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DUPAIN, C. J., spirit, dealer, 163 Saltraarkel street
DURWARD, John, saddler. Castle street
DU'fHIE, Alexander, plasterer, 68 North Hanover st,, ho. 233 Parliamentary rd.
DUTRUO, Mons. <fc Madame, of Paris, teachers of French, ^ Jane street, BiythsN-
wood square
DUXBURY, John, of Maitland ^ Duxhiiry, house 25 Coburg street
DYKES, Andrew, warper, 19 Cochran street
Dykes, John, Crown Inn, 36 Broomielaw street
Dykes, John, wright and builder, 12 Canning st„ ho. 10 William st., Grcenhead
Dykes, Robert, 2 Woodsif'e terrace
Dykes & Nisbet, house-fa( 'ors, 159 Saltmarkct
Dykes, Mi's, Thomas, 2 Woodside terrace
Dykeiiead Coal Co., 1 Prince's square, and 2 Garnkirk Railway station
DYJMOCK, Mrs Dr. 58 North Hanover street
EADIE, Archibald, spirit dealer, 127 Stockwell street
Eadie, A., lodgings, 45 John street
Eadie, Henry, hosier, 10 Gallowgate
Eadie, James, at J. §• J. Wright's, V2l Ingram street
Eadie, James, of Crichton ^ Eadie, house 22 Monteith row
Eadie, James surgeon, 371 Gallowgate, house 1 Sydney street
Eadie, M., boot and shoe shop, 345 Argyll street, house 49 West Campbell street
Eadie, Rev. Dr. John, professor of divinity, 43 Cambridge street
Eadie, William, & Co., letter-press printers, 9 Prince's squai-e, Buchanan street.
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Eadie, William, of William Eadie §• Co., bouse 11 Hopeton place, Stirling's road
Eadie, William, portioner, 116 Sauohiehall street
Eadie, Mrs James, milliner, baby's hood maker, and embroiderer, 137 Cambridge st.
Eadie, Mrs. Neil D., grocer and spirit dealer, 131 New vcnnel
Eai^lb Foundry, Port-Dundns
Eagle Inn and Hotel, 59 Maxwell street.'"^ Alexander Graham
Eaglesham Cotton- Yarn Warehouse, 15 Cochran street
EARSTON, John, 73 St. Vincent street
EASDON, George, wright and glazier, 11 Stormont street, house 7 do.
East of Scotland Life Assurance Co., 54 St. Viiieent street, Henry B. Lacy, agent
Easteun- District Police Office, S3 Stevenson street, Calton
Eastern Necropolis, Jauefield, east end of Oumlachie
Eastfield Colliery OfSce, 25 St. Enoch square
EASTON, James, pattern drawer, 32 Cumberlcxnd street, Laurieston
Easton, James, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Malta street, Gorbals
Easton, James & John, skinners, 20 Greenside street, Gorbals, ho. 107 Hcspital st.
Easton, Dr. J. A., 49 Moiitrose street
Easton, Robert, cabinetmaker, 79 Stockwell street, house 44 West Howard street
Easton, R. F., at Ure, Crawford, ^Easlon's, 16 Montrose street
Easton, Samuel, of Ure, Crawford, §• Easton, house Scotland st., Woodside terraci-
Easton, William & Co., commission merchants and metal brokers, 68 St. Vincent st.
Easton, William, of William EaHon Sf Co., house 20 Lynedoeh street
EATON, David, china and stoneware merchant, 9 Kent street
EBBELLS, Henry Ellis, chief clerk, l^st-oiRce, house Post-office buildings ,
ECCLES, Andrew, merchant, of Eccles, Burnley, ^ Co., and W. §/■ J. Eccles ^ Co.,
bouse 28 Woodside place
Eccles, Burnley, & Co., merchants, 85 St. Vincent street
Eccles, William & James & Co., merchants, 85 St. Vincent street
Eccles, William, jun., merchant, of Eccles, Burnley, ^- Co., and W. §' J. Eccles Sr Co.,
house 24 Blythswood square
Eccles, Mrs., 23 Woodside place
Economic Life Assurance Society Office, 08 St. Vincent st. A. W. Stewart, agent
EDDIE, Gavin, Meadow head colliery, Glasgow and Garnkirk Railway terminus
EDGAR, James, clothier, 5 Union street
Edgar, James, cooper, 47 Dale street, Ti\adeston
Edgar, A. Logan, of lid gar ^ Mills, house 9 Jane street
Edgar & Mills, cotton brokers, 123 Ingram street

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