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Fleming, Mrs., 17 Biiecleuch street
Fleming, Mrs, victualler, 43 Main street, Caltott
Fleming, Mrs., 121 West Regent street
Fleming, Mrs., eating-house, 42 Bell street
Fleming, Mrs., lodgings, 26 George street
Fleming, Miss, 10 Cumberland street
FLEMINGTON, John, of Fieminglon, Mathcson, ^ €0., house 182 Trongatc
Flemington, J., straw-hat wai-ehouse, 39 Buchanan street
Flemingtow, Matheson, & Co., general warehousemen, strav.'-hat and plait manufac-
turers, 160 Trongate
FLERSHEIM, S., merchant. H Springfield court
FLETCHER, Alexander, & Co., flax-spinners and linen-thread manufacturers, 85
Garngad road, St. RoUox
Fletcher, Angus, 97 Parliamentary road
Fletcher, Hugh, turner and weaving utensil maker, 9 Calton entry
Fletcher, James, wood merchant, 173 Great Hamilton street, house do.
Fletcher, John, & Co., hat manufacturers, 77 Maxwell street
Fletcher, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 287 Argyll street
Fletcher, Michael, rag and cotton- waste merchant, 21 Bell street
Fletcher, Nathaniel, ship agent, 44 Shamrock street
FLETT, James A., commission agent, appraiser, and coal merchant, 124 Trongate,
house 128 Hospital street
FLINT, John, teacher, 120 Campbell street
FOGGO, Robert, gi-oeer, 91 Renfield street
FORBES, Alexander, general grocer, 205 High street, house € Nicholas street
Forbes, Alex., M.D., 85 South Portland street
Forbes, Arthur, town-clerft, City Chambers, house 11 Woodside place
Forbes, Duncan Campbell, head-master Normal Seminar}', Dundas vale
Forbes, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 203 Duke street
Forbes, Daniel, of Moncrieff, Paterson, ^ Forbes, house 36 Dalhousie street
Forbes, Dugald, «f Forbes ^ Reddie, house 180 West Regent street
Forbes, Duncan, hair-dresser, 90 Union street, house G West Russell street
Forbes, Geoi-ge, carver and gilder, 203 Ai-gyll street
Forbes, George, coffee house, 303 Argyll street
Forbes, Peter, spirit dealer, I Bedford lauc
Forbes, John, wine merchant and grocer, 175 Sauchiehall street
Forbes, Rev. John, D.D., minister of Free St. Paul's church, 1 00 West Regent st.
Forbes, Rev. P., of St. Mary's Catholic church, 64 Abercromby street
Forbes & Reddie, writers, 4 Moore place, 146 West George street
Forbes, Samuel, tavei-n keeper, 38 Trongate
Forbes, Thomas, '>/ Duncanson §■ Forlcs, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 10 Stan-
ley place, house 82 Thistle street
Forbe?, William, jeweller, 76 Argyll street, house 432 Parliamentary road
Forbes, Miss, 121 Douglas street
Forbes, Mrs., 62 Cambridge street
FORD, John, spirit dealer, 107 Gallowgate
Ford, John, plasterer and modellist, 29 East Howard street, ho, 110 Holm street
FORDYCE, Peter, tavern keeper, 11 M' Alpine street
FORM AN, A M., surgeon, chemist, and druggist, 47 Gallowgate, and 1 Kirk st.,
FORGAN, Thomas, mason and builder, Greenlaw, house Paisley road
FORGIE, Peter, flesher, 11 Eglinton street
,FORLONG, Gordon, advocate. Bank of Character and Skill, 29 Gordon street
Forlong, Mrs., 130 Bath street
FORREST, Andrew, house agent, 04 Sauchiehall street
Forrest, E., millwright, 7 Soho place
Forrest, J. R,, lieutenant R.N., her Majesty's agent for Emigration, 3 Sandyford pi.
. Forrest, James, millwright, 2 Hope street, Anderston
Forrest, James, miller, Town's mill, Town's-mill road
Forrest, James, brassfctunder, and gas-fitter, 34 Main street, Gorbals
Forrest, John, cow-feeder, 1 06 Dale street, Tradeston
Forrest, John, & Son, cabinetmakers and uj)lioIsterers, 64 Sauchiehall street
Forrest, Joseph, manufacturer of patent firelighters, 4 Cathcart pi., Sauchiehall rd.

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