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The situation of the Closes, Courts, and Lanes, are pointed out by their Names being printed in Italics,
at the place or Number of the Street in which they occur ; and also when any Street is divided by Cross
Streets, the Divisions are distinguished by the Name of the Cross Street being printed in Italics, with
a ^§f before it, between the two Numbers of the Street in which they occur.
*„* To those having occasion to circulate advertisements, Sfe. this part of the Directory, in connexion
with the List of Letter-carriers at the beginning of the book, will be exceedingly useful, — the names and
addresses being taken from the following list, and then thrown into districts for delivery, according to
the rounds of the different Letter-carriers'.
1 Charles Fraser, gardener
2 W. Hutcheson, Abbey-officer
Abbey Court-house
3 ffm. Anderson, shoemaker
4 Miss Tripney
5 J. Purves, spiriudealer
6 Douglas Wilson, spirit-dealer
7 Mrs Alexander, grocer
7 Win. Mason, late extractor
8 David Greig, late baker
9 H. Courtoy, keeper chapel-royal
11 Mrs Gray, spirit-dealer
1 2 F. Johnston, tavern
13 David Hume, smith
15 Donald Campbell, spirit-dealer
35 Mrs J. Syme
Palace. Yard,
i Alexander Smith, brewer
Andrew Smith, brewer
James Hamilton, esq.
Right Hon. Earl of Strathmore
Mrs Quinet
Miss Campbell
James Dunn, porter
Si. jinn's Yards,
Miss Miller, Holy rood Gardens
Caldwell Lane,
Robert M'Bain, cabinetmaker
John M'Queen, shoemaker
Mrs Captain Grant
Prospect Buildings,
Mrs King
N. A. Broth erstone, lodgings
William Black, book-keeper
King's Park,
David Johnston, spirit-dealer
Alexander Wilson, gardener
A. Annesley, St. Ann's House
Mrs Duncan, Belleville
Hon. Mrs Norton,
Abbey Hill house
William Todd, gardener
9 John Hay, recorder
9 James M'Kean, seal-engraver
10 Captain James Young
1 5 John Shurmer, officer of excise
17 Thomas Miller, esq.
21 A. Watt, boot and shoemaker
23 George Duncan, late brewer
27 John Moffat, grocer
41 A. Brunton, cooper
H. Arnott, esq. Abbey mount
W. Combe, agent
Jas. Weir of G. P. O. Kyle place
Abbey-hill Cottage,
Thomas Dobie, contractor
Ironside Place
53 James Simpson's foundry
55 James Johnstone, teacher
55 Robert Mitchell, cabinetmaker
55 Miss Mitchell, dressmaker
Andrew Robb, cowfeeder
57 E. Hunt, printing-ink maker
Wm. Watson, bone-merchant
Thomas Dunn, glass-cutter
71 John Lowrie, smith
88 Alexander Edie, grocer
86 Tennis Court,
J. Newton & Son, hat-makers
Halbt. Henderson, coach maker
82 Currie's close
78 William Milne, ropemaker
76 C. H. Keith, bookseller
72 James Muir, letter-carrier
George Smith, smith
62 Mrs Fortune
59 James Davidson, hair-dresser
G. Simpson & Son, coach-build.
48 Wm. Forrest, spirit-merchant
52 James Green, spirit-dealer
54 Meg get's court
50 David Nicolson, baker
46 Misses Bell
44 Croft-an-Itigh,
John Watson, wright \
G. S. Mitchell, brewer
Hector Gavin, engraver
G. B. Heather, timber merchi.
Rowley's court,
John Crichton, builder
A. Crichton, stamper G. P. O.
John M'Pherson, spirit-dealer
40 Edward Rowley, victual-dealer
38 William Smith, letter-carrier
34 Robert Rutherford, flesher
36 John Hunter, grocer
32 Peter Watson, victual-dealer
30 Mrs Tait, sick-nurse
28 D. & J. Wallace, shoemakers
10 Mrs Miller
10 D. Macfarlane, late of Excise
6 Fullarioii s Close
Comely Gardens,
George Nimmo, gardener
Mrs Duncan
H. Duncan, merchant
Spring Gardens,
Mrs John Brown, gardener
David Nicolson, grocer
Peter Main, bootmaker
John Peat, of the Customs
Parsons Green,
William Mitchell Innes, esq.
James Muir, gardener
Meadowbank Edinburgh. Ale
Brewing Company,
W. H. M'Lean, esq.
R. W. Aitken, of brewery

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