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Ellis, Alex, (of Ellis & Wilson', 66 Springbank terrace
Ellis, John (of Ellis & M'Hardy), 18 Mary well street
Ellis, Miss, lodgings, 49 Broad street
Ellis, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 18$ Skene square
Ellis, Miss, ostrich feather dyer and dresser, 10 Dee street
Elmslie, Wm, grocer and spirit merchant, 50 Virginia street,
h 27 Constitution street
Elmslie, Mrs, 52 Chapel street
Elmslie, Mrs, lodgings, 145 North Broadford
Elmsly, Mrs, late of Woodside, 14 Bon- Accord square
Elmsly, Mrs, 48 Springbank terrace
Elrick, Alex., cutler, 43 George street, h 51 John street
Elrick, Charles G., & Co., Limited, comb manufacturers, works
Forbes street
Elrick, Charles G. (of C. G. Elrick & Co., Lim.), 13 Mount
Elrick, Wm. (G. K of S. E.), 176 Crown street
Elrick, Mrs, lodgings, 42 King's crescent
Elrick, Mrs, 7 Margaret street
Elsmie, G. E., H.M. Bengal Civil Service, 32 Carden place
Elsmie, George & Son, commission agents and coal merchants,
1 1 Regent quay
Elsmie, James (of G. Elsmie & Son), 22 Bon- Accord terrace
Emslie & Burnett, painters, 87 Spring garden
Emslie, George, spirit dealer, 53 John street, h 90 Powis
Emslie, James, hardware merchant, 64 Park street
Emslie, Joseph L., M.D., 37 Jack's brae
Emslie, Mrs, 25 Bank street
Emslie, Miss (Pratt & Keith), 32 Union terrace
England, James, stoneware merchant, 13 Skene street
England, George (of James Saint & Co.), \b Victoria street
Epidemic Hospital, Cunnigarhill, Park road
Erskine, Alex., rope and twine manufacturer, South Constitu-
tion street, h 64 East North street
Erskine, John, furnishing tailor, 3 Blackfriars street, h 66
Esplin, William, sen., Cults
Esslemont & Macintosh, warehousemen, 11 and 13 Broad st.,
and 10 and 12 Union lane
Esslemont, Alex., wholesale grocer, tea and coffee merchant,
32, h 30 King street
Esslemont, John E., family grocer (Branch Post Office), 2 and
4 King street, h 2 Affleck street
Esslemont, Peter (of Esslemont & Macintosh), 34 Albyn place
Esson, Charles, 43 South Constitution street
Esson, George (Journal Office), 167 Skene street west

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