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From Cambridge street to Scott st. 7.
From Scott street to St. George's rd. 9.
Hill Street, off Campbell street, Blaryhill. 17.
D g Hill St., f. Stobcross st. to Main st., Anderst. 10.
Hill Street, Shettleston.
Ed Hill St., off Springburn rd., Springburn. 6.
/ Hill Street, Whiteinch. 15.
K h Hill Street, Camlachie. 2.
B e Hillend Gars., Hyndland rd. & Minard rd. Prtk. 15
Cf Hillhead Gardens, Hillhead st., Hillhead. 15.
Bf Hillhead PL, Hillh., f. Bankst. to Glasgow st. 15.
B e Hillhead St., off Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. 15.
E d Hillhouse St., f. Campsie st. to Broomfield rd. 3.
i Hillington Park Circus, halfw. Paisley rd. Govan.
K'h Hillpark Place, 354 Gt. Eastern rd. 2.
D e Hillsborough Square, Hillhead. 15.
Be Hillside Gardens, off Hyndland rd., Partick. 15.
Ed Hillside St., Ter., & PL, off 47 7 Springburn rd. 6.
E g Hillside Terrace, Firpark street. 3.
h Hillview Terrace, Shettleston.
E k Hilton Ter., Albert road, Crossbill. 16.
E e Hinshaw St., Garscube rd. to N. City rd. 9.
7" e Hohden Street, off Petershill, Springburn. 3.
Kg Holbom Drive, off Roebank st. 3
B d Holbom Ter., Montgomerie St., Kelvinside. 17.
Eg Holland Place, off St. Vincent street. 9.
Eg Holland Street, from Sauchiehall street to St.
Vincent street. 9.
E h Holm Street, f. Wellington street to Pitt st. 7
Ag Holm Street, Govan road, Govan. 20. J
E Holmhead Crescent, Cathcart. 16.
E Holmhead Park, Cathcart. 16.
E Holmhead Place, Cathcart. 16.
E Holmhead Road, New Cathcart. 16.
F g Holmhead St., f. Dundas st. to Frederick st. 6.
E Holmhead Terrace, Cathcart. 16.
C I Holmview, Coustonholm rd., Pollokshaws. 21.
Bf Holyrood Cres. , f. Gt. Western rd. to Napiershall
street. 9.
Ef Holyrood Place, 171 New City road. 9.
Ef Holyrood Place, 23 and 25 Napiershall st. 9.
Ef Holyrood Quadrant, from Napiershall street to
Gt. Western road. 9.
F g Hope St., f. Argyle st. to West Russell st. 7.
F g Hope St., from Main st., Anderston, to Stobcross
street. 10.
F k Hope Terrace, Langside rd., Govanhill. 12.
E e Hopehill, North Woodside road. 9.
E e Hopehill Place, Hopehill road. 9.
E e Hopehill Road, f. Garscube rd. to N. City rd. 9.
G g Hopeton Place, f. Rottenrow to Stirling rd. 5.
I e Hopetoun Terrace, off Montgomery street. 3.
G d Horn Street, off Eastfield street. 6.
C e Horselethill Rd., off Gt. West, rd., Kelvinside. 15
F i Hospital Street, f. Adelphi st. southwards. 12.
B g Houldsworth Place, 42 to 68 Cranston st. 10.
B g Houldsworth St., f. Dumbart. rd. to Elliot st. 10.
E i Houston Place, off Houston street. 14.
E i Houston St., f. Crookston st. to Shields rd. 14.
Fh Howard Chambers, 19 Howard street. 7.
F h Howard Court, 1 2 Howard st. 7.
Eg Howard Place, 116 Waterloo street. 7.
F h Howard Square, 9 Howard street. 7.
F h Howard St., from Jamaica st. to Maxwell st. 7.
I j Howard St., f. Savoy st. to Adelphi st., Bridg. 1.
Howe Cottages, Scotstoun.
I i Hozier St., fr. Dalmarnock st. to Baltic st. 1.
Bf Hozier St., f. Orchard st. to Clyde St., Partk. 15.
Ff Hubbard Place, 93 to 103 Garscube road. 8.
B d HughendenRd.,off Gt. Western rd. Kelvinside. 15.
B e Hughenden Terrace, Kelvinside. 15.
G i Humane Society House, Green. 4.
F i Hume PL, cor. Rose st. and Cumberland st. 11.
Ff Hundred-acre Hill, Dundashill 6.
H h Hunter Street, Gallowgate st. to Duke st. 5.
B g Hunter Terrace, Claremont street, Kent road,
and Berkeley street. 9.
Ef Huntingdon PL, Springburn rd., Springburn. 6.
C e Huntly Gardens, near Botanic Gardens. 15.
C e Huntly Gardens, Cathcart
Ce Huntly Ter., Montgomerie st, Kelvinside. 17.
Huntly Terrace, Shettleston.
F i Hutcheson Sq., betw. Camden & Naburn sts. 11.
G h Hutcheson St., from Trongate to Ingram st. 7,
Hutcheson St., off Gairbraid av. Maryhill. 17.
G i Hutchesontown, south end of Albert bridge. 11.
E k Hutchesontown Gardens, So. Cromwell rd. and
Prince Edward street.
R f Hutton's Place, Sighthill. 6.
Eh Hydepark Court, 115 Stobcross street. 10.
E h Hydepark PL, foot Hydepark St., Anderst. qu. 10.
E e Hydepark Place, Springburn road. 3.
Eh Hydepark St., f. Stobcross st. to Anderst. qu. 10.
B g Hyndford Place, Govan. 20.
B e Hyndland Road, Kelvinside. 15..
Bf Hyndland St.. off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 15.
B i Ibrox Place, Paisley road, Govan. 19.
B i Ibrox Station, Paisley road, Govan. 20.
C i Ibrox Street, off Whitefield road, Govan. 19.
B i Ibrox Terrace, Paisley road, Govan. 20.
B i Ibrox Terrace, West, Govan. 20.
B i Ibroxholm, Paisley road, Govan. 20.
Fh India Buildings, corner of Gordon and Mitchell
streets. 7.
Bf India Street, off Hyndland st., Partick. 15.
E g India St., f. St. Vincent st. to Elmbank cres. 9.
B g India St., W., f. Somerset pi. to Clairmont gds. 9.
1 1 India Street, off Glasgow road, Rutherglen.
I g Ingleby Drive, from Armadale st. to Meadow-
park street. 3.
Fj Inglefield St., from Butterbiggins rd. to Lark-
field street. 12.
Fj Inglefield Terrace, Cathcart road. 11.
I h Inglis Street, off Bluevale street. 2.
G h Ingram St., f. High st. to Queen st.
Do., north side, f. Queen st. to Montrose st. 7.
Do., east of Montrose street. 5.
Ingram Street, Govao. 20.
F I Iona Place. Mount Florida. 16.
I i Islay Buildings, corner of Fordneuk and George
streets, Mile-end. 2.
Fh Jackson St., fr. Stockwell st. to Dunlop st. 7.
G h Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket. 5.
F h Jamaica St. f. Argyle st. to Glasgow bridge. 7.
B g James Place, Govan. 20.
Ff James St., Rae st. to Midwharf, P. Dundas. 6.
E i James St., Greenhead to Bridgeton cross. 4.
E i James Street (East), from Waterloo street to
Crownpoint road. 2.
E h James St., Calk, f. Stevenson st. to Millroad st. 4.
James Street, Shettleston.
James Street, Whiteinch, f. Dumbarton road to
River Clyde.
B I James Gray St., f. Albert rd. to Stevenson dr, 16.

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