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Wilson, Guthrie, & Co., 335 St.
Vincent st
Cameron, Robt. & Co. (machine),
18 Dundas st. s.s.
Connal & Bannatyne, 341 Argyle
Dessenon & Co. 24 and 32 St.
James st. Kinning park
Gibson, Bros. & Co. 153 George st.
Paisley; works, St. Mirren's
Griininger, E. (St. Gall) ; agents
H. C. M'Ausland & Sons, 51
Buchanan st
Harrington, J. P. Ld. S. Hanover st
Hunter, Matthew, & Co. 98-100
Holm st
Kenning, G. & Son, in gold, silver,
tinsel, silk, and worsted. 9 West
Howard street
Kippen, Wm. 64 Paterson st, s.s.
Lang & Co., Swiss and Bonnaz,
18a Cook street
M'Arley, David, tambourer, 32
John st
MacArthur, D. & Co. (musliu), 17
Cadogan street
M'Chesney,Thos. 23 Wilson st.city
M'Chesney, William, machine, 48
French street
MacLennan, John (gold, silver,
and silk thread for), I Princes sq
Miller, Alex. 56 Burgher st
Mitchell Brothers, hand and ma-
chine, 97 W. Campbell st
Munro & Scott, 4 North Exchange
court, off St. Vincent place. —
See Advt. in App.
Murdoch & Ramsay, 67 Miller st
Paisley, Peter (in gold and silver),
82 to 96 Jamaica st.
Pritchard, J. & R. & Co. 9 Madeira
Schmidheini & Co. Herisan, Swit-
zerland ; Chas. Slater, agent, 86
Wilson street
Stevenson, Robt. 24 St. James' st.
Paisley road
Stillwell, Edward, & Son (in gold,
silver, silk, tinsel, and worsted),
5 Madeira court
Aclmach & Co. Thistle Rubber
Mills, 110, 112 Commerce st, s.s.
Clyde (The) Kubber Works Co.
(Limited), 2 Clyde street, Port-
Clydesdale (The) Rubber Co. 58
Gordon st
Dempster, Moore & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. 345 Argyle
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Donald & M'Pherson, 8 Bath st
Elsworth, John & Sons, 9, 65, 67
Commerce st
Goudie, Jas. T. & Co. 149, 151
Argyle st
Luke & Spencer, Ltd. Broadheath,
Manchester, emery and corundum
wheels and all kinds of grinding
machinery ; Jas. Sturrock, re-
presentative, 17 Oswald st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129 Tron-
gate, and Clutha Works, Plan-
Marx, Jacob & Co. (emery cloth
and flour), 133 to 139 Finsbury
pavement, London, E.C.; agent
for Scotland, James A. Jack, 7
Clydesdale terrace
Sterne, L. & Co. (Limited), the
Crown Iron Works, 156 North
Woodside road ; London office, 2
Victoria Mansions, Westminster,
Stewart, John, & Co. 28 to 30
Oswald st
Thomson, Wm. & Co. 57 Smith st,
Kinning park
Walton, John D.(Bagshawe's emery
and corundum wheels), 69 Com-
merce st, s.s.
Allan, Jas. sen. & Son (metallic),
Elmbank Foundry
Allan, John, & Son, Barlinnie Fire-
clay Works, 7 Cumbernauld rd.
Austin, Wm. & Macdonald, agents
for sanitary ware and fireclay
goods, Wellington Pottery, 50
Wesleyan st
Bain, W. B. & J. stamped steel
enamelled ware, 65 Waterloo st
Baird, Thompson, & Co. 20 Union
st. and at London
Barringer, Wallis & Manners, Ltd.
Mansfield (tin boxes, show
tablets, &c), Herald buildings,
69 Buchanan st
Brown, Robert, & Son (white and
coloured enamelled bricks, &c.)
Ferguslie Fire-clay wks. Paisley ;
depot, 360 Eglinton street
Brownlie, P. S. & Co. Crown Fire-
clay Wks. 20 East Nelson street
Craig, J. & M. makers of coloured
and white bricks, wash tubs,
sinks, &c. 98 Commerce st. s.s.
Doulton & Co. vitreous porcelain
and metallic, 38 and 40 Both-
well st
Falkirk Iron Co. 32 and 34 Both-
well st
Forbes, J. Gilbert, 12 York street
Gartcraig Fireclay Co. msnufrs.
of white and coloured enamelled
bricks,&c. 1 8 Charles st,St.Rollox
Gilmour, John, & Co. manufac-
turers of white and coloured
enamelled bricks, white enam-
elled tiles, enamelled wash-dowu
closets, sinks, wash tubs, &c,
10 Cook st. s.s.; works, Bonny-
ton, Kilmarnock ; telephone No.
Holzapfel's Composition Co., Ltd.
12 Waterloo st
Howie, J. & R. Hurl ford Fire-clay
Works, makers of baths, wash
tubs, scullery sinks, closets, and
flushing cisterns; agents, Cunie
& Co. Ld.; telephone Nos. 544 &
552 ; 27 Wellington street, city
Kimball & Morton, Ltd. cycle and
machine, 11 Bothwell circus
King, David, & Sons (metallic)
Keppoch Iron Works, Possilpark
Larkhall Brickfields, Ltd. 65 W.
Regent st
Law, John,& Co. Glasgow Foundry,
Rae street, Poit-Dundas
Law, J. & A. Pinkston Ironworks
Lindsay, Chas. (importer of stamped
steel enamelled ware), Rumford
works, 33 Great Hamilton st
Macarthur, Jas. & Co. 9 Shuttle st
Macfarlane Bros. Roxburgh works,
Scotstoun; telegrams, "Enamel,"
Glasgow; office, 26 Oswald st
M'Geoch, Wm. & Co. 108 Argyle st
M'Hutcheon & Co. 82 Lancefieldst
Mackie, W. M. Winton, enamelled
plate mantelpieces, lavatory
slabs, name plates, and tiles of
all kinds, 79 Bath st
M'Phail & Co. 4 New wynd, Tron-
Milton Ironworks, 142 North
Woodside road
Mollison, Ness & Co. (show cards)
120 Kent rd
Morton, John, 10 Cook st. Glas-
gow ; res. St. Hilliers, Kilmar-
nock ; telephone No. 66 Kil-
Ramsay, Wm. & Co., enamel plates
for signs, 11 Jamaica st
Richmond, David, works, 142 North
st ; office, 73 W. Regent st
Shanks & Co. (porcelain and metal-
lic), Tubal Works, Barrhead
Shawsrigg Fireclayand Enamelling
Co. Ltd. 370 Eglinton st
Smith & Christie, 115 to 127
James' st. Bridgeton
Smith, Geo. & Co. Sun Foundry,
Glasgow and Clippens, Ltd. 104
Maxwell st |
Smith & M'Laurin (paper), 27 Ann
st ; wks. Cartside, Milliken park
Spence, David, & Co. (cycle), 75
Robertson st
Taylor, P. W. & Co. (porcelain),
28 Carrick st
Thale Ironworks, Ltd. Germany,
enamelled hollow ware ; sole
agency, 51 Cadogan st
The Metal Enamelling Co. 95 Bath
st.; works, 23 Fleming street,
Garccube cross
2 M 2

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