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Paper Rulers.
Davidson, Wm., 15 St. Nicholas
Jackson, Wm., 18 Back wynd
and 10 Little Belmont st.
Smith, L., & Son, M'Combie's
Smith, George, 49 Broad street
Pattern Printers.
For Embroidery.
Bearsley, Miss, 12 and 14 Crown
Johnston, A. B., 16 Crown street
Munro, Mrs, 15 Marischal street
Seivwright, John (for Crewel
work), 111 Union st.
Stratton, Miss, 11 Diamond st.
Wood, Miss, 36 Woolmanhill
Aberdeen Loan Co., 95 Loch st.
Campbell, Joseph, 39 Windy
City of Aberdeen Loan Office, 19
Drum's lane
Douglas, John, 32 Justice st.
Duncan, Thos., 5 Seamount pi.
Letters, Charles, Chronicle court,
10 Queen street
M'Pherson, Geo., 16 Hutcheon
Miller, J as. S., 4 and 26 Mutton
North of Scotland Equitable Loan
Co , 4 Flourmill brae
Adams, A., 32 Queen street
Anderson, W. B., 26 Union ter.
Barwick, Walter, 115 Union st.
Bisset, James, 15 Young street
Cotton, James, & Co., <o\ Innes
Craigen, John, 16 George street
Dinnie, Alex., 3 Bridge place
Dunn, W. L., & Co., 207 King
Ewing, James, 11 Crown street
Geering, E., 10 Union place
Gordon, H., 92 Rosemount pi.
Gordon, J. S., 3 Belmont street
Hardie, John, 152 King street
Lamb, John, 5 South Silver st.
Leith & Co., 6 Rettie's court, 26
Broad street
M'Mahon, John, 9 Union row
Morgan, G. & W., 5 Market st.
Penny, J., Donald's court
Reid, Wm. , 3 Summer street
Thomson, Wm., 259 George st.
Wilson, G. W., & Co. (to the
Queen), 25 Crown st., and
2 St. S within street
Wood, James, 246 Union st.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Arthur, A. T., 90 Rosemount pi.
Beveiidge, Robert, 36 King st.
Booth, James, 231 Union street
Booth, J. M'K., 231 Union st.
Brander, James, 84 King st.
Burr, James, 57 Schoolhill
Cameron, Wm. (R.N.), More-
field, Stocket
Cheyne, W. S., 44a Castle st,
and 5 Queen street
Collins, Thos., Royal Infirmary
Crombie, Charles, 10 Union ter.
Davidson, A. D., 224 Union st.
Emslie, Joseph L., 37 Jack's brae
Farquhar, T., 16 Rubislaw ter.
Eraser, Angus, 232 Union st.
Fraser, Wm., 31 Union terrace
Garden, R. J., 15 Golden square
Hall, J. G, 33 Union place
Hay, Matthew, 230 Union st.
Jackson, Henry, 19 Golden sq.
Jamieson, Robert, Royal Lunatic
Asylum, Elmhill House
Johnstone, David, 66 Broad st.,
and 146 Great Western rd.
M'Combie, John, 75 King street
M 'Robbie, J. S., 160 Gallowgate
Macdonald, Jas., 26 Carden pi.
MacGregor, Alex., 256 Union st.
Macquibban, C. M., 248 Union
Marshall, Jas., 6 Rubislaw place
Moir, F. M., 143 Union street
Morison, G., 24 Albyn place

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