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M'Donald A. W. grocer & spirit dealer, 91 Canongate
Macdonald Angus, m a., m.d. 99 Charlotte square [market
Macdouald Angus, jun. saddler, 13 South Saint David at, & 43 Grass
Macdonald Angus, m.a. m.d. 29 Charlotte square
M'Douald Ann, teacher, 7 London st
M'Donald Charles, bootmaker, 1 Bedford st
M'Donald D. grocer, 1 Parkvale place, Leith
M'Douald D, S. & Co. clothiers & outfitters, 22 Tolbooth wjnd, LeIth,
and 22 and 23 Nicolson st
M'Donald Daniel, ironmonger, 39 Earl Grey st
M'Donald Daniel, spirit dealer, 11 East London at [Alva pi
M'Donald David, grocer A spirit dealer, 46 Abbeyhill ; house, 45
Macdonald David, printer (Homo & Macdonald), 7 Frederick st
M'Donald David, bootmaker, 275 Canongate
M'Donald Donald, spirit dealer, 54 George IV. bridge
M'Donald Donald, baker, 3 Orchardfield place
M'Donald Donald, clerk, 46 Madeira st, Leith
M'Donald Donald, spirit dealer, 17 Barony st
M'Donald Donald, house carpenter, 32 Castle terrace
Macdonald Duncan, clothier (Macdonald, Middlemaas, ft Wood),
85 Groat King st
M'Donald Duncan, tailor & clothier, 105 South bridge
M'Donald Eleanor, hosier & smallware dealer, 58 South Clerk st
Macdonald Gilbert, bookbinder, 3 East Assembly lane, Rose st
M'Donald George, butcher, 8 Admiralty st, Leith
M'Donald Heni-y, bootmaker, 2 Old Broughton
M'Donald Henry, horse dealer, Annandale st. lane; house, 6 East
London st
M'Donald Hugh, grocer, 49 St. Andrew st, Leith
M'Donald Hugh B. clerk, 10 Manor place
M'Donald Isabella, flesher, 2 Bristo st
M'Donald Isabella, apartments, 1 Moncrieff terraoe
Macdonald Isabella, apartments, 57 Castle st
Macdonald James, bookseller, 11 Bread st
>I'Donald James, lapidary, 13 St. James's square
M'Donald James, S.S.C. (Morton, Nielson & Smart), 5 Viewforth pi
Macdonald James, W.S. & W.P. 21 Thistle st ; house, 7 Randolph cliff
Macdonald James, sculptor, Viewforth park
Macdonald James, cashier (North British Railway Company^,
134 Gilmore place
Macdonald James, coopor, 2b Nicolson squaro
M'Donald James, plumber, 13 Dundas at
M'Donald James, bootmaker, 1 West Salisbury place
M'Donald James & Son, tailors, 423 Lawn market
M'Donald James L. artist, 3 Balfour st
iI'Donald Jane, draper, 19c West Nicolson st
M'Donald Janet, apartments, 2 Alva st
M'Donald Jessie, trimming warehouse, 45 Home st
M'Donald Jessie, Bible reader, 18 Gayfield square
M'Donald Johan, grocer & spirit dealer, 49 Prince Regent st, L
-M Donald John, bookseller, 70 Nicolson st, & 11 Arcade, Princes st
M'Donald John, accountant, 7 Randolph cliff
M'Donald John, flesher, 13 Queensferry st
Macdonald John, confectioner, 3 West Nicolson st
M'Donald John, butclier, 55 Bridge st, Leith
M'Dnnald John, photographer, G Anntield, Newhaven
M'I>ona]d John, butcher, 20 Jamaica st
M'Donald John, greengrocer, 40 London st
M'Donald John, cab hirer, 26 Upper Grey st
iI'Donald John B. artist, 1 Alva st
M'Douald John H. A. advocate (Solicitor General for Scotland;, 15
Abercromby place
M'Donald Kennet'i W. grocer & spirit dealer, 150 Duke st, Leith
M'Donald Lilias, dressmaker, 33 South Castle st
M'Donald Margaret, grocer & spirit dealer, 75 Fountain bridge
M'Donald Mary, apartments, 8 Thistle st
M'Donald May, grocer, 23 Barony st
BSacdonald, Middleznassand ^X^ood {of the latejirmof
J. 'Did A. Midfllemasfi , clotblers, outfitters, sliirt-
snakers. aad robe manufacturers 31 Hanover st
M'Donald Miss — , teacher of music, 2 Gardner's crescent
M'Donald Mrs. — , ladies" nurse, Spcnce'a place
M'Donald Neil, spirit dealer, 51a Giles st, Leith
M'Donald Osmond, cashier, 25B Leith walk
M'Donald Peter, bootmaker, 14a Home at
M'Donald Peter, flesher, 41 Canongate
M'Donald Peter, chemist, 12 West Newiugtou
Macdonald Robert. S.S.C. (Boyd, Macdonald ft Loweon), Rosardeu
Villa, Stanley road, Leith
M'Donald Roderick, teacher of languages A mathematice, 8 Oxford bt
M'Donald S. toaohor, 4 Picardy place
Macdonald Sarah, apartments, 27 South Castle st
Macdonald Tertius, surgeon & druggist, 13 Catherine at
Macdouald Theodore, commission agent, 1 India bldgs. Victorift at
M'Donald Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 West Lauriston pi
Miiodonald W. teacher of classics, Arnold House, Mayfield st
M'Donald William, m.a. rector of Leith High School; houao,
18 Lochcnd road
M'Donald William, tailor A clothier, 7 South Frederick st
M'Donald William, agent, 6 Hill place
Macdonald William, watcliraakor, &c. 32 Clork st
.M'Donald William, farmer, 28 Leamington terrace
M'Donald William, wine 4 spirit dealer, 103 High st [Montague at
M'Donald William, city and J. P. officer, City chambers; houso, 9
M'Dougal James, grocer & wine merchant, 6 Dublin st, ft 18 Howe
st; house, 1 Fettes row
Macdougal Peter, Russian vice consul, 08 Constitution st, L
M'Dougal James, confectioner (J. M'Dougal & Co.), 10 Salisbury st
M'Dougal James & Co. biscuit manufacturers & confectioners, 98
M'Dougal John, grocer & wine merchant, 1 Mansfield place ; house,
20 Annandale et
M'Dougall Alexander, tinsmith & gasfitter, 9 Brougham st \
M'Dougall Alexander, treasurer Royal Infirmary, Infirmary st |
M'Dougall James, bootmaker, 36 Fountain bridge i
M'Dougall Joseph, boot, &c. maker; 60e Crosscauseway, 163 Plea- '
sauce, and 40 South Richmond st I
Macdongall Misses — , dressmakers, 14 Howe st
(38 1
M'Dougall, Neill & Co. spirit dealers, 28 Bank at
M'Dougall Robert, victual dealer, 3 Farquharson place
W'Dougall WiDiam, packing-case maker, 76 Fountain bridge
M'Dougall William, spirit dealer, 41 Home st
M'Dougall William Grant, clerk, 4 Glenogle park
M'Dowall Charles, clerk, 59 Rosemount buildings
M'Dowall John, dairyman, Davidson's mains
M'Dowell Robt. baker & confectioner, 19 Frederick st, & 60 George Bt
M'Eachran Alexander, clerk, 12 Vanburgh place
M'Eneny Patrick, broker, 51 & 56 St. Andrew st, Leith
M'Evoy Margaret, confectioner & draper, 10 & 11 Haddington place
M'Ewan & Carment, S.S.C. & N.P. 32 Albany st
M'Ewan Douglas & Son, golf club & ball makers, 86 Wright's houses
M'Ewan John, dairy, 19 Broughton st
M'Ewan John, spirit dealer, 7 East Richmond at
M'Ewan Peter, coal merchant Caledonian Railway Coal Depot, and
13 Lothian road
M'Ewan Robert, baker, 65 Trafalgar lane, Hillhoaae field
M'Ewan Thomas, grocer, 103 Cowgate
M'Ewan William, bootmaker (R, & J. Dick), 10 Springfield st
M Ewan William, painter & paperhanger, 15 Maitland at
M'Ewan Wm. brewer, 104 Fountain bridge ; house, 48 Manor place
M'Ewan William, spirit dealer, 133 Rose st
M'Ewen John, wine & spirit merchant, 56 Fountain bridge
M'Ewen John, spirit dealer, 7 East Richmond st
M'Ewen Peter, shopkeeper, 4 Queen st, Leith
M'Ewen Thomas, monumental stonemason & Boulptor, 10 Lokhlaa
M'Faden Janet, apartments, 16 Alva et
M'Fadzen Thomas B. architect, 19 St. Andrew square
Macfarlan John F. & Co. chemists A druggists, 17 Korth bridge, and
2 Grange road ; chemical works, Abbey hill
MacfarXane jBLg'nes,refresbxaent rooms, OaledOBlan
Railway Statiou, Iiotbian roAd— See adveyfisem'nt
nXacfarlane Alexander &. Son,a&entB,10O Constttu*
tion street, Iieith
Macfarlaue &, Dickson, wholesale stationers, 12a Frederick st
AC'Farlane &. Erskine, eng^ravers* litbograpliers, dt
greneral printers, t% &. 19 St. 3'ames's square
M'Farlane & Gibb, cabinet makers & house agents, 5 Shandwick
place, & 44 North Pitt st
Macfarlane & Wallace, painters, &c. 37 Queensferry st
M'Farlane Andrew D. solicitor, 72 Northumberland et
Macfarlane Andrew Y. chemist, 355 Canongate, and 101 Broughton
st; house, 7 Roxburgh st
Macfarlane Archibald, tailor, 3 North Saint David st [cottages
M'Farlane Colin, cabinet maker (M'Farlane & Gibb), 4 SilvermUl's
M'Farlane D. & H. grocers, 2 Greenside st
Macfarlane Daniel, stationer (D, Macfarlane & Co.), 80 Grange road
M'Farlane Daniel, painter, &c. 49 Brunswick st [23 Cheyne st
Macfarlane Daniel, wholesale stationer, &c. (Macfarlane 4 Dickson),
Macfarlane Daniel & Co., wholesale stationers, lithographers, and
letterpress printers, 2, 3 & 4 India buildings, Victoria st
Macfarlane David, stationer (D. Macfarlane & Co.), 8 Carlnng plaoe
M'Farlane Elizabeth, apartments, 96 George st
M'Farlane G. missionary, 2 Bangor road, Leith
M'Farlane J. shoemaker, 70 Cumberland st
Macfarlane J. F. & Co. manufacturing & pharmaceutical chemists,
.17 & 18 North bridge, and 2 Grange road
M'Farlane J. R. smallware dealer, 5 Warriston place
M'Farlane James, blacksmith, 9 Leven at
M'Farlane James, reporter, 12 Lonsdale terrace
M'Farlane John, Ba;/ Horse Hotels 159 Rose st
Macfarlane John, tailor, 17 South St. James st
Macfarlane John, wire worker (R. Macfarlane & Son), Glenbourne
House, Oswald road
Macfarlane John, tool maker, 10 West Newington place
M'Farlane John, spirit dealer, 159 Rose st
M'Farlane Margaret, apartments, 26 Albany st
M'Farlane Margaret, apartments, 27 Albany st [st
M'Farlane Peter,tea meachant (Brodie, Hamilton A Co.), 2 Gayfield
Macfarlane Margaret, apartments, 178 Leith walk
Macfarlane Robert, lodgings, 11 Melville place
Macfarlane Robert, painter (Macfarlane & Wallace^, 8 Viewforth pi
Macfarlane Robert & Son, wire drawers and cloth manufacturers,
Stead's i>iace, Leith walk
M'Farlane Wm. H. draper, 19 Union pi, & 28 A 31 Tolbooth wynd, L
M'Farlane Walter, fishmonger, 18 South Clerk st
Macfeut Wallace, china and glass merchant, 42 South bridge
M'Garity Samuel, whip maker, 13 Rose st [pi
M'Garth Laurence, merchant (Redpath, Brown A Co.), 11 Wellington
M'Gechie & Johnston, wholesale ironmongers, iron merchants and
nail makers, 7 Victoria st
M'Gee Charles, coal merchant, 1 Port Hamilton ; house, 46 Home st
M'Gegan Edwin, lodgings, 59 Montgomery st
M'Genn John, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Moray st
M'George Andrew, shopkeeper. 1 Canning place
M'George George, furniture broker, 5 Hay st
M'Ghie Jane, spirit dealer, 2 Arthur st
MacGibbon & Ross, architects, 89 George st [loan
MacGibbon David, architect (MacGibbon & Ross), Ashfield, Grange
M'Gibbon David, dairy, 182 High st
M'Gibbon George R. clothier and tailor, 90 South bridge
M'Gibbon James R. (Union Bank), Pentland view, Mayfield st
M'Gibbon John, surgeon, 67 Queen st [Graham at
M'Gibbon John, clothieranddraper, 75 South College st ; Louse, 17
M'Gibbon John S. builder, Scotland st, and Bellevue ; house, 15
South College st
Macgill & Begbie, painters, paper hangers A glaziers, 62 Bristo st
M'Gill Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 34 Pleasanco
M'Gill Rev. Hamilton M. d.d. Foreign mission secretary of U.P.
Church, 5 Queen st
Mncgill James, ironmonger, 11 Queensferry st
M'Gill John, bootmaker, 97 Nicolson bt
Macgill John, grocer, 18 & 20 William st
Macgill Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 William st
M'Gill Peter, grocer and spirit dealer. 7 Bangor road, Leith

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