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Brown, Mrs, 38 West Port
Gardner, A., 14 S.Lindsay Strset
Hynd, David, 5 Wellgate
Kennedy, Wni., 7 Willisou St
Lawson, J. & D , 81 Murray gats
Low & Duff, 37 Nethergate
Low, John C., 22 Nethergate
Lvall, Thos., Meadowside
Mitchell & JNucator, Meadowside
Reoch, Jas., 32 Baltic Street
Thomson, John, 19 Nethergate
Webster, Win.. 110 Hilltown
Calder & Lawson, 101 Hilltown
Chapelton David, 157 Hilltown
Christie, Charles, 23 Murray gale
Patterson, W. , & Son, 1 Union St
Sidey, Wm.,4 Baltic Street
Thomson, James, 86 Nethergate *
Adam, J., North Ward Road
Geekie, J. & Son, Meadowside
Gibson, John, South Ward Road
Johnston, James, Brown Street
M'Beth & Mann, 45 King Street
M'Connochie, J., 52 Barrack St.
M'Rea, Abx., North Ward Road
Meldrum & Simpson, Lindsay St.
Patrick, J. &Son, 83 Bell Street
Tyrie, Alexander, Meadowside
Alexander, C, 33 Reform Street
Bowes Brothers, 4 Reform Street
Chalmers, C. D., 10 Castle Street
Clark, D. R., 2 Vault
Duff, Janus, 39 High Street _
Dundee Newspaper and Printing
Company, (limited) 9 New Inn
Entry, and 33 Reform Street
Durham & Son, 49 High Street
Mathew, J. P. & Co., Meadowside
London Printing and Publishing Co.
(limited) 6 High Street
Park, Robert, 9 New Inn Entry ,
Pel'ow, John, 10 Murraygate
Sinclair, John, 9 New Inn Entry
Leng, John and Co., Bank Street
Batchelor, E., 22 Fish Street
Colville, David, 5 South Union St.
Cowan, James, Greenmarket
Duffus, J. and A., 36 West Port
Guillan, J., 27 Yeaman Shore
Hood, John, 12 Yeaman Shore
Hughes, Andrew, 39 Union Street
Yeaman, Jame?, 12 Horse Wynd
Alexander, Thos , Wellgate
Brown, David, 9 Gellatly, Street '
Burke, A., 7 Lindsay Street
Campbell, Jas. , 31 Long Wynd
Drake, George, Wellgate
M'Guire, Wm., 89 Seagate
Parker, Alex , 24 Small's Wynd
Steven, D., St Roque's Court
Stewart, Wm., 16 King Street
Webster, Jas., Park Street
W T iIson, J* M., 12 Blackness Road
(See Directory page 27 )
Duncan, Alex., 35 Wellgate
Milne Thos., 14 Baltic Street
Proctor, Jas., 58 Barrack Street
Baxter, D. R., Foundry Lane
Bell, J. and Son, 9 Dock Street
Buik, W. and H., 5 Dock Street
Clark, A., 223 Hilltown
Chalmers, Wm., Blackness Road j

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