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Duthie, Alex, (of J. Duthie, SoA.s, & Co.), 3 Albyn terrace
Duthie, Alex., ironmonger, smith, and dealer in india rubber
goods, 104 Union street, h 11 Balmoral terrace
Duthie, Alex., blacksmith, 24 Jack's brae, h 36 Richmond st.
Duthie Brothers, hemp, wire, and rope and sailmakers, Links,
Duthie, 0. W. (of Leslie & Duthie), 31 Queen street
Duthie, Chas., merchant, Kepplestone, Mannofield
Duthie, James (of Duthie Brothers), 53 Wellington street and
Springbank Lodge
Duthie, James, 19 Mount street
Duthie, James, teacher (Ross's School), Leighton Lodge, 126
Duthie, James, ship carpenter, 46 Park street
Duthie, John, Sons & Co., ship builders, York place
Duthie, John, innkeeper, 180 Gallowgate
Duthie, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 99 Skene street, h
44 Belvidere place
Duthie, Robert, shipowner, York place, h Pitmedden, Udny
Duthie, William (of Cairnbulg), shipowner, 13 Eegent quay, h
Ashley Lodge, Cuparstone
Duthie, William, Banff Villa, Cults
Duthie, Mrs, sen., of Cairnbulg, 20 Albyn place
Duthie, Mrs, lodgings, 31 Queen street
Duthie, Mrs, midwife, 55 Catherine street
Duthie, Miss Elizabeth (of Ruthrieston), Broadford House, 20
Broad ford place
Duthie, Misses, 13 Balmoral place
Dyce, Misses, 12 Albyn place
Dyker, James, traveller (David & John Smith, Glasgow), 47
St Nicholas street
Dyker, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 47 St Nicholas street
EAST-END Cafe Co., 78 Waterloo quay, Miss King, matron
Easton, David, secretary (Union Bank), Eockland, Cults
Easton, David (Davidson & Garden), 18 Loanhead terrace
Easton, James, 18 Loanhead terrace
Eaton, James, 4 Queen's road
Eclen, Mrs, lodgings, 88 Skene square
Eddie, Alexander, late baker, 130 Crown street
Eddie, William, chemist and druggist, 30, h 28 George street
Eddie, William, inspector of water meters, 14 Holburn place
Eddie, Miss, 13 Springbank terrace
Edmond & Spark, J. & J. P., bookbinders and stationers, 54
Queen street
Edmond, Alex., sen., advocate (of Edmonds & Macqueen),

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