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lennan, M.A., John Munro, William Henderson, James Stevenson
James Gordon, Fred. D. S. Sandeman. From University College— Tht
Principal of the College, ex officio, Professor Claxton Fidler, Professo
Steggall, Geo. Scott. From the Town Council— Wm. Don, Wm. Forwell
From the Dvmdee Burgh School Board — Mrs Carlaw Martin, G. K. Smitli
From the Dundee High School — Charles C. Duncan. From the Dundei
Y.M.C.A.— W. S. Melville, Chas. Stewart. From the Trades Council-
Charles Murray, Jas. Mann. From the Amalgamated Society of Engineers
&c. — John Lindsay.
Secretary and Director of Studies, J. S. Lumsden, D.Sc, Ph.D. ; Clerk t
Director of Studies, James Keay ; Treasurers, Shiell & Small, 5 Bank street
HIGH SCHOOL.— Directors— A'ic officiis— Lord Provost Urquhart, Rev
Dr Colin Campbell, Lord Dean of Guild Smibert. From the Town Council-
Rev. "Walter Walsh, James H. Martin, Boyd M. M'Crae, William Don
Neil Macdonald, William Watson. From the Subscribers — Charles C
Duncan, Hugh Ballingall, James Logie, John W. Shepherd, Victor Fraenkl
William Hunter, George Ritchie. Elected under Act 1882 — Rudolph
Polack, T. B. Taylor, T. H. Smith, Thomas Russell, John M. Nairn
Rector — John Maclennan, M.A.
Headmasters — English, Easton S. Valentine, M.A. ; Mathematics, Joh:
B. Meiklejohn, M.A. ; Classics, John Maclennan, M.A. ; Moder
Languages, Hans S. Dennler, B^s L. Berne ; Writing, Book-keeping
and Phonography, R. Mackenzie, M.A. ; Drawing and Painting, J. M. Smith
Science, Thomas S. Murray, D.Sc. ; Music, Alfred F. Milne, M.A. ; Needh
work, Miss Matthew ; Calisthenics, Alex. Sturrock ; Workshop, T. Millar.
Treasurer, Alex. Mackay, C.A., 22 Meadowside ; Secretary, .John I
Stevenson, 46 Reform street ; Janitor, Sergeant Woolawaj', High School.
George K. Smith, Ardmere, Perth road, Chairman.
George Coulthard, 17 Strathmartine
Rev. G. M. Duncan, 17 William st.
Wm. Ferrar, 61 ^ Perth road
Very Rev. Provost Holder, AVilkie's
IMiss Agnes Husband, 67 Murraygate
W. B. Inglis, 16 Pitkerro road
John Abrach Mackaj-, 18 Raton's lane
William Mudie, Margaretbank, Dowi
W. S.Nicoll, Orwell vil. , Clepington r(
Very Rev. Canon Phelan, 22 Powrie p |s
Peter Reid, 4 Lawside road
Miss J. G. Shaw, 2 Lytton street
Daniel S. Smith, East Newport
Rev. Henry Williamson, 13 Coupi
street, Lochee
John E. Williams, 31 Albert square. Clerk ; C. J. JMarquis, 32 Castle stree
Treasurer ; James H. Langlands, 31 Murraygate, Architect ; John Robbie, '.
Albert square, Officer.
Harris Academy. — Rector, James B. Robb, ]M.A., B.Sc. ; Second Maste
Hugh P. Holburn, B.Sc. ; Classics, William A. Taylor, INI. A. ; Math
matics, ; Science, A. B. Paterson, B.Sc. ; Modern Language
H. Geyer ; Lady Superintendent, Miss Barbara J. Sutherland, li.L.A
Drawing, Robert J. Plenderleith ; Workshop, W. A. Craigie ; Singin
Frank Sharp : Pianoforte, Miss Alexander, Miss Scrimgeour, Miss AVes
wood. Miss Sracdonald ; Janitor, Thomas Brown.
Morgan Academy. — Rector, Alex. Leighton, M.A., B.Sc. ; Secoi
blaster, Donald M'Leod, M.A. ; English, David M. Smart, M.A. ; Classic
George Wedderspoon, M.A. ; Mathematics, J. L. Peters, M.A. ; Scien(

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