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39 Letter-Carriers' Districts.
place, Hopotoiin place, Taylor street, Weaver street, Villafield, Dobbie's loan, Pai-
iiaraentary road to Dobbie's loan westward, and Parson street.
First Section. — Dvike street from Lady^vell sti-ect to Bclgi-ove place, St. Ann
street, Park-house lane. Barrack street, Gallowgatc street from Hunter street to
Abercroraby street, Claythom street, Sydney street, Tureen street. King street
■ C'alton, Millroad street. Hill street, Moore street, Witch Lane, Young street, Bel-
grove street and Bclgrove place.
Second Section. — James Street, Struthei-s street. Bell street, Abercroraby street,
Little street, Kerr street. East Rose street, Marlborough, sti-eet, Greenvale street,
James street, Mile-end, Sobo street, Tylefield street, Gallowgate street from Bel-
rove to Camlachie toll, Annfield place, Whitevale and Bluevale.
First Section. — Green street, Calton, Stevenson street, George street, Mile-end,
Main street, Calton, Kirk street, Calton, New street, Calton, Calton entry. Broad
street, Mile-end, Barrowfield street, Orr street, Clyde street, north end of Cumber-
land street, Tobago street, Landressy street.
Second Section. — Canning street, William street, Cumberland street south end,
Dalmarnock road, Greeahead, Main street, Bridgeton, John .street. Muslin street,
Savoy street, Dale stieet, Franklin street, Rumford street, and Adelphi street,
FiKST Section. — Main street, Gorbals, to Puddock row, Muirhead street, St.
Ninian's street, Hospital street, Thistle street, Govan street to Crown street,
Rutherglen loan from Main street to Crown street, Greenside street, Cleland street,
Cumberland street from Main street to Crown street, and Crown street south from
Rutherglen loan.
Second Section. — Adelphi street. Thistle street and Crown street' to Rutherglen
loan, Govan street from Thistle street east. Rose street. Commercial road, Welling-
ton street, Wellington place, Lawmoor place, York street and M'Neil street.
First Section. — Clyde terrace. Kirk Street, Buchan street, Moncrieff street,
Malta street, Portugal street, Warwick street, Bedford street cast of Abbotsford
place, Cumberland street i'rom Abbotsford place to Main street, Pollockshaws road
to the toll, Cavendish street, Eglinton street south of Cavendish street, and Cavalry
Second Section. — Portland street above Norfolk street, Abbotsford place. South
Coburg street, Cumberland street from Abbotsford place to Eglinton street.
First Section. — Clyde place west from Centre street. Dale street. Nelson street
from Centre street to West street. King street from Centre street to West street.
Cook street from Centre street to West street, West Street, Paterson street, King-
ston, Melbourne place, Albert place, Kingston place, Maxwellton plajoe and Scotland
Second Section.-— Springfield buildings. South Kinning place, Bolton street,
Pollock street, Kinning place, St, James's street, Greenlaw place, Rutland place
and Rutland crescent.
First Section. — East Carlton place, Nicholson street, Oxford street, Portland
street to Norfolk street. West Carlton place. Bridge street, North Coburg street and
Norfolk Street.
SiccoND Section. — Eglinton street to Cavendish street. Commerce street, Clyde
place to Centre street, Centre street to Nelson street, King street to Centre street,
Nelson sti-eet to Centre street, Wallace street, Canal street, and Cook street to
Commerce street.

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