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93 Mucklow & Co.
Mulder & Van der Briele
Rigg, William
Central Commission Agency
M'Donald, John
Wendler Brothers
Goalen, W.
M'Culloeh, Allan
The Climax Ventilating Co.
Cousland James
Fifth floor
Clydesdale Horse Society of
Gt. Britain and Ireland;
Archd. M'Neilage, secy.
Levy, Herman
Macfarlane, A. & P.
Mackinnon & Bamford
Mair, John
Fischer, Edmund
Learmonth & Ferguson
Chapman, C.
Sixth floor
Houston, Campbell
Smith, W. W. C, & Co.
Currie, John
Meikle, Thos.
Salmond, H., & Co.
Brownlie, Jas.
Smith, Jas.
Blair, Robert, & Co.
Buchanan, W. C.
Wilson, G. P., & Co.
Cowing, J. Bushby
Cowie, W. R,
Napier, W. D.
Stuart, John
Birtwistle, R. & Co.
General Window Glass Agency
M'Gibbon, James
Patrick, Ales.
Niven, Forest
95 Mitchell, Charles W.
97 Wright, William
99 Marshall & Adams
101 Murdoch, John, & Co.
107 Paterson, John W.
First floor
109 The United Collieries, Ltd.
Watson, G. L.
Cayzer, Irvine, & Co.
Second floor
The Zynkara Co., Ltd.
Willock, Fred. G.
Lietke & Co.
Lietke, Charles F.
Jackson, P.
Ferguson & Reid
Gen. Steam Navigation Co.
Morton, Andrew-
Smith, W. S.
Third floor
Key, Wm.
Ollendorff, H.
Ollendorf & M'Creath
Lindsay & Crookston
Clyde Patent Yacht Slip Co.
Murray, Richard
Piatt Brothers & Co.
Miller, W. S. & Co.
109 Reston, J. & Co.
Gordon & Co.
Goodall, John
M'Gibbon, Alexander
Nisbet, Alex. D.
M'Calman, J.
Windsor, Richards, Rainey, &
Sampson, Kinnell & Co.
Stuwock, D. W.
Neil, George
Reid. R. S.
Arthur, E.
Ill Cochrane, John
115 Caldwell, W. F.
Bothwell street here
119 MacBrayne, David
Glasgow and West Highland
Steam Packet Office
123 Law, Thos. & Co. ship brokers.
Uruguayan consul
Langlands, M., & Sons
Queensland Emigration office
Munro, J. M.
National Guardian.
The Scottish Trader
Donald & Taylor
Gordon, Alex.
125 Pillans & Dowal
127 Yost Typewriter Co., Ltd.
129 Law Guar. & Trust Socy. Ltd.
Law Accid. Insur. Socy, Ltd.
St. Vincent street intersects
149 Murray, John & Charles
Frame & Macdonald, writers
151 Maclay, Duff & Co.
157 Crossley Brothers, Ltd.
157AMeikle, John
Woodburn, J. S.
Rae, T. Vivers
M'Kechnie, Henry D.
159 Vulcan Boiler Insurance and
Steam Power Co., Ltd.
Little, James
Perman, Thomas F.
161 Gibson, George
Syme, J. & W. D.
Gibson, John
White, George, & Co.
Typewriter Agency, The
Walker, Alex., & Co.
Bruce, John W. & Co.
West George street intersects
175 Kyle, Dennison, & Frew
Simpson & Wilson, C. & M.E.
Crouch, Wm. civil engineer
Hogg, C. P. C.E.
Crouch & Hogg
Peattie, Macintyre & Laird
Wilson, W. S.
183 Todd, William
187 Halket, T. & Son
189 Stewart, W. M-Neil, & Co.
West Regent street intersects
203 Espie, George
Williamson & Carswell
205 Robertson, David, & Son
Duncan, Robt., architect
205 Taylor, Alex. J.
Young, Wm. J.
Mitchell, James
Walker, Nisbet
Smith, F. H. & Co.
Saddler, Joseph
207 Binnie, Thomas & Son
Binnie, Thomas, junr.
Cowan, William F.
209 Kirk Brothers
Clyde Anti- Friction Metal Co.
Maceachran & Co.
The No. Highland Whisky Co.
211 Duncan, James Dalrymple
Duncan & Morrison
Aitken, James, & Co.
217 Campbell & Breckenridge
219 Croal, A. W. writer
Tennant, William
Dodds, W. D.
223 Walker, Duncan
Findlater, John, accountant
Wylie, John
Bath street intersects
227 Scott & Brownlie
Spence, Henry
231 Meikle & Blews, painters
233 Rattray, John, & Son
Sauchiehall lane intersects
235 Bisset, Alex., & Sons
Sauchiehall street intersects
259 Louttit, James
261 Dick, Edward
263 M'Millan, J. tailor and cloth.
271 Buchanan, Waller, J.
273 Scottish National Glass &
Glazing Co., Ltd.
—Renfrew street intersects
291 Weir, James
297, 299 Campbell, John
309 Mallon, Hugh
— — Russell street, west, intersects.
390 Camel's Head Bar
282 Theatre Royal
Rutherford lane intersects
252 Weir, James, carver
250 Urquhart, William
240 Mackenzie & M -Alpine
Murray, R. G.
■ General Key & Property Regy.
The Christian News
Morrison, Thos. D.
236 Smith, James, M.
234 White, James, spirit mercht.
Renfrew street intersects
220 Cameron, Mrs.
Bennie, Mrs.
M'Leish, John
Gillan, David
Hudson, James
216, 218 Peat, Geo. S.
Renfrew lane intersects
214 Galloway, Thomas
212 Forquemen, Vincent
210 Nicholson, John, painter
Nicholson, Alexander B.
206 M'Donald, Wm.
Hoffman, E.
Sauchiehall street intersects

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