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Nisbett & Co. 106 W. George st
Norris, Robt. 395 Garscube road
Oliver, Kiik & Co. 48 Robertson st
Oswald, Jamieson & Co. 45 Com-
merce street
Parker, D. & J. (wholesale only),
7 Montrose st
Patrick, James, 204a London rd
Peek Bros. & Winch, Ltd. (whole-
sale), 33 Ann st
Pbilip, Andrew, 70 Howard st
Poison, Andrew, & Co., 24 Howard
Poison, A. L. & Co. 27 Oswald st
Pringle & Crichton, 47 York st
Rathie Brothers, 70 Robertson st
Rattray, A. D. 188 Dumbarton rd.
Reddin, John, 277 Paisley road
Reid, Jas. Neil, 222 Dumbarton
road, Pariick
Reid, Robert, 221, 223 Cowcad-
dens street
Robertson, J. & S. 467 Cathcart rd.
Rowley & Davies, 33 Ann st. city
Roxburgh. A. L. & Co. 50 Tronoate
Russell, Robt. 764 Pollokshaws
Russian (The) Tea Co. 397
Sauchiehall st
Ryan, Chas. 107 Eglinton st
Seaton, W. & A. 21 Ann st. city
Selbie, David, 361 Eglinton st
Semple & Co. 188 Ingram st
Semple, M'Lean, & Reid, 188 In-
gram st
Shand & Inglis, 53 Wilson st
Shaw & Co. 180 Crown street
Shuttleworth, W. S. & Co. 33 Ann
st. city
SimpsoD, J. M. & Co. 27 Ann st
Sinclair Bros. 277 Paisley rd
Sinclair Bros. 114 New City rd
Sinclair, N. & Co. 19 Douglas st
Skinner, H. 465 Cathcart road
Slimmon, H. & Sons, 48 Hutcheson
Smeal, William, & Son, 155 Gal-
Smith, James, 35 Parnie street
Smith & Sharp, 13 and 17 Vir-
ginia st
Spears, Thomas, & Co. Ltd. 27
Gt. Western rd
Spite, Francis, & Co. (Ltd.), 26 to
30 St. Enoch sq. and branches
Stevenson, J. & Sons, 577 Gal'gate
Stevenson, Wm. 27 Oswald st
Stewart, A. M. & Son, Virginia st
Stewart, Peter, & «Jo. 16 St.
Andrew's st
Stewart, Robt. 34 Shuttle st
Sutherland, John, 15 Canning st.
and branches
Templeton, R. & J. 164 S. Welling-
ton st. and 270 Rutherglen rd.
and branches
Templeton, S. S. 229 High st.
Tetley, Jos. & Co. 24 Howard st
Thomson, D. 35 Renfield street
Thomson, Wm. 1 Loudon ter.
Todd, James, 21 Stevenson st
Ure, Jas & Co. 57 Oswald st
Vallance, Joseph, 399 Gallowgate
VanDan, A. & R. 75 Argyle st.
and at 53 Bothwell st
Walker, A. O. 9 St. Vincent pi.
Walker, Jas. A. 95 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Walker & Son, 57 and 59 Char-
lotte street
Warman, Harry, 49 Jamaica st
Warren. Cakebread & Co. (whole-
sale), 33 Ann street
Watson & Middleton, 19 and 21
Oswald st
Weatherstone, James, 497 Cath-
cart road
Webb, George, & Co., wholesale,
2 Oswald street
Wbyte, A. C. & Sons (wholesale),
10 Dixon st
Wbyte & Binme, 8 Oswald street
Williamson, Cloudsley, & Co. 27
Oswald street
Wilson, John, 196 Paisley rd. W.
and 7 Morrison st
Wilson, Ronald, & Co. 28 Ann
Wotherspoon, A. 427 Argyle st
Wright, Wm. & Co. 187 W. Geo. st
Baillie, R. J. Catnpkill avenue,
Bunten, Mrs. Woodholm, Seyton
avenue, Langside
Clifford, Misses, 12 Moray place,
Glass, Miss, 5 Maxwell drive
Herriot, John, 5 Onslow drive
Lauder, F. & J. Rosslyn Seminary,
23 Melville st. Pollokshields
Levack, Misses, 34 Westbourne gds
Malcolm, Misses. 1 Hamilton dr
Pollock, Miss, 16 Queen Mary aven
Porteus, Miss, Argaith, Dumbreck
Raukin, Misses, 28 Belmont gard.
Ritchie, Misses, 40 Berkeley st
Sturrock,Mrs. and Miss, 2 Queen's
Watson, Miss, 8 Woodside cres.
Widmer, Justus & Mrs.(orincipils),
Kelvinside Ladies College, 21
Athole gardens
Anderson, Andrew, M.A. High
Brown, Robt. Queen's Park School
Forsyth John, M.A., B.Sc. 21
Gibson st. Hillhead
Hutchison, Jn. M.A. LL.D. High
Mackintosh. A. R. 173 Shamrock bt
Menzies, Thos. F.E.I.S. Huiehe-
sons' Grammar School
Miller, D. G. M.A. E.C. Training
Newall, T. Cannan, B.A. 4 Camp-
bell st. MaryhiH
Paton, D. H. LL.D. High School,
Elmbauk st
Thomson, W. Stewart, M.A. 144
Bath street
Twist, T. Howard, M.A. 101 St.
George's rd
Keith, Miss M. Glasgow School of
Cookery, 86 Bath st
M'DoDald, Miss Ross, Queen's
Park School of Cookery, 17»
Queen's drive
West-end School of Cookery (Mrs.
Black), 2 Dalhousie st
Young, Mrs. Isabella, 551 Saucbie-
hall st. Charing cross. — iSce Ap.
Annand, Mrs. 447 Sauchiehall st,
Levine, Madame, dress cutting,
" Kodnure " system, and milli-
nery, 158 Sauchiehall street
Barrett, Mrs. H. 82 Queen drive
Bennie, W. C. 40 Garturk street,
Berger, John S. 107 Dundas st
Black, Mrs. St. Clair, 16 Cum-
berland st. W.
Burton, James, 234 Sauchiehall st
Burton, T. C. 43 Gt. Western rdj
Burton, Miss, 303 Sauchiehall st .
Campbell, Miss, Western Dancing
Academy, St. George's cross 1
Diamond, A. J. & Sou, 2 Carlton
Donaldson, Georgina, 5 Lans-
down crescent
Galloway, Jas. 228 Cambridge st
Gillies, W. F. 20 Albert dr. Cross-
M'Corquodale, G. 16 Gardner st
Macdonald, The Misses Black, 11$
St. George's road
M'Ewan, J. B. 17 Derby st
Robertson, Jas. O. 316 Paisley rd
Sellars, R. M. 46 Leven st
Stevenson, Wm. M.D., 30 Ber-
keley terrace
Stirling, Jas. H. Assembly rooms,
Crown st
Thomson, Millar, 15 Florence pi..
Woodlands rd
Wallace, Jas. F. 442 Sauchiehall st
Wallace, Florence, 442 Sauchie-
hall street
Webster, Frank S. Queen's Rooms
Webster, John, 391 Paisley rd.

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