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Nelson, Win. & Co. 428 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Park, John, 30 Govanhill st
Parker, James, 60 Bluevale st
Paterson, John, & Son, Limited,
610 Pollokshaws rd
Paterson & Baldie (late T. Crack-
ston & Son), 144 W. Regent st
Penman & Son, 24 Surrey lane, s.s.
Petrie, William, 25 Berkeley st
Porter, John, Jeanfield Brick-
work, London rd
Ramsay, David, 302 Thistle st. s.s.
Rellie, Wm. 715 & 968 Govan rd
Rennie, R & W. & Co. 41 Cumber-
land st. s.s.
Renwick, John, 248 W. George st
Ritchie, David B. 32 Elmbank st
Sellar, James, & Co. 37 Kelvin
street, Partick.
Sharp, G. & Son, 37 Holmhead st
Shaw, Wm. & Sons, 94, 96 Com-
merce st
Short, John & J. 63 Glenpark
Smith, Laurence, 62 Reidvale st
Spittal Bros. 93 John st. city
Stuart, Alex. 122 South Portland
Stewart, A. & Co. 47 Maxwell rd
Stewart, Arch., of A. Stewart &
Co.; ho. Marnock villa
Stewart, John D. 37 West Cum-
berland st
Symington, D. K. & H., Coat-
Taylor, Jas. 75 Port st
Taylor, Wm. 183 Saracen street,
Thaw & Campbell, Haghill depot,
Paton st
Thomson, And. 100 Abbotsford pi
Thomson, Alex. & Sons, 100
Abbotsford pi
Thomson, James, 78 Crownpoint
Tod, John, 82 Garnethill st
Wamock & Horsburgh, 33 Farie
street, Rutherglen
Webster, Walker, & Webster,
396 Crown street
White, Jas. H. 87 Forth street,
Williamson, George Bothwell Park,
Wylie, Jas., 34 Trongate
Young, Geo. 39 Cromwell st
Youug, Geo. 429 Dumbarton road,
Young, John, 31 Melville street,
Alston, Edward, 23 Kersland ter.
Cram, J. F. 10 Kersland st
Henderson, A. L. (mecbano and
electro- therapeutist, established
1885; masseur for two years
to the Western Infirmary, em-
ployedand recommended by over
seventy eminent medical men.
Teacher and operator in me-
chano-therapeutics), 4 Selborne
ter. S. Woodside rd
Holms, Miss C. (certificated medical
masseuse, West End Hospital,
London), at 27 Burnbank gar-
dens, W. Messages may also be
left with Mr M'Millan, chemist,
St. George's eros*, Hillhead,
and North Ktlvinside
Rogerson, Mrs. E. 70 St. George's
Schillberg, Amy, 274 Bath st
Schillberg, Torsten, 274 Bath st
(Swedish Medical Manual
Henderson, Alex. L. (teacher and
operator in Swedish and other
medical gymnastics, massage &
electro-therapy. Established
1885. Employed and recom-
mended by leading physicians
and surgeons), 4 Selborne ter.,
S. Woodside rd
Lindeberg, Victor, 310 St. Vincent
Cowan & Laird, 9 Brunswick lane
Grischotti & Co. 141 W. George st
Laird, Andrew, 34 Brunswick st.
and 142 Trongate
Mitchell & Co. Clyde Match Wks.
Thompson, Kemp & Co. 83 Dunlop
Thomson, Wm. all kinds of safety
and paraffin matches and wax
vestas for home and export, 101
St. Vincent st
Baird, John, wholesale optician,
36 Oswald st
Baird, Robt. wholesale, 5 Union st.
— See Advt. in Appen.
Baird & Tatlock, 40 Renfrew st
Baird, Thos. 34 Queen st
Brown, James, 76 St. Vincent st
Buchanan Brothers (Richard's
indicators, and steam gauge
makers), 16 Carrick st
Carlaw, David, & Sons, 11 Finnie-
ston st. Telephone No. 5363
Christie, Andrew, 27-28 Clyde pi
Davison, Alex. 47 London st
Dobbie, Alex. & Son, 44 and 45
Clyde place
Gardner & Co. 53 St. Vincent st
Hannan & Buchanan, for marine,
75 Robertson st
Hassard, W. J. & Co. (optician),
209 Sauchiehall street
Kelso & Co. 55 Oxford st
Lawson, James, 70 Argyle st
Lawson & Redpath, 18 Charing
Cross mansions
Lyle, James, practical, 89 West
George st
M'Gregor, D. & Co. 37, 38 Clyde
Marshall, Alex. 213 and 277 Argyle
More, James, 77 Renfield st
Morison Brothers, 52 Renfield st.
— See Adv. in App.
Pollock & Stewart (opticians), 41
Renfield st
Prescott & Co. 52 Queen st
Smith, W. & Co. 51 and 53 Dun-
das st. city
Trotter, John, 28 Gordon st
Welsh & Horn, 15, 17 Douglas st
White, James, 18, Cambridge st
Whyte, Thomson, & Company, 142
& 144 Broomielaw, and Neptune
Works, 123 Harmony row, Govan
Wright, K. E. & Co. 1 & 3 Trongate
and 2 Saltmarket
Glasgow Syrup Refining & Sugar
Grinding Co. Ltd. 10 to 26-
Cochrane street
For members of the Glasgow Institute
of Measurers see Appendix.
Adams, John, 4 Alexandria ter.,
Aitchison, John G. 108 W. Reg. st
Allan, John H., 121 W. Regent st
Aliardyce, Chas. 12 Kidston st
Allison, George, 95 Bath st
Andeison, Archd. 95 Bath st
Armstrong, Jas. Walker, 136 Wel-
lington street
Baird, John, 261 West George st.
Telephone 4234
Barr & Knox, 221 W. George st
Baxter, Jno. 243 St. Vincent st
Binnie & Murray, 196 St. Vincent
Bowie, Jas. City Line, Queen's dock
Boyd, Wm. Mavisbank
Bradshaw, J. H. 122 Wellington st
Brand & Lithgow, 131 W. Regent
Brown, Geo. B. 175 St. Vincent st
Brown, Robt. 197 St. Vincent st
Brown, Wm. M. 203 W. George st
Cameron, James, 102 Bath st
Campbell, Jonathan, 175 St. Vin-
cent street
Candlish, Geo. 147 W. Regent st
Connell, Matthew, 196 St. Vincent
Currie, James Ferguson, 249 West
George street
Currie, John, 249 West George st

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