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82 Bain, Walter, shipowner
Rowan, David, jun.
80 Asher, William, printer
Nelson, Robert, & Son
76 Whitelaw, W. pastry cook
70 Russell, J. R.
68 The Singer Manuf. Co., John
A. Smith, manager
King, A., Brown, & Co.
Walker, R. & Co.
M'Farlane, John
Maclehose, James, & Son
66 Forsyth, R. W.
Renfield street here
58 The Clydesdale Rubber Co.
54 White, Clark J.
Dixon & Wallace
Robertson & Mitchell
Phillips, James
Main, A. & J.
Brodie, George J.
Myers, John
Easton, James
Whyte & Montgomery
Smith & Service
Colonial (The) Mutual Life
Assur. Soc. (Ltd.), James
MacCormack, secretary
Geddes, Robert
Herbert, W. E.
Mitchell, James, & Co.
Anderson, Geo. P.
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
of New York
Waters, J., & Co.
Geddes, W. T.
52 Baikie & Hogg
50 Bennett, J. B. & Sons
" 46 Wolffe Bros.
Cook, David
Stewart, Charles R.
Stone & Co.
Phoenix Fire Office; Peter
Ewing, supt.
Evening Times Camera Club
Shanks, J. B. & Co.
Royal Exchange Assurance!
Jas. Gemmill, manager
Crombie, Alexander
Dechmont (The) Colliery Co.,
42 Riley, Alex.
40 The Cabin Tea-rooms, Ltd.
36 Love, J. W. & Co.
34 M'Farlane, Peter, & Sons
30 Gracie, Robert
Mutual Life Association of
Purvis, James
Tennent, J.
Edmonstone, Charles G.
Riddoch, D. S.
Houlder, Brothers & Co.
Dickson & Tannock
Riddoch, J., & Co.
Macgill, James, com. agent
Muirhead, J. writer
Building Trades' Exch'ge, Ld.
Reid & Blair
30 Russell Brothers
Broom & Moir
Ottmann, H. com. merchant
Lothian, W. agent
Findlay, James, & Co.
28 Trotter, J. optician
24 Anderson, A. A.
20 Arneil & Yuill
West Nile street here
18 Campbell, M. fruiterer
14 The Cabin Tea-rooms, Ltd.
12 Davis, D. & Son, jewellers
Davis, Arthur, iron broker
Fraser, Patrick W.
Nicholson, C. N.
Shieldrigg Coal Co.
Shields & Brown
10 English and Scottish Law
Life Assurance Association,
A. Penn, secy.
Ramsay, W. L.
8 Russell, R. & Co.
Union Assurance Society of
Canton, Limited
Lightbody, F. Anderson
Turnbull, Martin, & Co.
Walker & Hall
Zimmerman, R. com. mercht.
Farquharson, G.
Dunn & Co.
M'Queen, Jas.
Brown, John
Colville, David & Sons, Ltd.
Elderslie Steamship Co., Ltd.
Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea &
Newport Steam Packet
Office, Win. Sloan & Co.
4 Commercial Bank (Limited).
Gordon Terrace, Govan.
1 M'Neish, Mrs. Willliam
2 M'Gugan, D.
5 Cooke, C. H.
9 Paul, D.
15 Russell R.
Gourlay Street, Springburn. 7.
5 Graham, Miss, newsagent
7 Walker, Robert
25 Bisset, Mrs.
75 M'Luckie, Alex.
48 M'Donald, Daniel
Springburn Public School
6 Miller, R.
4 Wylie, W.
Govan Road-
South side to Rutland PL, KB
Other parts, G.
Laurieston place
1 Shuttleton, John
6 Rowston, J.
Brown, Mrs.
Picken, J. M.
7 Thomson, William
Rutland place
9 Court, John
Steven, John
10 Marine Engineers' Institute
12 M'Feat, Joseph, M.B.
13 Meyer, E.
Turnbull, Miss
Eeith, Wm.
14 Sreele, R.
15 Paterson, Angus.
16 M'Alister, A.
17 M'Leod, A.
19 Smith, Thomas
2 1 Rutland House, Thos. Paxtor^
Jane place
81 Sim, Thomas
95 Guthrie, Janet, tobacconist
105 Hutchison, George
Camden place
109 Lochrane, M.
Ill Bennett, Andrew
119 Hill, Dr. A.
123 M'Kirdv, Alex.
125 Burnside, R. A.
Clyde Grove terrace
129 Fraser, D. Spiers
131 Lockhart, Mrs.
133 Paterson, Archibald
135 Gardner, John, & Sons
137 Barr, Mrs.
139 Kenney, James
141 Munro, John
145 Brownlee, John
Taylor place
157 Ward, J. T. spirit merchant
159 Currie, Richard
161 Hunter, Mrs.
165 Martin, David
167 Cairns, J.
M'Donald, J.
169 Kidd, Thos. J.
171 M'Allister, Hector
173 James, Mrs.
175 Frame, Miss
177 Smith, Mrs.
179 Lochrane, Francis, spirit mer.
181 Brown, Peter
183 Lockhart's Dining-rooms
187 M'Rae P. W.
Elmpark Engine Works
David Johnstone, supt.
20 Smith, Thomas
16 Hay, William, & Sons
Cross, W. D.
M'Arthur, D.
Henderson, John, & Son , Ltd.
Yuill, Charles
8 Paisley road Post Office
Colquhoun, Joseph
4, 6 Henderson, Jas. Ltd.
2 M'Lauchlan, John
Govan Road, Govan.
Princes street here
439 Watson, Win.
443 Gunn, Mrs
Elphinstone street here
447 Workman, Miss
451 Buchanan, J.
455 Crawford, Miss
459 Lochrane, Francis
461 Hawthorn, M.

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