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City Tube Works (iron), 35 Rose
street, Hutchesontown
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co. Ltd.
(india rubber), Clyde st. Port-
Dundas ; telephone No. 27 ;
town warehouse, 76 Broomie-
law; telephone No. 4928
Clydesdale Tube Works, Rutherglen ,
near Glasgow
Coats Tube Co. (iron and steel),
Cochrane & Co. (conical and par-
alleled boiler tubes), Eclipse
Iron Works, Shettleston
Currie, Thomson & Co. (india
rubber), 43-47 Jamaica street ;
wholesale, 9 Howard st
Cycle Tube Co. Ltd. Birmingham ;
J. Murray, Scottish representa-
tive, 60 St. Enoch sq.
Deighton's Patent Flue and Tube
Co. Ltd. Leeds, patent corru-
gated boiler flues ; representa-
tive, Albert J. Kingnorn, 59
Robertson street
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M'Alpine street
Eadie, James, & Sons, Clydesdale
Tube Works, Rutherglen
Elliot's Metal Co. Ltd. (brass and
copper tubes), Birmingham ;
agent, Neil MacVicar, 342 Ar-
gyle street
Empire Seamless Steel Tube Co.
Ltd. Tipton; agent, James G.
Young, 196 St. Vincent street
Endurance Tube and Engineering
Co. Limited, patent seamless
steel tubes ; sole agents, Black-
ley, Young & Co. 70 Welling-
ton street
Evered & Co. Lim., Surrey Works,
Smethwick; office, 33 Ann st. city
Everitt, Allen, & Sons, Limited,
Birmingham ; agents, Morris,
Warden & Co., 25 Gordon st
Galloway's, Ltd. (patent Galloway),
128 Hope street
Glasgow Tube Works, 181 Swan-
ston street
Henderson, Chas. & Co. (brass and
copper tubes), agents for John
Wilkes, Sons & Mapplebeck Ld.
9 York street
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd. (for
artesian tube wells), General
Terminus, Paisley road toll
Hendry Bros, iron, brass, and
copper tubes, 79, 80 Clyde st
India Rubber (The) Gutta Percha
and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd.
8 Buchanan st
Laidlaw, R. & Son (gas and water
pipes), 147 E. Milton st
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Limited,
cast and wrought iron for gas,
water, and steam (now The Bar-
rowfield Iron Wks. Ltd.) Ford-
neuk st
Laing, R. G. brass, copper, iron,
and steel (loco, and condenser,
&c), 29 Waterloo st
Leith, Cardie & Co., makers of
long range tube expanders,
Leith & Matthew's patent, also
Dudgeon & Thomson's pattern
tube expanders, tube cutters,
and ferrule extractors, special
expanders made to order, 29
Eaglesham st
Leslie & Hall, iron, brass, copper,
&c, 48 and 50 Cadogan st
Lloyd & Lloyd, Albion Tube Wks.
Birmingham, 95 Bath st. Glasg.
Lloyd & Lloyd, Birmingham ; agts.
N eilson & Maxwell, 88 Cadogan st
M'Corkindale, A. & Sons, tube
holdfast makers, 182 Broomie-
law and 11 James Watt st
M'Farlane, Strang, &Co. (Limited)
cast-iron pipes, Lochburn Iron
Works; office, 204 St. Vincent
M'Haffie & Co , ventilating, speak-
ing, &c., 107 John st. city
M'Haffie, Jas. (ventilating, speak-
ing, &c.) 9 Grafton st
MacLellan, Geo. & Co. Glasgow
Rubber Works, Maryhill; ware-
house, 253 Argyle st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129
Marshall, John, & Sons, Glasgow
Tube Works, 181 Swanston st
Martin, P. M. (copper and brass
tubes), 101 St. Vincent st
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Menzies, James, & Co., Phoenix
Tube Works, Dalmarnock bridge
Mint (The) Birmingham, Ltd.,
brass and copper tubes ; agent,
D. H. Barrie, 115 Waterloo st
Muntz's Metal Co. Ltd. brazed
and solid drawn brass and cop-
per tubes; agents, A. G. Kidston
& Co. 81 Gt. Clyde st. and 155
Fenchurch st. London, E.C
Pennsylvania Tube Works, Pitts-
burg, Pa. U.S.A. ; sole agents,
Cyril Dunderdale & Son, 119
St. Vincent street
Perfecta (The) Seamless Tube
Co. Lmtd. makers of seam-
less steel tubes ; agents, A. G.
Kidston & Co. 81 Gt. Clyde st.
and 155 Fenchurch street,
London, E.C
Richmond, David (iron), City Tube
Works and Brassfoundry, 35
Rose st. Hutchesontown
Richmond, David, & Co. lap-
welded irou and steel boiler
tubes, &c. North British Tube
Works, Brooraloan rd. Govan
Ritchie & Whiteman (copper and
brass tubes), 24 Robertson st
Robson, George J., & Co. 22
Bath street
Stewart, A. & J. & ClydeRdale,
Ltd. British Tube Works, Coat-
Stewart, A. & J. & Clydesdale,
Ltd. Clyde Tube Works, Coat-
Stewart, Andrew & James, &
Clydesdale, Ltd., 41 Oswald st.
Stewart, John, & Co. 28, 30 Os-
wald st
Sturrock, Wm. 95 Bath st
Taylor, And., malleable iron tubes
for gas, water, and steam, 47
Oswald st
The Caledonian Tube Co. Coat-
Thomson, Wm. & Co. makers of
Thomson & Dudgeon's expanders,
pulley blocks, &c. expanders
constructed to instructions
(beware of spurious imitations),
Smith st. Kinning park
Tradeston Tube Co. 48 Wallace st.
Tubes, Limited, Catherine street,
Astoo, Birmingham (si amless
steel tubes) ; agnt. Neil M' Vicar,
342 Argyle st
Union Tube Co. Union Tube Wks.
Universal Weldless Steel Tubes Co.
Ltd. Chesterfield ; agents, Wm.
Clark & Co. 141 W. George st
Vivian H. H. & Co., Ltd., Birming-
ham ; agents, Cyril Dunderdale
& Son, 119 St. Vincent st
Watson, Gow & Co. Ltd. (gas and
water) Etna Foundry, Lilybank
Wilkinson, John, & Sons, Saltley,
Birmingham (in copper, brass,
German silver, &c. and of all
kinds); agents, Barclay, Mackay
& Co. 12 Waterloo street
Wilson, Jas. & Sons, Coatbridge;
works, Coatbridge
Wilson, John, & Son, Ltd. (iron),
Gorbals Tube Works, 43-47 Ox-
ford street
Ferguson, John, & Sons (whole-
sale manufacturers), tube ma-
chinery and foundry brushes of
every description, 54 York st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
Murray, Jas. & Co. 8 Anderston qy
Riddell, W. & Co. (boiler tube
moulders, and other steel
brushes, scratch brushes, and
dynamo brushes), 35 Mircbell st.
and 636 Springfield rd. Parkhead
Rowat, A. & Co. 18 Watson street
(late of 25 Candleriggs). — See
Advt. in Appendix
Royal Asylum for the Blind, 100
Castle st
Taylor & Miller, 261 Argyle st

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