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&-W — ,<(!&<
r iN^Hll< pE
virfi Fac-simile Signatures & c on Vellum or Paper.,
in Gilt Frames or Fancy Caskets.
IJESJiiv I uf iWnli tu} a$ Clddie&seo to Aewwrna /ttwiivultuifo
X&e-Mvto o$ xXxc/xecCpvewfa .Jiufofaeoxn&AM\^tAa&(i?&.ed / an&
■M Ccpq-uiytur (He imtyoiXanco/ ofr,<nu?\vAccu\n4nl?i
G.&D. tiuiltc ttw \nodndioncf- tftcv a'O^eciakdj^wm. .womicai,
6<?>touniU4 rt'.V tlw utictiUcn iv\\icb,XHe<Ci^ofi&i(iy%<i[yhy
and . 'itiimination- at« imju-ul iti xctulcur^a- mew x*c<.\vM\uX
as ivcra9 of- Cm ami n-'cnJ^tij (<n xefc^nv^iwd^i^c / iv<Ux6n.
/fa^<? executed (7<£dresses presented to
ra The Queen. The Prince of Wales, pi
o The Duke of H/iMfLTON. The Duke of Portland, g
The Earl of Eglinton, and various others ofthe Nobility and
Gentr/, Ecclesiastical, Municipal and other Authorities,
<» 50 north Hanover ST. Glasgow.

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