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33 Agnew, S., laundry
39 Monteath, W. P.
57 Hunt, James
Batsou street here
63 Kyle, Martin
Anderson, John
75 Howie, Robert
Graham, James W.
83 Ferguson, W.
Margacb, J.
87 Mills, James
91 M'Laughlin, Thomas
90 Donnelly, James
82 Wren, R,
Innes, W.
Kinloch, D.
YouDg, James
Batson street here
70 M'Naught, Jas.
Hill, H.
64^'Bremner, D.
58 Forrest, Mrs.
Bobertson, R.
52 Brook, Alex.
M'Kenzie, A.
46 Cowan. J. R.
40 Reid, H.
24 Ramsay, John
Forman, Alex. K.
— — -Cathead; road here
10 Cochrane, Robt. A.
Mainman, Mrs.
Teirney, H.
Jane Place, Plantation.
Jane Place, Pollokshields.
Jane Street.
1 to 13 and 2 to 14, No. 11.
Other Nos. 14.
Oakfield place to 13
3 Dochatty, A. Brownlie
Bunten, Win.
9 Provan, James
M'Gill, Wm. M.D.
Milne, Miss, milliner
M'Leod, Rev John
Nicol, Samuel
11 Morton, David H.
13 Watson, T. Wilkinson
51 M'Kenzie, John
55 to 61 Holmes & Jackson
56 Walker, Wm.
54 Macnie, Wm. C.
Gall, Miss
Miller, Rev. Andrew
52 Forbes, James
50 Readman, W. A.
48 Smith, Gordon R.
MacColl, Mrs.
Campbell, A. P.
46 Drummond, T. S.
44 Sinclair, Gilbert, joiner
4 Steel, R. H.
Muirhead, Geo.
Janefield Av., Springburn. 26-
1 Anderson, Alex.
3 Borthwiek, Geo.
4 Chalmers, Jas.
5 Dobbie, Jas.
Janefield House
Aitchison, Robt.
M'Bain, Alex., Janefield cott.
Janefield Place, Maryhill. 25.
22 Boyd, Thomas
Bryan, Robert
Menzies, Robert
28 Craig, John
Janefield St., Camlachie. 3.
32 Winn, Peter
40-96 Quillan, James
Jardine Street. 17.
21 1st L.E.V. Drill Hall
20 M'Dougall, S.
Young, J.
Jedburgh Gardens, Kelvin-
side. 25.
7 Carnachan, Dr. G.
Muir, Robert
Mather, James M.
Melvin, Wm.
Low, W.
Kelly, James
11 Brooks, David
Gray, J. M.
Muir, John
10 Galloway, A. W.
Cousin, James
M'Farlane, Mrs.
6 Wilson, John L.
Adamson, Alex.
Payne, Wm.
Black, Mrs.
Millar, C. L.
Macfarlane, Mrs. Isabella
Jessie street. 21.
Acme Tea Chest Co., Ltd.
Morrison, Jas. joiner
Morrison & Mason, contractors
John Street.
to 107, No. 10. 2 to 110, No. 9.
Other Nos. 8.
7 Croggon & Co., Limited,
11 Sandeman, David, & Co.
13 Holmes & Allan
17 Hetherington & Anderson
19 Dykes & Morton, warehouse
Cochrane street intersects
45 City chambers
Corporation Water Works
Office ; Robt. Wilson, treas.;
J. M. Gale, engineer
Police and City Assessment
Collector's Office ; James
Reid, collector.
45 Corporation Gas and Electri-
city Department ; J. Flem-
ing, treas., Wm. Foulis and
W. A. Chamen
George street intersects
61 Swan, Thos.
Swan, J. R.
Green & Scott
63 M'Coo, Patrick, sheriff officer
Lawrie, R. G.
Strang, William
73 Apperson, Jas. basket maker
81 M'Kenna, John
Corporation Electric Lighting
Meldrum, John
Gilmour, James
93 Spittal Bros.
Little Hamilton st. here
107 M'Haffie & Co.
Love Loan here
Cathedral street here
Grafton terrace
123 Law, Wm. F.
Taylor, M.
Graham, A.
125 Ingram, John
129 Kerr, Alex.
Morton, T.
Reid, Wm.
128 Buchanan, W. L.
Crawford, David
Gillespie, Hamilton
124 Whyte, David
M'Ewan, Robert
118 Baptist Church
116 St. David's Parish School;
Alex. Bain, teacher
Stirling road here
114 Wright, James, & Co. Ltd.
City Calendering and Finish-
ing Works
Rottenrow here
110 Williamson, James
Anchorage Works, Waddell
Douglas, & Co.
M'Coll, William
108 Stratford & Wark, chair-
100 Clark, Wm & Sons, tinsmiths
M'Nicol, David
M'Millan Brothers
Sprenger, Chas., & Sons
92 Hamilton, Hugh
88 Fraser, Taylor, & Gibson
84 Alston, William
78 West of Scotland Loan Bank
Co., A. Dickson, manager
76 Pozzie & Co.
Muir, William
Chalmers & Son
Young, Geo.
74 City Public School
Marshall, Wm., M.A.
Harrison, J. H., M.A.
M'Cardell, James, janitor
Paton, M.
M'Donald, William

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