Leith
Mackay Robert, landscape artist, 3 Great King st
Mackay Robt.W.S. (Hope, Mackay & Mann), 10 Shandwick place
Mackay Robert, flesher, 97 Broughton st; house, No. 76
Mackay Sutherland, brass finisher, 429 Lawn market
Mackay Thomas, bootmaker, 6 Northumberland place
M'Kay VV. & J. printers, 53 Shore, Leith
Mackay William, egg merchant, 53 Circus lane
Mackay William, bootmaker, 11 West Newington place
M'Kay William D. artist, 30 Picardy place
Mackay Wm. H. clothier { Mackav & Chisholm), 15 Montgomery st
Mackay Wm, veterinary surgeon (Rutherford & Mackay), 13 Bread st
Mackay William, teacher of music, 16 Montague st
Mackay William, cork cutter. 31 Blah- st
M'Kay Wilham, smith, 12 Bread st
M'Kean Alexandei-, bookseller, 3 Charles st
M'Koan Alexander, baker, 2 Charles st, & 2 Carnegie st
M'Kean Andrew, cashier, 10 St. Andrew square
M'Kean J. grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Scotland et
M'Kean James, teacher, 53 Dick place
M'Kean Robert, hairdresser, 41a South Clerk st
M'Kechnie Dugald, advocate, 3 Gloucester place [Nicolson st
M'Kechnie James & Sons, dyers and cleaners. Bells Mills and West
M*Keohnie Jane, refreshment rooms, I Greenside row
M'Kechnie Joseph S. bricklayer, Oakfield, 102 Pleasance
M'Kechnie William, decorator (Doig, M'Kechnie &Davies),44Howe st
Mackellar & Swan, builders, 4 Graham st, Bennington
M'KcIlar Archibald, bookseller, 637 Castle hill
Mackellar John, builder (Mackellar &. Swan), 3 Rosebank ter
M'Kelvie Archibald, shopkeeper, East cottages, Grauton
M'JCelvle James, cannel coal mercbant estab-
U«>bed 189:01, Haymarket; bouse, 1^ Osborne
th^vrace — See advertisemeiit
M'Kelvie John, shipmaster, 47 Prince Regent st, Leith
M'Kcndrick John Gray, m.d. 2 Chester st
M'K'.ima James, eating house, 167 High st
Macicenzie A. C. silk mercer, furrier, & draper, 1, 2 & 3 South bridge
M'Kcnzie Alexander, leaker, &c. 7 Caledonian terrace. Dairy road
M'Kenzie Alexander, clothier, 25 North bridge ; ho. 11 Oswald pi
Mackenzie Alexander (Bell, Rannie & Co.), 33 Melville at
Mackenzie Alexander, accountant & writer to the Privy Seal of
Scotland, 19 North- West Circus place
M'Kenzie Alexander C. teacher of music, 2 Darnaway at
Mackenzie Alexander K. manager Commercial Bank of Scotland,
19 Grosvenor crescent
Mackenzie & Black, W.S. 28 South Castle st
Mackenzie & Co. chemists, 11 Shandwick pi. A 45 Forrest road
M'Kenzie & Gunn, dressmakers, 2 Melville terrace
Mackenzie & Kermack, W.S. 9 Hill at
Mackenzie & Mackenzie, biscuit manufacturers and confectioners,
22 Earl Grey st
nsacl^enzie & XVXltcbell, general boase f^rniahers,
oarpet manufacturers, cabinet matters, upbol-
sterers, carvers and gilders, bouse and property
agrents, and removal contractors, 129 and 131
Princes street, and Z^ose Street lane ; cabinet
works, Dairy-
Mackenzie & Smith, C.A. 29a St. Andrew square
M'Kenzie, Brown & Co. corn merchants, 165 West port
Mackenzie Charles, bookbinder (Seton & Mackenzie), The Avenua,
GreenhiU gardens
Mackenzie Colin, W.S. (Mackenzie & Black), 95 Ainslie place
M'Kenzie Daniel, grocer, 11 St. Anthony plaie [bridge
Mackenzie David, surgical instrum^iut maker and cutler, 68 South
Mackenzie David, lithographic writer, 22 East Preston st
Mackenzie David, iroumonger, 10 Victoria st; ho. 22 Melville ter
M'Kenzie David, spirit dealer, 104 St. Leonard's st
Mackenzie Donald^ boot & shoe maker, 39 Morriaon st
M'Kenzie Donald, clerk. 36 Barony st
M'Kenzie Duncan, bootmaker, 28 Barony st
M'Kenzie Elizabeth, china, glass, &c. dealer, 8 Greenside place
M'Kenzie George, clerk, 1 Bowling Green st, Leith
M'Kenzie George, cabinet maker, Bellevue
M'Kenzie George, fishmonger, 26 Tobago st
Mackenzie, Innes & Logan, W.S. 23 Queen st
Mackenzie J. & R- fishmongers, 89 St. Andrew st, Leith
M'Kenzie James, joiner, 27 Howden st
M'Kenzie James, grocer, 25 Fox st, Leith
Mackenzie James, clerk, 5 Causewayside
M'Kenzie James, boot & shoe maker, 9 Lothian at
Mackenzie Janet, dairy, 8 Prospect st
Mackenzie John, tobacco pipe manufacturer, St.John'fl hill, Pleaeauofl
M'Kenzie John, cle-.k, 4 North Saint David st
M'Kenzie John, laundry, 22 Barony st
M'Kenzie John, merchant {M'Kenzie, Brown & Co.), 2 Grove ter
Mackenzie John, gardener & florist, ll Grange loan
flI'Kenzie John, currier & leather seller, 61 East Croescaueeway ;
house, 13 Brown st
M'Kenzie John, spirit dealer, 25 Broughton st
Mackenzie John, cabinet maker, &c. (Mackenzie dt Mitchell), 1
Hampton terrace
M'Kenzie John, bootmaker, 20 Caledonian terrace
M'Kenzie John, bookseller, 45 Lothian st
Mackenzie John Ord, W.S. (Mackenzie & Kermack), master extra-
ordinarj in Chancery and commissioner to administer oaths in
the Supreme Court of Judicatm-e, 9 Hill st ; house, 20 Ainslie place
Mackenzie John Whitford & John, W.S. 16 Royal circus
Mackenzie Kenneth, C.A. (Mackenzie & Smith), 29 St. Andrew
square ; house, 29 Northumberland st
Mackenzie V^. Berlin wool repository, 2 Ferry
road. Xie^tb
Mackenzie Mary, grocer A spirit dealer, 19 Annfleld, Leith
Mackenzie Melville, accountant, 27 East Claremont st
Mackenzie Miss — , dressmaker, 14 Nicolson squafe
Mackenzie Mrs. — , teacher of music, 8 Buccleuch place
M'Kenaie Robert, spirit dealer, 266 Canougate
M'Kenzie Captain Roderick, secretary Scottish Evangelistic Asflo-
ciation, Ac. 5 St. Aiidruw square ; house, 34 London st
Mackenzie Thomas, tobacconist, 4 Chapel st
Mackenzie Thomas, W.S. (Mackenzies & Fraser), 10 Heriot row
M'Kenzie W. working jeweller, 8 St. James's square [Mayfield st
Mackenzie William, tar distiller, I) Salamander st, Leith ; houde, 3
Mackenzie WiUiam, bookseller & publisher, 59 South bridge— Thos.
Wilson, agent
Mackenzie William, builder & ashphalter, Hope Park end House &
Salamander st, Leith
M'Kenzie William, jeweller, 8 St. James's square
Mackenzies & Fraser, W.S. 36 North Frederick st
Mackerracher Isabella, Berlin & fancy warehouse, 12b St. Andrew
square; house, 10 Dublin st [terraco
Mackersy Lindsay, W.S. 3a North Saint David st; honse,2 Rillbank
IVIackey Tobn & Co. plate ^lass mercbauts and
g^laziers, bottle manufacturers dealers in var-
nisb, leads, &.c. &,c. importers of flint g'lass of
all descriptions, Belg:ian sbeet, &,c. 21 XSlder st
M'Kichau D. & Co. funeral undertakers, 3 Infirmary st— Edward
Macfarlaue, mana^'er [street
Mackie A. Kirk, S.S.C. & N P. 57 North Hanover st ; house, 6 Albany
Mackie Alexander, ironmonger, Ac. SO Victoria st
M'Kie David, clerk, 36 Gillespie crescent
Mackie George, contractor. North British Railway Station, South L
Mackie Guorge, draper {T. & G. Mackie), 9 Junction road, Leith
Mackie Isabella, smallware dealer, 31 Albany st, Leith
Mackie J. W. baker {J. W. Mackie & Sous), 1 Coates place
2ISackie 7. "W. & Sons, bakers, confectioners and
biscuit manufacturers to Her Majesty & B.R.H.
tbe £>rince of ^(RT'ales, 108 Princes st
Mackie Jane, dressmaker, 20 Howe st
Mackie John, house agent, 21 St. John st
Mackie John, gastitter & tinsmith, 21 Howe st
Mackie John, teacher, 1 Panmure place
Mackie Lieut. John. C.E. instructor of military civil and mining
engineering, 4 Great King st
Mackie, Koth & Co. merchants, 54 Bernard st, Leith
Mackie N. M. Scott & Co. wine merchants, rectifiers & British wine
manufacturers, 17 Assembly st, Leith
Mackie Nathaniel M. wine merchant (N. M. Mackie, Scott & Co.)
31 Regent terrace
Mackie Richard, merchant (Mackie, Koth & Co.), York road
Mackie Robert, spirit dealer, 42 West Crosscauseway
Mackie T. & G. drapers & clothiers, 123 Kirkgate, Leith
Mackie Thomas, advocate, 1 Gloucester place
Mackie Thomas, draper (T. & G. Mackie), 36 Restalrig terrace, Leith
Mackie William & Co. general drapers, 10 South Clerk st ; house, 9
Oxford st
M*I£inaniie 'William [successor to Siauscb &. Co.
establisbed 1826), tailor & clotbier, naval and
military uniforms, riding: babits, dtc. 36
Frederick st
M'Kinlay Adam, drysalter, 203 Pleasance
Mackinlay Charles & Co, wine merchants & commission agents, 87
Constitution st, Leith [Pilrig at
Mackinlay Charles W. wine mercliant (Charles Slackinlay & Co.), 14
Mackinlay James, wine merchant (C. Mackinlay & Co.), 40 Royal ter
M'Kinlay John, drysalter, 6 South Richmond st
M'Kinlay Peter, teacher, 9 Lonsdale terrace
M'Kinlay William, draper & men's mercer, 42 Broughton st
Mackinlay William, seed, manure, hnseed and other cakes, grain
merchant & agricultural implements, St. Anthony court, Leith
house, 13 Restalrig terrace
M*KiDnell John, boot & shoe maker, 41 Broughton st
M'Kinnon Don.-^ld, spirit dealer, 19 Frederick st ; house, 13 Keir st
BI'Kinuon Donald, cl'irk, 14 Fettes row
M'Kinnon John, flesher. i9 William st
Mackintosh Andrew, S.S.C. 11 Henderson row

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