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6 Henderson, James, teacher
4 Wilson, Robert, draper
2 Haldane & Rae, brassfounders
West from Fort Street.
Bonnar, John
Blackwell, J. C. accountant
." Inglis, John, builder
Melbourne Place.
1 Lawson, P. & Son, nursery and
3 Highland S( Agricultural Society
of Scotland's Hall ..^^ Museum
21 Falkirk Iron Co.'s warehouse
— Anderson, H. agent
23 Ellis, Thomas, upholsterer
— Mitchell, Mrs James, milliner
— Thomson, Miss E. C artist
— Thomson, H. recorder, Greyfrs.
25 Shiels, Robt. confectioner
32 M'Lean, Jas. shawl manufactr.
— Nelson and Davidson,, milliners
104 Nicholson Street.
Pringle, Thomas, barm-brewer
Anderson. Miss Janet, milliner
Gilfillan, James, builder
Henderson, D. chimney-sweep.
M'Lea, Donald, spirit-dealer
Spence, William, mason
GIFFORD PARK, Clerk Street
14 Horsburgh, J. victualler
15 Blyth, Mrs
18 M'Gregor, A. chimney-sweeper
GILCHRIST LA., GreeuBideRow.
Hughs, William, saw-maker
Sutherland, P. gold-beater
102 Kirkgate.
4 Gillespie, A. umbrella-maker
1 1 Anderson, James, rectifier
12 Steel, Eben. spirit-dealer
Kemp's close
15 M'Martin, John, spirit-dealer
20 Anderson, Robert, baker
22 Sinclair, William, cooper
23 M'Lean, Robert, spirit-dealer
Darling's brae
Spinks, H. G. turner
25 Christie, George, slater
26 Bishop, John, seed-merchant
— Walker, James, recorder
30 Bailie, Peter, shipmaster
31 Slimon, James, dairy
Green Tree
32 Haldane, John, pawnbroker
33 Schaw, R. & Co. wine-merchts
34 Vinegar close
36 Binnie's close
37 Porteous, Miss, grocer
39 Laivrie's close
42 Thomson, John, grocer
43 Meikle's close
44 Meiklejohn, W. spirit-dealer
Lamb's court
47 Smith, James, victual -dealer
Henry Hay's close
51 Adamson, W. M. cooper
52 Cable's wynd
53 Gilchrist, James, grocer
55 Henderson, George, grocer
56 Meeting- House green
Goddard, William, merchant
61 Smith, William, merchant
Sheephead wynd
70 Graham, T. corn-merchant
71 Bedford close
72 M'Vean, P. spirit-dealer
74 Hope, Mrs. G. candle-maker
75 Dewar, James, tailor
76 Fife, Alexander, spirit-dealer
79 Bishop, John, victual-dealer
80 Lawson, Alex, cowfeeder
90-9 1 Methuen, Jas. fish-curer
— Rattray, T. tobacco-pipe maker
1 9 Hill, Mrs. Robert
20 Armstrong, J. esq.
21 Brash, Mrs John
22 Mercer, Walter, lace-merchant
23 Macleod, A. supervr. of Excise
— Macleod, William, surgeon
24 Moinet, J. Cal. Insurance office
25 Orphoot, John, printer
26 Tod, Alexander, writer
27 Walker, Robert, bookseller
28 Phin, Miss
29 Brown, James
30 Miller, Mrs Dr
— Miller, Rev. John
31 Graham, G. F. esq.
32 Robertson, Miss
33 Riddell, A. 0. civil engineer
34 Jeffray, James, merchant
35 Macpherson, Evans, Lieut.
Lower Gilniore pi. intervene*
93 Anderson, Robt. candlemaker 36 Fountain, Mrs
— Smith, William, merchant '37 Balyaird, Mrs.
96 Scott, James, ginger-beer br. i39 White, R of Lochrin distillery
97 Dods, J. coal-merchant
[40 Mouat, Miss, boarding-school
99 Robertson and Carstairs, wine-[— Bennoch, Miss
merchants |41 Henderson, Mrs Dr
42 Balvaird, Mrs G.
43 Balfour, Rev. John
Wriaht's House Toll, Leten Street.^
Robertson, J. house governor ^ILMORE PLACE (LOWER)
Henderson, Rev. D., H. Ma,
Laing, Miss Margaret, matron
Gihnore Place
1 Crombie, Andrew, S.S.C.
- Duff, Robert, agent
2 Forrester, INliss
3 Glegg, Jas. esq. of Exchequer
5 Re id, Mrs Ann
6 Gilmore, Wm. rope-manufac.
GILLON'S CL., 264 Canongate.
Robertson, Wm. & Co, tanners
GILMORE V'LA.CY,,Leven Street.
1 Fairley, James, grocer
- Moffat, Thomas M , S S.C.
3 Henderson, David, writer
4 Dunlop, Mrs
- Dunlop, James U. merchant
5 Morton, R. collector Canal Co.
Hailes street intertenes
6 Bell, Peter, Esq.
7 Grant, James, tailor
8 Latimer, Miss Jane
9 M'George, J. esq.
- M'George, E. esq.
- Rintoul, Misses
10 Fullarton, Captain
1 1 Wilson, J. merchant
12 Gordon, Rev. Dr R.
13 Tod, John, esq. S.S.C.
14 Hale, Wilham, agent
15 Maughan, George, Esq.
Gillespie street intervenes
Upper Gilmore pi. intervenes
1 6 Newlands, Thomas, rope-maker
17 Douglas, James, shipmaster
18 Bar las, Robert, esq.
1 Henderson, James, esq.
- Henderson, P. teacher
- Sinclair, J. manufacturer
- Turpie, Robert, late of Excise
2 Shaw, James, cattle-dealer
3 Young, Misses
Leven Street.
1 Roughead, Js. (Courant Offiee)
2 Duncan, Mrs
3 !\luir, Mrs W.
4 Brown, William, R. N.
5 Watson, James, upholsterer
6 Lebum, P. M. writer
Paul's Work.
1 Arthur & Son, edge-toolmaker.s
- Arthur, D. of Arthur and Son
- Arthur, W. of Arthur and Son
5 Ballantine & Hughes, printers.
GILMOUR'S CL., 99 Grassmark.
Shelter, Maconochie,Mrs,matron
Laidlaw and Sons, brassfounders
Laidlaw, D. (of L. and Sous)
Gibson, Thomas, dairy
Picken, John, watchmaker
Cockburn, Henry, baker
Baker's place.
1 Eyre, Thomas, hosier
2 M'Laren, J. bootmaker
2 Fleming, Mrs, midwife
- Hardie, James, tailor
4 Ker, Samuel and Co. grocers
5 Simpson, Mrs A.
- Allan, Mrs George

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