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Robirtson, Peter, spirit dealer, 31 Jamaica st.
P. ( Comm. Bank,) 20 Annandale street
Peter & Co. drapers, 15 Nicolson sq.
■^ Peter, gi ocer, wine, and spirit merchant,
2 Legget's land
P. cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and under-
taker, 88 Princes street
Ralph, (^of Excise,) 3 Comely Green pi.
Robert, esq. advocate, 12 Drummond pi.
Robert, spirit dealer, II Brunswick st.
Thos. esq. accountant, 1 1 Gloucester pi.
Thomas R. esq. W.S. 17 Gayiield square
Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 An-
derson's place
Tho. painter & glazier, 23 Scotland st.
. Tho. (Standard Insurance Office,) 5
Cheyne street
Thomas, clerk of works, 25 Cumberl. st.
Thos. cattle salesm., Hope Park House
Thos, of Excise, 34. Clerk street
Thos., baker, 22 Cassells place
W. & G. deputy keepers of records. Re-
gister house
Wm, spirit dealer, 26 Heriot buildings
Wm. esq. deputy keeper of records of
Scotland, Register office — house 16
Moray place
* Wm. baker, 55 Bridge street
William, esq. W.S. 17 Royal circus — ho.
22 Great King street
Wm. esq., S.S.C., 66 Great King street
Wm. esq., surgeon, M.D., 28 Albany st.
* W. S. {R. Brothers,) 5 Albany st.
William, appraiser, auctioneer, carpet
and furniture warehouse, 16 Nicolson
st — ho. 3 w. Newington. — See Adv.
William, baker, 30 Fountainbridge
Wm. general merchant, 93 So. bridge —
ho. 66 Clerk street
W. brewer to her JIajesly, Summerhall
— house, Hope Park end house
William, bellhanger, 233 High street
* Wm. cooper, Tolbooth wynd
William, gardener, Pilrig street gardens
Wm. and Co., tanners, Gillon's close,
* Wm. spirit dealer, 34 Yardheads
* W, cooper, 8 Elbe st. — h. 15 Duke st.
Mrs, of Kindeace, 11 Stafford street
Mrs A. cowfeeder, 25 Clerk street
Mrs Alex, lodgings, 11 Casile street
Mrs M., Regent Hotel, 14 Waterloo pi.
* Mrs David, Regent street
* Mrs David, 3 Morton street
Mrs D., 20 Howe street
Mrs E. lodgings, 6 St Vincent street
* Mrs James, 5 Albany street
Mrs H. lodgings, 50 George street
* Mrs James, 2 Portland terrace
* Mrs, spirit dealer, 51 St Andrew street
Mrs J. lodgings, 11- Cumberland street
Mrs John, 16 Pitt street
Mrs, 2 Clarence street
' Mrs, 7 Torphichen street
Mrs, lodgings, 47 George street
^Robertson, Mrs, spirit dealer, ^3 Shore
Mrs Major, 37 Drummond place
i\Irs Susanna, lodgings, 115 Rose street
Mrs R. 14 Dundas street
Mrs, 18 Manor place
Mrs, haberdasher, 202 Canongate
Mrs, French corsetmaker, 73 George st.
Mrs, engrafter, 7 Middleton's entry
Mrs, victual dealer, 13 St Leonard street
Mrs Wm. 21 Castle street
* Mrs Thomas, 7 Albany street
* Mrs Dr, 2 Summerfield
Mrs, Reid's court, Canongate
Mrs, Rose lane, Abbeyhill
Mrs, 9 Grove street
IMrs, 3 Pilrig street
Mrs W., 40 Broughton street
Mrs Wm. 16 Drummond place
]\Irs, 3 Rutland square
Miss Margt., 56 India st.
— — Miss M. 32 Gilmore place
Miss H., 52 Minto street
Miss, 19 Drummond street
Miss, 1 4 Maitland street
* Miss E. silk & worsted shop, 116 Kirkgt.
* Miss, milliner and dressm. 62 Kirkgate
j\Iiss, 7 Union street
Misses, 46 George square
IMisses, day school, 21 Nelson street
Misses, milliners, &c. 21 Castle street
Misses, 36 Castle street
Robin, Mrs, 1 Claremont place
Robin Hood tavern, Gabriel's road
Robinow, M. E. {Robinow, Sous, nrtd Co.)
Hamburg, Vice- Consul, 4 Smith's pi.*
* Sons, & Co. corn factors and general
merchants, 25 Constitution street
Robinson, W. & H. publishers, bookbinders,
stationers, and general newspaper agts.j
11 Greenside street
W., miniature painter, 76 Broughtn. st.
Robins, Alex, shoemaker, 6 Rose street
Wm. shoemaker, 18 Frederick street
Robison, James, esq. advocate, 18 Elder street
Mrs Professor, 16 Rutland street
Robson, Jos. cabinetmaker, 57 Crosscausey
Thomas, shoemaker, 18 William street
Mrs W. worsted shop, 137 Rose street
Mrs Jane, sick nurse, 1 St Bernard's pi.
Rochead, Mrs John, 11 Canning place
* Roderick, Samuel, lodgings, 4 Hope terrace
Rodford, J. inspector of mails, 4 Leiih st. ter.
Rodger, A. N. British Insu., 21 Gilmore pi.
David, silk dyer, 24 Crosscausey
Robert, tailor, 107 Nicolson street
Wm. writer, 14 Warriston crescent
William, upholsterer, 74 Crosscausey
■ Mrs Andrew, green grocer, 4 Baker's pi.
Mrs David, midwife, 7 Charles street
Rodgers, James Herbert, esq. 14 Alva street
.John, stabler, east Thistle street lane
— John, hairdresser, 7 Leith street
Mrs C, lodgings, 127 George street
Rodmell, Thomas, esq. collector of customs,
17 Claremont crescent

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