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Kelly, John, 152 & 154 Overgate
Kennedy, Mrs, 55 King Street
Low, Alexander, 62 Scouringburn
M'Carthy,Michael, Forebank Road
M'Cullocb, William, 205 Overgate
M'Farlane, J., 144 & 22? Overgate
M'Lean, John, 45 Kosebank St.
M'Nab, George, 13 Backlemaker
Neely, William, 3 Long Wynd
Melville, John, 29 Seagate
Millan, Peter, 123 Overgate
Millar, John, 9 Mid Street
Morris, James, 156 Hawkhill
Ogilvy, John, 136 Scouringburn
Peterkin, Isaac, 66 Overgate
Preston, David, 65 Scouringburn
Reid, James, 68 Hilltown
Robb, Joseph, 76 & 80 Cowgate
Roney, John, 143 Overgate
Scottj Mrs, 21 Gellatly Street
Small, David, 240 Hawkhill
Smith, Bernard, 10 Ann Street
Smith, George, 121 Overgate
Walker, Alex., Edward Street
Walker, George, 168 Hilltown
Walker, Wm., 107 Hilltown
Wallace, William, 12 Manor Place
Cook and Son, 44 Barrack Street
Minto, Wm., 16 Barrack Street
Nicholson, Charles & Son, 6 Castle
Williamson, P., North Tay Street
Anderson, W., "H South Union St.
Annan, E., Wellington Street
Caird, John, Douglas Street
Clark, John, 22 Ann Street
Croal, John, 140 Hawkhill
Dow, Adam. 217 Hilltown
Foggie, W., & Son, 112 Cowgate
Iiaggart, Geo., Euclid St.
Hean, David, 17 Small's Lane
Keith, Connel, & Co., Albert St.
Kidd, David, & Son, West Bell St.
Kinnear & Smith, 10 Temple Lane
Maclaren, Wm., 12 Park Lane
Mair, Thomas, 8 Strawberry Bank
Philip, William, jun., Bell St.
Robertson, Wm., Meadowside
Scollay, Wm., Euclid Crescent
Scott, Andrew, 22 Constable St.
Sheach, Robert, Ward Road
Sturrock & ShenirF, Meadowside
Why te,, George, 130 Princes St.
Abbot, W.&G., 123 Murraygate
Alexander, John, 12 Irelands Lane
Allan, James, 18 Kirk Entry
Anderson, David, 154 Nethergate
Anderson, David, Laing Street
Anderson, Ebenezer, 122 Hawkhill
Anderson, Fiancis, Baltic Street
Anderson, John, 152 Hilltown
Balbirnie, Wm., 29 Smalls Wynd
Balfour, John, 17 Perth Road
Balfour, Robert. 31 Overgate
Batchelor, D., 37 Barrack Street
Bell, Robert, 24 Union Street
Baxter, James, Douglas Street
Beats, A., 25 Constitution Road
Boyd, A., Key's Close Nethergate
Butter, Alex., Park Lane
Clark & Cable, Long Wynd
Clark & Lyon, Nelson St.
Coupar, James, 7 West. Dock St.
Craigie, Peter 12 Wilkie's Lane
Crook, Wm., South Ward Road.
Doig, John, 10 Meadow Street
Donaldson & Buist, Euclid Crest.
Elder, Wm., 114 Murraygate
E?plin, Alex., 61 Murraygate
Fairweather, John, fi3 Reform St.
Finlay & Grant, Euclid Crescent
Foggie, Wm., & Son, 112 Cowgate
Frazer,'David, 197 Hilltown
Geekie, David. Middle St.

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