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John J. Be as,
REPRESENTATIVE of the American Writing Machine
Company, Corry, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., begs to inform the
Nobility, Gentry, Clergymen, Professional and Mercantile men, and
all others who nse pen and ink, that he has opened that shop,
92 UNION STREET, for the Sale of their TYPE-
WRITING MACHINES, which consist of Four Kinds ; 1st, the
Portable Caligraph which weighs little more than Ten Pounds, and
prints Capitals only ; 2nd, the No. 2 Caligraph, prints Capitals and
Small Letters; the No. 3 "Commercial" Machine, which prints
Capitals and any combination of Fractions and Mercantile Symbols,
such as = + $ ( ) °/o (a), " " ; 4th, the same as No. 2, with a
wider cylinder to take in paper 11^ inches wide.
There is a vast future for this latest emanation of ' ' Yankee "
genius, and will, in course of time, do for the ink-bottle and the
pen, what the sewing machine has already done for the needle.
The "Caligraph" Office,
N.B.—He will from time to time introduce " Yankee notions !
which may strike him as being aseful.

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