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Jopp's Court.
40 Broad street.
Jopp's Lane.
From St. Andrew street to Spring-
garden Provision Works.
2 Sam Ramsay (granite works)
3 Peter Finnie, bookseller
5 J. M'Adam, jun., carter, &c.
6 Miss J. Smith, dressmaker
10 Win. Dawson, cartwright
11 Do. do.
14 Peter Annand, blacksmith
John street.
38 Chemical Light Manufactory
47 James Munro, carrier
Marshall & Co., provision curers
Justice Lane.
From Justice street to East North st.
Justice Mill Lane.
From Hardgate to Wellington place.
Free Holburn School
19 Thomas G. Orchard
21 John Thomson, manager
23 Misses Reid
B. Reid & Co., Implement Works
Win. Pirie, slater
Peter Kirton, granite polisher
John Gardiner, house carpenter
John Fraser, grain merchant
Justice Street.
From Castle street to Park street.
1 James Buchan, grocer
2-4 A. W. Birnie, baker
3 Alex. Thomson, tailor
3£ Chapel Court.
Allan Addison, flesher
John Matheson, hosier
5-7 John Matheson, hosier
8 John Duncan, spirit dealer
10 Alex. Bowman, flesher
12 John Noble, grocer
15 James Hill, grocer
17 William Baillie, grocer and spirit
19 James Martin, late baker
. . Patrick M. Martin, baker
21 Alex. Kinnaird, gardener
23 Martin Brothers, bakers
25 Bothwell's Court.
31 George Anderson, grocer
32 Mauchlin Tower Court.
. . John Douglas, pawnbroker
Jute Street.
From King's Crescent to Sunnypark.
1 William Walker, grocer
5 Hugh A. J. M. Dunbar, clerk
7 J. W. Rennie, builder
15 Mrs Greig, provision merchant
27 Mrs Sharp, lodgings
. . A. Winchester (of D. M'A. & Co.)
57 Charles M'Donald, stonecutter
59 Charles Steele, flesher
. . George Thom, sculptor
. . John Robertson (of J. S. & Co.)
61 John Benzie, stonecutter
63 Wm. Bisset, overseer
10 J. Taylor, heating engineer
. . Joseph Johnston, baker
12 Wm. Milne, grocer
18 Wm. Baird, detective
. . A. Forbes, spirit dealer
. . Mrs Bisset, midwife
. . Miss Massie, dressmaker
20 James Arthur, joiner
26 Robert Thom, manager
Charles M'Donald, Granite works
Arthur Taylor, sculptor
Aberdeen Jute Co., Limited
Kidd Lane.
From Summer street to Chapel street.
2 Miss Milner, provision merchant
12 James Buyers & Co., builders
13 John Taylor, coachman
16 James Anderson, shoemaker
17 George Watson, engineer
20 Mrs Stephen, sick nurse
King Street.
From Castle street to Love lane.
North of Scotland Bank, Limited ;
R. Lumsden and E. Fiddes,
1 Samuel Anderson, secretary, N.
Assurance Co.
3 Northern Assurance Co.
7 James Gibson, accountant
9 Commercial Bank of Scotland,
Limited, Branch
11 James Will, M.D., of Woodside
13 Chivas Brothers, grocers to Hex-
21 J. Chivas (of Chivas Bros.)
23 James Black & Co., stock, share,
and produce brokers
27 Inland Revenue office
.. Andrew Jopp, distributor of
. . John Airth, Surveyor of Taxes
. . John M'Kelvie, Surveyor of Taxes
. . E. J. Maguire, collector of I. R.
. . Wm. R. White, supervisor of I.R.
. . Alex. Innes, Supervisor of I. R.
. . J. W. Robson fP. and I. Tax.)
. . Mrs Lewis, keeper

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