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International Publications.
A clever booklet by Bernard Long.!B. A., Camb. Marvellous value. It shows the utility,
simplicity, and steady progress of this one, united universal auxiliary language through- ,
out the world, where all people that on earth do dwell may (and many now actually i
now do) intelligently speak and write to each other, though not knowing a word of each j
other's language, Printed in English, price Id, 2d, and 5 cents ; postage. M. A reduc-
tion for quantities.
(Introduction to Bonnie, Bonnie Scotland).
This booklet has the honour of being the first guide-book printed in Esperanto, and is
a translation of the introductory pages to " Bonnie Scotland's Resorts." Published at
Id, it has a wide circulation, and is cordially welcomed by Esperantisfcs everywhere.
Postage, £d.
A handsomely-printed booklet of over 34 pages of photographs of views representative
of Scottish scenery, with the descriptive letterpress printed in Esperanto as well as in
English. This publication is much admired, and the dual language descriptive of places
has since been adopted in this and other lands. Price, 6d ; postage, Jd.
A " winsome little volume " of 150 pages of concisely-printed, succinct and interesting
descriptions (in English), of between 400 and 500 Health, Profit and Pleasure Resorts,
besides attractive introductory and appended pages. The idea of publishing this book
was conceived while travelling abroad, and it has become the parent of the above-
named International editions. Apppreciated wherever seen. Prices, 2d, 6d, and Is,
according to binding. Postage, |d and Id.
(The Courtship of the Nations.) !
International Publication par excellence. The articles are being written (in the neutral
international language, Esperanto), by persons representing the different countries
throughout the world. Each article will be characteristic of the land in which it is
written, and as each place can be written about from several coigns of vantage, there (
is a likelihood of this publication appearing periodically with fresh articles — all tending (
to show that, notwithstanding diverse circumstances even in individual states, all are
members of one great family, and there is genuine pleasure in better acquaintance.
(The Scot Abroad.)
It is said that " a Scot is never at Home until he is Abroad," and this brochure (in the
International Language), gives glimpses of the North Briton's perigrinations all over
the world, and fraternizations with the inhabitants of other lands at their homes This
bodklet, though written before the foregoing, is to succeed (at least the first edition)
i t in receiving the honours of the Press. Id.
HIGGIE & CO., Publishers, Rothesay, Scotland,

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