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Mackenzie, Geo. Richmond, 71, 73
St. George's pi
M'Kenzie, John, 107 Main st. s.s.
M'Kenzie, Mrs. 8 Tobago st
M'Killop, A. 215 Dumbarton rd
M'Killop, John, 47 Kent st. and
248 George st
M'Killop, Win. 104 Cornwall st
M'Kinlay, Chas. & Co. Leith ;
agent, Archd. M'Millan, 65 Bath
rd. and 9 Claremont st
M'Kinnon, R. 242 Craig st. and
215 W. Scotland st
M'Lauchlin Bros. 19 Elderslie st
M'Lachlaa, D. 302 Possil road
and branches
M'Laughlin, E. 11 Park pi. Stock-
well st
M'Lachlan, Geo. & J. (wholesale),
office, 23, 25, and 27 St Enoch
M'Lachlan, John, 144 Park rd and
244 Garscube rd
M'Laughlin, John, 56 S. Welling-
ton st
MacLauchlin, J. H. 175 Finnieston
M'Lachlan, Peter, & Co. straw en-
velopes, capsules, corks, and
machinery of all descriptions,
134 St. Vincent st
M'Laren, Alex. & Son, 13 Candle-
M'Laren, Alex. 146 Stirling rd.
M'Laren, And. 359 Cumberland
St. S.8.
M'Laren, Jas. B. 15 Glebe st
M'Laren, John, 97 George st
M'Laren, Mrs. 147 London st
M'Laws, George, 155 Garngad rd
M'Lay, Duff & Co. 151 Hope st
M'Lay, Mrs. J. 769 Springbum rd
M'Lean, Alex. 50 Stewart st
Maclean, Donald, 11 Clyde ter
M'Lean, Duncan, (wholesale), 79
Eobertson st
M'Lean, Hugh, 31 Pollok street
M'Lean, Robert A. 79 Crown st
M'Lean, Mrs. Mary, 44 Carrick st
M'Lean, Mrs. 356 Gallowgate
M'Lellan, John, 22 Abercromby st
M'Lennan, W. 78 Stevenson st.
and 775 Gallowgate
M'Lood, A. 370 Main st. Maryhill
M'Leod, Angus, 74 William street,
M'Leod, A. W. 2 Herbertson st.
and branches
M'Leod, D. 203 Main st. Bridgeton
MacLeod, D. Aird, & Co. 141 W.
Regent street
M'Leod, John, 184 Darnley st
M'Leod, John 46 W. Bothwell st.
and 35 Belgrave st
M'Leod, Win. 394 Parliamentary
road and branches
M'Leod, Wm. 50 Eottenrow
M'Menemy, Dan. 517, 519 Dum-
barton road, Partick
M'Millan, Archd. (broker), Go Bath
M'Millan, Mrs. 426 Springburn rd
M'Millan, Peler, 50 Elderslie st
M'Mullan, Wm. 6 Findlay st
M'Nab, Malcolm, 1 Errol st
M'Naughton, Lachlan, 404 Dum-
barton road, Partick
M'Nee, Jas. 172 Stirling road
M'Nee, John, 1 Victoria road
M'Neisb, Andrew D. & Jas. 83
Paisley road, W.
M'Nicol, John, 27 Duke street
M'Nicol, John, 539, 679 Gallow-
M'Nish, Robert, & Co. (wholesale)
14 Carrick street
M'Nulty, Bernard, 4 M'Phersonst
M'Phee, Hugh, 145 Bernard st
M'Phee, Hugh, 140 Eglinton st.
and 193 S. Wellington st
M'Phee, Jas. 256 London rd
M'Pherson, Allan, 91 to 95
Elderslie street
M'Pherson, And. 218 Crookstonst.
286 Scotland street
M'Pherson, M. 276 Main street,
Bridgeton, and branches
M'Pherson, Mrs. M. 387 Argylest.
and branches
M'Quarrie, Robt. 118 Gt. Eastern
M'Queen, Peter, 478 Gt. Western
road, Billhead
M'Rae, D. 16 Mains street, and
34 Sauchiehall st
M'Rae, John, 125 Paisley rd W.
M'Rae, Mrs. C. 102 Cedar street
and 2 Swan street
MacSorley, Philip, 44 Jamaica st.
and 5 Ann st
MacSorley, Philip, 72 Maitland st.
and branches
M'Vey, H. 28 Pollokshaws rd
M'Vey, Thos. 70 Renfield street
M'William, And. 16 Maxwell st
M'William, J. & J. (wholesale), 38
Queen st
M'William, Miss H. 88 Whitevale
Madden, Matthew, 531 New City
Maitland, Jas. 103 Maitland st
Malcolm, John, 4 Carlton court
MalloD, Hugh, 309 Hope st. 24
Royal arcade,andLambhill stores,
Maltman, John, 39 Well rd
Manson, Mrs. Margt. 87 Water-
loo street
Manuel & Webster, 133 Buchanan
Marchant, Charles, senior, 218
Marchant, Chas. 377 Argyle st
Marchant, D. 12^ Elderslie st
Msrr, G. D. 81 Stirling road
Marr, Wm. 36, 38 Nelson st. city
Marshall, Alex. 77 Grove st
Marshall, Jas. 235 to 241 Cam-
bridge st
Marshall, M'Ewen, & Co. (whole-
sale), 146 St. Vincent st
Martin, Alex. J. 81 Main st. s.s.
Martin, And. 10 Anderston quay
Martin, Francis, 7 Green st
Martin, Mrs. 100 Old Kelvin-
haugh road
Masterton, J. 483 St. George's
road and 195 Broomielaw
Mather, John, & Son. 147 Queen st
Maxton, L. 651, 653 Govan road
Mechan, Felix, 12 Marlborough st
Meichan, Francis, 56^ Dale street,
Meek, Mrs. T. 43 Wallace st. s.s
Meikle, John, jun. 128 Paisley rd.
Meikle, Peter, 44 Grove st
Meikle & Ross, 168 Dumbarton rd.
and branches
Melling, J. 26 Grace st
Menzies, Mrs A. 33 Nelson st, s.s.
Menzies, J. L. 98 Eglinton st. and
Menzies, James (wholesale), 68
Bath st
Millar, Andrew, 92 Cambridge st
Miller, Hugh, 87 and 89 Cumber-
land st., s.s.
Miller, James, 68 Norfolk street
Miller, Jas. F. 87a Main st. And
Millar, Joseph, 12 S. Coburg st
Miller, Wm. 2 So. Shamrock st
Millar, Wm. 80 Gloucester st
Miller, Mrs. Helen, 714 Govan rd
Miller, Jessie D. 49, 51 Helen st
Milne, Andrew, 80 Sunnyside rd.
Milroy, Andrew, 10 Pollokshaws
Mitchell, Alex. 16, 18 Pollokshaws
Mitchell, Alex. B. 420, 422 St.
George's road
Mitchell, James, 63 Dale street,
Mitchell, Jas. 146 Parliamentary
Mitchell, Malcolm, 44 Watt st
Mitchell, Mrs. Jane, 4 Byars road
Mitchell, Wm. 142, 144 West
street, s.s.
Mitchell, William, 291 Main street,
Monachan, Peter, 740 Garscube rd
Monney, P. 274 Mathieson st
Moore, Jas. 6 Forth st. P.-Dundas
Morrison, C. & Sons, 139a St.
Vincent street
Morrison, John, 587 Gt. Western
Morrison & M'Intyre, 26 Struthers
Morrison, M. & Son, 21 Wilson st
Morrison, Michael, 281 N. Ciry rd

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