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Hutcheon, William, blacksmith, 10 Bridge place, h 3 Crown
Hutcheon, Mrs John, Temperance Hotel, 56 Union street
Hutcheon, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 West North street,
h above shop
Hutcheon, Mrs, milliner, 20± Frederick street
Hutcheon, Miss I, teacher (F. C. Training College), King st.
Cemetery Granite Works
Hutcheon, Miss, 142 Hutcheon street
Hutcheon, Margaret, provision dealer, 30 Hardgate
Hutcheson, George, & Co., corn and commission merchants,
47 TVrRrisoliil street
Hutcheson, G. (of G. H. & Co.), 26 Albert terrace
Hutcheson, James, gardener, Denhead, Eubislaw
Hutchieson, Jas. C., manager (Union Works), 89 College street
Hutchison, John, clerk (C. Davidson & Sons, Limited),
2 Nelson place
Hutchison, Miss M., matron, Boys' Hospital, King street
Hutton, James, engineer (H. E. & Co.), 47 Wellington street
Hynd, Thomas Chalmers, teacher (Middle Public School),
5 Argyll place
Hyslop, Eobert, teacher (High School for Girls), 20 Mount st.
IMLAY, Hugh (of Hugh Imlay & Co.), 55 Watson street
Imlay, Hugh, & Co., envelope manufacturers and wholesale
stationers, Park Eoad Works
Imlay, John (of Hugh Imlay & Co.), 29 Urquhart road
Imperial Hotel, Stirling street ; address, the manager
Imray, David, broker, 4 Water lane
Imray, George, teacher (Gilcomston School), 55 Summer st
Imray, James (H.M.C.), 18 York street
Imray, William, shoemaker, 46, h 47 Woolmanhill
Imray, Miss, lodgings, 193 Union street
Income Tax Office, 27 King street ; James Wm. Eobson, elerk
to the commissioners
Income Tax Assessor's Office for Aberdeen district, 27 King-
street ; John M'Kelvie, assessor
Incurable Hospital, Baker street
Industrial Asylum and Eeformatory for Girls, 10 Mount st.;
Miss H. Johnston, superintendent
Industrial Schools for Girls, Whitehall ; Miss Eeid, superin-
Infirmary, Eoyal, Woolmanhill
Inglis, Alex., 77 Chapel street
Inglis, Alex. S., engineer, 77 Chapel street
Inglis, James, late baker, Woodend Cottage, Hazlehead
Inglis, John, M.A., 77 Chapel street

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