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General Accident Assurance Cor-
poration, Limited, 28 Renfield
General Key and Property Registry,
secy. T. Hassan Cowper, 240
Hope st
General Life Insurance Co., 141
W. George st
General (The) Plate Glass Insur-
ance Co. Ltd. 49 Bath st
Globe Accident Insur. Co. Ld. 166
St. Vincent st
Golden Eagle Friendly Society, 40
Union st
Goldsmiths' and General Burglary
Insurance Association Ltd., 33
Renfield st
Goldsmiths' and General Buralary
Insurance Association Ltd.(The);
John S. Marr, agent, 175 St.
Vincent street
Gresham Life Assurance Society,
132 West Regent street ; Thos.
Aitken, res. secy.
Guarantee Fidelity Association of
Scotland (Limited), 108 West
George st
Guarantee Fidelity Insurance,
The Palatine Insurance Co. Ltd.
W. C. Scott, manager for Scot-
land, 25 St. Vincent place
Guarantee Fidelity, Norwich and
London Accident Insurance As-
sociation, 81 St. George's place
Guarantee of Fidelity: National
Guarantee and Suretyship Asso-
ciation, Ltd.; Mitchell, Watson,
& Co., agents, 75 St. George's pi.
— See Advt. in Appendix
Guarantee Insurance ; John S.
Marr, agent, 175 Sc. Vincent st
Guarantee National & Suretyship
Association (Ltd.), 150 Hope st
Guarantee Society of London (the
original society), 87 W. Regent
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance
Co. Ltd. 187 W. George sc
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance
Co. 68 Mitchell st
Guardian Plate Glass Insurance
Co. (Limited), 64 W. Regent
street; J. L. & T. L. Selkirk,
resident secretaries
Hand-in-hand Fire and Life Insur-
ance Office, 150 Hope st
Henderson, Wilson, & Anderson
62 Buchanan st
Insurance Assurance Corporation
(Marine), Thomson, Dickie, &
Co. 17 Royal Exchange square
Insurance Co. of North America,
Philadelphia ("Marine), H. H.
Birrell, Royal Exchange buildgs.
Insurances Corporation, Ltd. (The),
i)6 Buchanan st
Imperial Insurance Co. Ltd. (Fire),
180 W. George sti—See Advt.
in Appen.
Kent Fire Insurance Co.; agent,
David D. Dunlop, 187 West
George st
Kent Fire and Life Insurance
Office, 190 West George st
Lancashire Insurance Company,133
W. George street ; J. M. Barr,
resident secretary. — See Advt.
Lancashire & Yorkshire Accident
Insurance Co. Ltd. 87 St.
Vincent st
Law Accident Insurance Co. Ltd.
Norwich Union chambers, 129
Hope st. — See Advt.
Law Accident Insurance Society,
Ltd., 129 Hope st. — See Advt.
in A pp.
Law Union and Crown Fire and
Life Insurance Co. ; Robert Oli-
phant, manager for Scotland,
157 West George st
License Insurance, Law Guarantee,
and Trust Society, Ltd. Norwich
Union chambers, 129 Hope st
Life Association of Scotland; branch
office, 123 St. Vincent street ; J.
Bruce Leask, secy
Life Association of Scotland, 108
West George street
Lion Fire Insurance Co. Ltntd. ;
Smith& Breen, resident managers
61 W. Regent street — See Adv.
Liverpool & London & Globe In-
surance Co. 30 George square.
— See Advt. in App.
Liverpool, London, and Globe In-
surance Co. ; John S. Marr,
agent, 175 St. Vincent st
Liverpool Victoria Le^al Friendly
Society, 143 West Regent st
London Assurance Corporation
(established 1720), 44 St, Vin-
cent place
London Assurance Corporation,
17 Royal Exchange square
London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow
Assurance Co. Limited ; E.
Samuel, district manager, 199
St. Vincent street
London Guarantee and Accident
Insurance Co. Ltd. 141 Bu-
chanan st
London & Lancashire Fire Insur-
ance Co. John S. Marr, agent,
175 St. Vincent st
London & Lancashire Fire Insur.
Co. 32 Royal Exchange square,
— See Advt.
London & Lancashire Life Assur-
ance Co., 18 Royal Exchange
square. — See Advt.
London and Lancashire Life Insur.
Co.; John S. Marr, agent, 175
St. Vincent st
London and North British Plate
Glass Insurance Co. Ld; resident
secretaries for West of Scotland,
R. M'Callum & Son, 69 Union
street ; branches, 2 Great Well-
ington St. & 661 Govan road,
London Guarantee and Accident
Co. Ld. 108 West George street
London & Provincial Mar. and
General Insurance Co. of Lon-
don, Ltd. 7 Royal Bank pi
Manchester Fire Assurance Co.
(sprinkler department), 119 St.
Vincent St.; John Robertson,
manager for Scotland
Manchester Fire Assurance Co.
16 St. Vincent pi.— See Ad,
Marine and General Mutual Life
Assurance Society; Browne &
Watson, agents, 16 Bothwell st
Marine and General Mutual Life
Insurance Society, 158 Hope
Marine Insurance ; J. Grant
M'Leod, Royal Exchange
Marine Insurance Co. Ltd. of
London, 22 Royal Exchange sq
Marine Insurance Co. (The Union,
late International), 22 Royal
Exchange square
Maritime Insurance Co. Ltd. 28
Renfield St.; A. Rae, agent
Metropolitan Fire Insurance Co.
Ltd. 179 W. George st
Mutual Life Association of Aus-
tralasia, 30 Gordon st
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New
York, 54 Gordon street
Mutual Property Recovery and
Accident Co. 132 W. Nile st
National Assurance Co. oflreland,
55 West Nile street
National Boiler and General In-
surance Co. (Limited), J. L. &
T. L. Selkirk, C.A., 64 West
Regent street, res. secys.
National British and Irish Millers'
Insurance Co., Ltd. 119 St.
Vincent st
National Guarantee and Suretyship
Association ,Ld; Mitchell, Watson
& Co. C.A. agents, 75 St. George's
pi. — See Advt. in App.
National Provident Institution for
Mutual Life Assurance, &c. ;
superintendent of agencies in
Scotland, F. A Ruff; assistant
supt. J. P. Brander, 128 Hope
street. — See Advt. in App.
National Provident Institution for
Mutual Life Assurance, &c,
agent, J. Wilson Bain, 113 W.
Regent st
New York Life Insurance Co.
81 St. George's pi
New Zealand Insurance Company,
4 Victoria buildings, W. Regent
North British and Mercantile In-
surance Co. 102 St. Vincent st. ;
D. L. Laidlaw, manager ; John
T. Fyfe, secy. — See front board
of Directory.

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