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R. S. Thomson, M.B., B.Sc, 3 Melrose street
J. F. Fergus, M.D., 3 Elmbank cresceDt
P. A. Simpson, M.A., M.D., 216 West George street
Head Quarters & Drill Hall, 285 Bath street.
Surgeon-Capt. G. T. Beatson, p., 7 Woodside crescent
J. M'Gregor RobertsoD, p., 26 Buckingham ter. H'head
W. F. Somerville, p., Tynefield, 30 Wilson st., H'head
A. Moyes, p., 10 West Prince's street
J. G. Graham, p., 5 Ashgrove terrace, Partickhill
H. C. Reid, p., Havelock house, Coatbridge
J. B. M. Anderson, p., 42 Lansdowne crescent
Win. Lee, 100 North Frederick street
Thomas Adamson, D.D., 4 Lilybank terrace
Staff- sergt. J. R. Cameron, 9 Stonehyres ter.
" J. Kenny, 16 Caird drive, Partickhill.
President, The Right Hon the Earl of Rosebery,
K.G., K.T, Lord-Lieuteoant of Midlothian and Linlith-
gowshire. Vice-presidents — His Grace the Duke of
Hamilton and Brandon, Honorary Colonel 2nd V.B.
The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles); His Grace the Duke
of Buccleuch and Queensberry, K.G., K.T., Lord-Lieu-
tenant of Dumfriesshire; His Grace the Duke of Argyll,
K.G., K.T., Lord-Lieutenaot of Argyllshire; His
Grace the Duke of Montrose, K.T., Lord -Lieu-
tenant of Stirlingshire ; His Grace the Duke of
Fife, K.T., Lord- Lieutenant of Elginshire; The
Most Hon. the Marquis of Ailsa; The Most Hon.
the Marquis of Bute, K.T , Lord-Lieutenant of
Buteshire; The Most Hon. the Marquis of Breadal-
bane,K.G.; The Right Hon. The Earl of Eglinton, Lord
Lieutenant of Ayrshire ; The Right Hon. the Earl of
Home. A.D.C., Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire and
Berwickshire ; The Right Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen,
Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire and Governor-
General of Canada; The Right Hon. the Earl of Stair,
K.T., Lord-Lieutenant of Wigtownshire ; The Right
Hon. the Earl of Glasgow, G.C.M.G.; Brig.-Gen.
The Right Hon. The Earl of Minto, Commanding the
Scottish Border Brigade ; The Right Hon. Lord
Hemes, Lord-Lieutenant of Kirkcudbrightshire ;
The Right Hon. Lord Elibank, Lord Lieutenant of
Peeblesshire ; The Right Hon. Lord Kelvin, G.C.V.O. ;
The Right Hon. Lord Blythswood of Blythswood,
A.D.C. ; General E. F. Chapman, C.B. (R.), Com-
manding the Scottish district; Sir M. Shaw-Stewart
of Greenock and Blackhall, Bart., Lord-Lieutenant of
Renfrewshire; Hon. Col. Sir John M. Stirling Maxwell
ofPollok, Bart. ,M.P. College division, Glasgow; Sir G.
Graham Montgomery of Stanhope, Bart., Lord-Lieu-
tenant of Kinross- shire; Sir Jas. Colquhoun of Luss,
Bart., Lord-Lieutenant of Dumbartonshire ; Sir James
King of Campsie, Bart. ; Brig.-Gen. the Right Hon.
J. H. A. Macdonald, C.B., commanding the Forth
Brigade; Brig.-Gen. Sir Donald Matheson, K.C.B.,
commanding the Clyde Brigade ; Hon. Col. Sir John
Muir of Deanston, Bart.: Hon. Col. Sir James Bell,
Bart., John G. A. Baird, Esq., M.P., Central division,
Glasgow; A. Cameron Corbett, Esq., M.P., Trade.-ton
division, Glasgow; David Richmond, Esq., the Hon.
the Lord Provost and Lord- Lieutenant of the County
of the City of Glasgow.
Chairman of Council. v.D. Col. Z. John Heys, Com-
manding 3rd Renfrew V.B. A. & S.H. ; vice-chairmen,
v.D. Lieut. Col. Hugh Morton, commanding 3rd
L.R.V., and v.D. Major Wm. Thorburn (Captain of
the Scottish Twenty); members, ordinary, v.D. Col.
Z. John Heys, commanding 3rd V.B. A. & S.H., v.D.
Major T. B. Ralston, 2nd V.B. The Cameronians
(Scottish Rifles) Major J. H. Young, I. of M., 2nd
(Renfrew) V.B. A. & S.H., Captain D. S. Morton, 1st
V.B.H L.I., Captain R. Carswell, I. of M., 1st L.R.V.,
V.D. Lieut. -Col. Hugh Morton, Commanding 3rd
L R.V., v.D. Colonel C. M. Williamson, Commanding
5th (Glasgow Highlanders) V.B. H.L.I. , v.D. Colonel
R. C. Mackenzie, Commanding 1st V.B.H. L.I., v.D.
Colonel Wm. Broadfoot, 1st L.V.R.E. (retired), Capt.
John Coats, 3rd (Blythswood) V.B.H. L.I, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Joseph F. Newlands, Commanding
4th V.B. the Cameronians (S.R.), v.D. Colonel
John D. Young, Commanding 2nd V.B.H.L.I.,
Major John W. King, 4th V.B. A. & S.H., Major
W. L. Rome, 3rd L.R.V., and Captain J. Lorimer
Thomson, Q.R.V.B.R.S.
Ex officiis. — The president, the trustees, the captain
of the Scottish Eight, the adjutant of the Scottish
Eight, the treasurer, the honorary secretaries, the
captain of the Scottish Twenty, the adjutant of the
Scottish Twenty. Secretary, Major Thos. Stout, 1st
L.R.V. ; head office, 178 St. Vincent St., Glasgow.
Premises — 203 Hope street.
Objects. — The objects of this Society are : to encour-
age the study and practice of tactics, the discussion
of military subjects, and the promotion of social inter-
course among the officers of the various branches of
the auxiliary forces in the West of Scotland.
Hon. President, Field-Marshal the Right Hon.
Lord Roberts of Candahar and Waterford, G.C B.,
G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., V.C., D.C.L., L.L.D., &c. ; hon.
vice-pre ddent, Colonel J. R Mecham, Commanding
26th and 71st Regimental Districts; president,
Brig.-Gen. Sir D. Matheson, K.C.B., Commanding
Clyde Volunteer Brigade ; vice-presidents, Col.
Grant, 1st L.V.A., Colonel Morton, 3rd L.R.V. ;
committee, Major Morrison, 1st V.B.H. L.I., Major
Lennox, 2nd V.B.H.L.I., Major Brock, 1st D.R.V.,
Colonel Maxwell, 4th V.B.S.R, Captain M'Aulay,
3rd L.R.V., Colonel Williamson, 5th V.B.H.L.I.,
Major Thomson, 1st L.V.A., Col. W. R. Broadfootl
1st L.V.R.E., Colonel Ker, 1st L.R.V., Colone,
Walker, 2nd V.B.S.R.; Major M'Ewan, 1st L.R.V.,
Colonel E. R. Crawford, 1st L.V.R.E., Major A.
M'L Shaw, 1st L.V.A., Captain Cuthbertson, 4th
V.B S.R., Lieutenant M'Neish, 3rd V.B. H.L.I. ; hon.
secretary and treasurer, Captain Robt. Carswell, 1st
L.R.V., 2U3 Hope street. Office of the society— 203
Hope street.

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