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62 MUI— MVtL
Muir, Geo. baker, 5, south Frederick street
Muir, Mrs porter-dealer. Halkerston's wynd
Mo ir, William grocer, YV r ater-gate
Muir, Win. grocer, foot of Robertson's cl. Cowgate
Muir, Wood and Co. music shop and insxrument ma-
kers, 7, Leith street, south side
Muir, John ironmonger, 8, Leith street
Mair, John i3, St James's square
, Muirhead, Thomas vintner, 1, St Ann's street
Muirhead, Henry^ smith, high Cahoa
. Muirhead, Geo. spirit-dealer, north back of Cancngate
.Muirhead, James printer, 8, middle Rose st. north side
Muirhead, Mrs Wm. 2, St James's street, south side
Mui-io, Ja*. piaster, opposite Sugar-hcuse, Canongate
Mundell, Mra 7, south St David's street, west side
■Mur.dell and Son booksellers, Parliament stairs — print,
ing-offics, B-oyal bank close
Murdoch^ Alex. 8, east Rose street
Murdoch, Mat. potter-deafer, M'Concchie's cl. Cowg,
Mure, Mrs 2.3- soiHik Castle street
Murray, Earl of Drua.-sheugh house
Murray, Arch. Esq. iieriot-row
Murray, Wolfe Lso. advocate, 1, liill street'
Murray, Alex, grocer, 10, Rose street, north side
iM array, Wm. spirit-dealer, 23, Leith st. south side
Murray, Win- stone and crystal warehouse, 69, Nicole
son street
Murray, — — ■ — ■ lectai er on chemistry, 1, Nicolson st.
Murrry, Wm. portei-deaier, 15, Drummond street
Murray, Wm. merchant, head of Canongate, south side
Murray, John architect and engineer, 6, St James's st.
Murray, Patrick writer, 2, Argyle square
Murray, Wm. tailor, 1, west Richmond street
Murray, John baker, 21, middle of Rose street
Murray, Anthony lodgings, 29, P.ose sweet
Murray, Duncan Calton hill
Murray, Mrs. graces Reoch's land, middle cf CowgatS

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